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We were staying at a motel in Rotorua long before we ever shifted here. My partner, myself and her friend. We went out for dinner and then came back and had a few wines and me, my favourite, white rum. We had a private spa outside our room and all three of us were in there drinking and chatting. We were all enjoying the atmosphere and getting a wee bit tiddly. I was looking at both of the girls in their bikini’s and thinking how good it would be to have some fun with all three of us that night. You already know what we both look like, her friend was tall, petite and had really nice legs and nice pert breasts with nipples that could be seen through the fabric. mmmmm. I got out of the spa first trying to hide my erection and said i had enough and was going to take a quick shower. I did and then my girl did the same. her friend came in and we shared another drink and chatted while she was in the shower. She was sitting there in her bikini and i could see her nipples getting harder and could see the outline of her beautiful pussy. I was getting hard and could not hide it that well as i noticed her sneaking looks very now and then. Then it was her turn for a shower. I chatted to my girl and said i was horny as hell and would she be interested in playing with her friend tonight. She said she had never been with another girl before but her friend would probably not be interested but i could try discreetly if i wanted.

My girl went to our bedroom as her friend came out. She had a towel to cover her and i could see she had white panties and bra on. I took my chance and asked if she had ever played with a couple before. She said no but asked how L would feel about it. I said i was allowed to play and L was a virgin to another woman as well. She was unsure but i put my arms around her waist and released the towel from her, exposing her gorgeous lingerie that i could see right through. She had a trimmed pussy like my girls one so I went down on my knees in front of her and started kissing her pussy through her panties while gently caressing her nipples and breasts with my hands. She was getting wet and still unsure so i pulled her panties down and started licking her clit and wet pussy-lips with my tongue. She tasted fantastic. She grabbed my long thick cock out of my pants and started stroking me. It was getting really intense and so i suggested we join L in the bedroom. When we went in, L was fully naked and teasing her gorgeous trimmed pussy and breasts lying on the bed. Her friend tentatively bent down and started licking L's pussy. I was teasing her friends pussy with my fingers and she was soaking wet. I rubbed the head of my hard cock against her pussy and it slid inside her easily. We fucked all three of us together, her friend licking L and me filling her gorgeous pussy up with 8.5 inches of hard thick cock until she climaxed. Then it was time to swap and L’s friend lay down while L explored her breasts nipples and pussy with her tongue and hands. I was getting hard again and i slid my cock inside L and bought her to climax while she was teasing her friend. I was spent and let them both enjoy each other while i watched them play. We fucked time and again and finally all three of us lay down together and went to sleep. In the morning I woke to both of them sucking and playing with my hard cock. We started the day where we left off the night before and had a fun filled time together before we finally got up, had breakfast and went visiting some of the tourist attractions on offer.