Written by kathy1968


The first time that I had a sexual experience with a woman was several years ago, hubby and I met this younger couple at a Franchise seminar weekend, we were looking for a new business, they were doing the same, He was due to come out of the Army and wanted a Franchise of some sort.

We hit it off with them straight away their names were Terry and Sandy, they lived in Napier we were in P / Nth, we visited regularly and developed a nice friendship, the guys played golf and enjoyed stockcars, Sandy and I enjoyed shopping and nice wine.

About 5 yrs after we met Sandy told me that they were looking to split up as he was such a control freak, they came down to our place for a weekend, my son was away with his mates, Terry & Sandy arrived at about 11oclock we had lunch and the guys left for a 2 oclock golf game. Sandy and I hit the shops and coffee lounges until about 4 o'clock.

We got back to the house and decided to have a spa and try out our new bikinis, and some nice Wine, so we got into our bikinis and hopped into the spa? about 4.30 hubby rang to say they had met some other guys and were heading out for drinks and a meal before going to the stockcars and would be home about 10.30.

Sandy and I settled in and l told her that I was looking at getting a bob job as l was quite small l said l was looking at going to Thailand and would she come as my support person, she laughed and said why not get them done in Auckland like she did.

I asked her what the surgery was like and what about the scars, she then stools up and took off her top and came across the spa holding her breasts up for me to look at, then she said feel them they don't feel any different to normal breasts.

l reached out and felt her breasts, that is when I felt this unusually sexual feeling flood through me it was like a bolt of lighting had hit me, l couldn't let go of her tits and found that I was stimulating her nipples, Sandy just stood there watching the look on my face. That is when she said " you haven't done this before have you? " l just shook my head no l couldn't speak, Sandy then leaned forward and kissed me, our tongues I searched each other mouths, l felt my top come off and Sandys hands on my tits, then she had her hand down inside my bikini briefs searching for my pussy.

I was pulling her briefs off while kissing her beautiful tits, then I felt her fingers inside me pushing in and out l was having trouble standing and leant back against the spa pool edge, that is when she took my briefs off and told me to sit on the pool edge, Sandy then spread my legs apart and continued to finger fuck me, she then went down and started licking my pussy ever so gently, nice long gentle licks not like when a guy does it, they are always hard and fast, Sandy was soft and slow however before very long l felt myself approaching an orgsam, suddenly my body was wracked with pleasure and l clamped my legs tight around Sandys head as I orgasmed over and over, when I finished l relaxed and Sandy looked up at me and said " how was that for your first time, now how about returning the pleasure ".

We left the pool and went into the bedroom where l proceeded to pleasure Sandy with my tongue and fingers under her excellent guidance we had multiple orgasms over the next 2-3 hours.

Sandy told me that she started doing it with woman from the Army Camp who's husbands were overseas like Terry was, they needed some sexual relief and thought it was better than fucking some guy and risking there marriages .

Sandy and I have continued to finger fuck and pleasure each other over the last few years.