Written by LickherLover


It was late in the afternoon ,around 5:30pm, when he contacted me."Hi, I would love to cum fuck you tonight!". I had a look at his profile and liked what I saw so answered him back. " mmmm sure what time can you be here?"

He messaged back almost immediately "how bout 9pm?"

"sounds good " I said and gave him my cell number which he used straight away. He txd "where am I coming to?" , so I txd him back with the address and had a light meal to sustain me for the rigorous exercise I was going to get fucking ,later that night.

at 8pm I received another txt from him saying he couldn't make it at 9 but cloud he "cum" later say 11:30pm so I said ok and started to get ready for his arrival at 10:30pm .

Shower,shave, makeup hair and a killer outfit of a black halter neck one piece fishnet body stocking (crotchless of course) and a short short black mini that showed off my ample butt. Finished off with a

shrug and a pair of black heels I was ready for him to arrive.

At 11:30pm he pulled up outside and I went to great him at the door. I opened the door and quickly got him to come in ,away from prying neighbors eyes.

As soon as I snipped the door lock, he grabbed my ass and started to knead my cheeks and pull me towards the kitchen bench and bent me over and buried his face in my moist pussy and ass. He lapped at my wetness like a dog and licked and sucked at my protruding pussy lips til I was moaning for more. I turned around and grabbed the huge bulge he had in his pants and felt a great sized , very hard cock. I took him by the hand and lead him into the bedroom and unzipped his pants and his cock sprang out hard and throbbing and dripping with precum.

I got him to lay back on the bed while I removed his jeans and then lapped at his shaved balls with my eager tongue taking in one ball at a time and giving them both some attention as well as taking them both in my mouth at the same time and caressing them with my hot tongue.

He started to moan and then and his cock was throbbing and still dripping when he reached for my head and guided it down onto his fat plum knob til it touched the back of my throat. He held it there for a few seconds and I could feel it throbbing and the started to fuck my wet,slippery mouth until I was gagging on the hot flesh forcing it further and further down my throat. By now my pussy was dripping with excitement and expectation so I withdrew his cock and a long string of saliva trailed from his cock to my mouth as I wiped it with my hand and rubbed it onto my pink pussy lips as I lay beside him on my back and spread my legs wide as I was wanking my now hard clit.

He got up from the bed and took off the rest of his clothes and buried his face into my pussy tonguing and probing my wet cunt making it ready for him.

It felt so good and as I was about to cum he pushed his cock deep into me and I exploded cumming hard on him. We fucked this way til I had cum 3-4 times and then he told me to turn over and stick my ass in the air. He pushed his cock into me and fucked me hard and as I was about to cum I told him to pull it out and my juices sprayed his cock and balls so much that they were dripping. I looked at him over my shoulder and I could see that it had turned him on seeing that and he told me to turn over on my back again so he could make me squirt again.

Ramming his hardness into me like a jackhammer , I knew I was going to cum hard and told him.

He pulled out his big purple head and as I came his cock shot a huge load of cum all over my swollen and fucked cuntlips.

Collapsing into a heap , breathless and sweating I offered him a shower to refresh. We both headed for the shower and got in. I gently washed his cock and balls under the warm caress of the shower water as he soaped up my pussy and as he was almost instantly hard again he slide it between my ass cheeks and fucked my soapy slippery asshole and with a grunt he came in minutes filling my ass and nearly collapsing in the shower.

I washed up and got out leaving him to recoup while I got into my robe and soon he was out dried and clothed. By this time it was 2am and I asked if he wanted to stay but he said he couldn't so I showed him to the door with an agreement that next time he was up here he wanted to do it all again.

A change of sheets and a large glass of water and I was snuggled up ready to welcome the cum induced sleep that I love xxxx