Written by mmmm


This is an adventure in her words it happened!

this is what we did in her words and the adventures don't stop just because I can see him...he asked me to meet him at a resort on Rotorua, wearing a dress with nothing on underneath...walking through the main reception area to get down to the side of the lake was a little scary...he had a glass of wine waiting for me and then joined me...he had brought a g string for me to slip into which I did...he had a hard on and asked to to sit on his knee...thankfully my dress was a wrap around...touching without penetration... He then asked me to lean on the railing by the lake and he came up behind me and entered...he then gently rocked in and out...while boats went passed and people could look down on us from their rooms...exciting and scary at the same time....we only did that for 3-5 minutes. By this time we were both hot and excited so we went to our favorite gardens were we continued for another 2 hours...sensual and fulfilling...hmmm I'm wet just thinking about it..