Written by Jane_Duh


Out of the realms of the XXX file comes this file. As we all know sometimes fact is stranger than fiction so I will let the reader be the judge of that however I know because I was there. Let us begin.

It was a Friday night and John and I had arranged to meet a couple in West Auckland who were in their early twenties for an hour or two of entertainment. We hadn’t met them before however I had formulated a plan with John. What we would do is meet at their place have a cuppa and a chat and if all was okay we would give each other the old “secret” wink in the best tradition of spy vs spy. In due course we made the journey into West Auckland, as is the way of things, got held up in the late afternoon, early evening traffic and duly arrived. We were both made very welcome by Joe and Flo, a very friendly down to earth couple. After chatting for a while, probably about an hour I wink at John and he smiles as only John can. Of course he is interested, who wouldn’t be. What a charming and hot couple. We all headed away to the bedroom and let the games begin.

We all take our clothes off; the other couple whom I shall call Flo and Joe, start to play with each other. Flo holds onto Joes wonderful hard cock and puts it into her mouth. Flo slowly starts to suck on the bulb of his cock gently massaging his balls. Whilst I am looking at the pair of them, I lie on my back and open my legs. John gets down and starts licking my love nest. Slowly he moves his tongue up and down. Blood rushes to my love lips and I can feel myself open like a flower. John starts licking around my love hole, slowly inserting his tongue in and out. So good. So bloody good. Then he withdraws his tongue and then starts rimming my anus. Oh shit it feels good, so good.

Meanwhile the Flo is now on her fours and the Joe is behind her. I reach over and hold onto Joes hard cock. Ever so gently I move my hand up and down his cock wanking him. With my other hand I hold onto the back of Johns head and stroke his hair and neck. By now John has my clit in his mouth. He sucks on my clit and gently rolls it in his mouth. His tongue doing devastating work. I start moving my hips in motion to Johns movements. I release the Joes cock and watch it slide into Flos cunt. What a delicious looking cunt it is. I think that before the night is out I am going to taste that cunt. John puts a finger slowly inside me whilst he is still sucking on my clit and then starts to rub on my g spot. Oh what bliss. Just imagine that my eyes are feasting on this nice bum and cock sliding in and out of this wonderful cunt and at the same time my cunt is being feasted on. I start to feel really horny and start to touch the other couple. First him then her. Joe starts to pump harder, deeper and faster then cums. After a moment he withdraws and I see cum dripping off his cock and cum dripping out of her cunt. I motion for Joe to come closer, he kneels beside my face and I take his still hard cock in my mouth. I can taste his cum and Flos love juices as well. He starts moving his cock in and out of my mouth as I suck on it. I have one hand on his cock and with the other I play with his balls. John now inserts two fingers in me and moves them in and out and licks my clit. I start to move my hips up and down with urgency as I feel myself start to cum. Slowly the feeling gets me, my clit is starting throb with excitement and suddenly the flood gates open. I sorta moan and moan but as I have a cock in my mouth it is rather hard. I shake, I go tense and I shiver, Shit that was good. What an orgasm. I take my mouth off Joes young cock. John gets up and moves his face towards my face and we kiss with passion and heat.

Flo by now is lying on her back across the bed so I get off the bed and kneel on the floor between her legs. I kiss her on her thighs then start kissing her cunt. I kiss it gently at first, more like a nibble then I starting licking her love slit slowly inserting my tongue between her lips to get at her clit. I start to lick her clit. Even though Joes cum has dripped out of her I can still taste his cum on her. What a nice taste combination. As I am kneeling there John comes and kneels down behind me, starts to massage my bum. I really enjoy the feeling. John starts to rub my cunt and inserts a finger in. I close my eyes and enjoy licking and being fingered. Next I hear a bit of noise and then I feel this hard cock enter me. Oh shit it feels so good. The cock moves in and out slowly and then gets faster. I feel balls bounce against me, what a turn on. I push my bum back in rytham. As the cock moves faster I feel it rub deep inside me. Oh how it rubs. Faster it moves and then all the sudden I cum, I scream with pleasure. I open my eyes and smile at Flo who smiles back and has a grin that is like the Auckland harbour Bridge. The cock is still moving in and out then I hear a moan and look around and see Joe pumping his cock into me. He holds onto my hips and as I look at him he pumps hard in and shoots his load into me. I feel his cum enter me. I shudder with the excitement of it all. Joe withdraws his cock and I quickly get on the bed and get John to fuck me. John slides his cock in on what is left of Joes cum. I open my legs high and wide. John pumps me like there is no tomorrow. Cock sliding in and out, balls a banging and before long I start moaning, so good. Such a deep fuck. And as I start to orgasm John shoots his load into me. John withdraws and I lie there exhausted. What a furious fuck that was.

After we all had a rest for 10 mins Flo moves over to John and takes his cock in his mouth and gets it all hard. At this point I think, mmmmm I know something that John wanted to do so I got John to lie on his back. Then I asked I asked Flo to sit on Johns face facing his face and as she was doing so I kissed her breasts and played with Johns cock.. John was licking her out and Flo was squirming with pleasure. I then knelt facing the back Flo above Johns rampart cock and then slowly slid it into my wet cunt. Once I settled on Johns cock I started to ride it up and down and reached around in front of Flo and cupped her breasts and pulled on her nipples. After a moment or two I got off John and went over to Joe who was lying on the bed and sat on his face. It was something new for him and was unsure about it. John and I do that a lot.

Flo got off Johns face and laid down on the bed and John started giving her a internal g spot thumb massage and next minute the woman is squirting all over the place. John kneels between her legs and slides his cock in and starts fucking her. Oh how I like to see his bum pumping. John pumps and Flo very quietly cums. John withdraws.

By this time, it was after midnight, I was getting tired, not only that I had work the same day, afternoon shift so we all had a quick clean up, got dressed and we went on our way home. So away we go. After we got on the Northern Motorway John starts getting frisky, mind you I was lusting after him after all he is my fuck mate and yes tired I was but I was still as horny as. John was driving the car and asked me to pull my jeans and panties down which I did. Then he asked me open my legs which I also did. Then, mind you this was something that we had never done before, John reached over and started to rub my clit, after a while once I got wet he started to insert a finger into me. John stopped so I reached over and undid his belt and zip, he lifted his hips up and I managed to lower his jeans etc. I then took his cock and started to stroke it, pulling his foreskin up and down. We were both laughing. Then John moved his seat slightly back and I took his cock in his mouth and started to suck on it. This carried on for a k or two then we were approaching the Puhoi Tunnel. Still playing we exited the tunnel went round the first bend to the right then into the left bend and as we came out of that bend right in front of us by the Toll Kiosk were two cop cars and the booze bus. Panic panic, mad scramble to get dressed. I had no problem however John could not get his jeans fully up so had to make do with pulling his jersey down. Next minute we were at the road block and John was trying to speak into the breathalyser. It was as funny as he couldn’t get his name right. Hope of hopes was that if he had to get out of the car all hell would’ve happened. Na, all good, we drove off.

Both of us were real horny and the thrill of the boys in blue and the naughtiness only turned me on even more. I asked John to stop at our little dogging spot which was just before Devils Elbow. My cunt was dripping, my panties all wet, I wanted his cock so bad.

Long story short, we parked up, I took off my jeans and panties, he fingered me and slid his finger in. Then I undid his jeans got his cock out, it was as hard as, I got on board and rode his cock like there was no tomorrow. I felt it slide in and out, in and out. John undid my bra and played with my breasts and sucked my nipples. With his free hand he held onto my bum. Shit I was so horny that I came three times. Steering wheel was a bit of a pain tho. Next we both got out of the car, went around to the front and I bent over the bonnet and John fucked me doggy. I cum again and not long after so did John. With cum dripping down my legs, felt so yummy we both got back into the car. It was so exciting fucking seeing all the traffic lights going past only metres away.

Well we finally got home about 2.45am and boy did I sleep, right through to midday then I was off to work at 1 00pm. People at work reckoned that I was charged up all shift. I wonder why?

Those that know me, and there are a number on this site who have tasted my cunt and felt their cock up my cunt know this story to be true. I only say this as someone messaged me with the comment “are you for real” Well yes I am. And it does not mean that I will fuck anybody. After all I do have a very nice cock on call at any time and might I say that John is a wonderful lover.

A point of note. The young couples real names are not Flo and Joe but to preserve their identity those names will do.