Some of my mates had already screwed Laura and I didn't think I'd ever have a chance at fucking her because she was so incredibly beautiful and seemingly only dated good looking guys. I wasn't 'good looking', a young boxer who already had a broken nose and heaps of scars. On the positive side I was highly fit, had a great body, and yeah my cock was way bigger than any of my mates.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon myself and around eight of my mates and a few girls as well were watching Laura playing softball. Laying on a grass bank, having a few beers was just bliss. Laura hit a home run and started to run, and yeah we all cheered. The conversation changed. My mates were talking about her big tits as she ran, the fact she wasn't wearing a bra, others commented on her long slim brown legs. Her current boyfriend, Ross, laughed like hell and boldly stated he was going to fuck her hard in the adjacent trees once the game was over.

And he did. When the game was over we all piled into the two cars. From the road, thru the trees we could see Ross's bare backside moving rapidly, fucking Laura who had her hands on a tree in a stand up position.

Now this was in the late 70's , and we were disease free then. Us boys favoured Ford and Chev V8's back then, not just because of the power but because it gave us space to fuck. I drove an Impala. There were 4 mates inside the car that hot day and one girl. So there we were, waiting for Ross to finish fucking the lovely Laura and yeah, we had five guys highly aroused watching them and her friend Tania, I knew Tania was aroused by watching her friend being fucked in the trees.