Written by Mr sexy


So our first time swinging was unplanned. Had a couple who were friends over, had a few drinks then they went to bed. Me and Mrs sexy decided it was a good idea to fuck in the lounge since we were sharing a bedroom(don't know why we did that). Then in came the female saying "what are youse up to " I replied not much but she could see us all naked and my hard cock wet from Mrs sexy pussy. Then we drank some more and ended up playing truth or dare where the other Mrs had to do an underwear run. Then we went back to bed but it was me and the 2 girls kissing and the guy watching us. Then I started to fuck Mrs sexy again and she was being kissed by other Mrs. Then they started to fuck so me and my Mrs took it slow and watched. He must of cum cause him and my Mrs went off back to lounge and I found myself with his Mrs. We started to kiss then before I new it I was fucking her missionary then doggy. She came so I pulled out and was like what is going to take for me to cum, I've been going at it for 3 hours now and still not cummed. So I layed down and wanked while his Mrs kissed me and tickled my balls with her soaked knickers and then finally I cum everywhere. Then she kissed me on the forehead and said well done, I just passed out to sleep. Next morning she jumped back in our bed but all of a sudden grabbed my cock and started to rub. My Mrs new what was happening but just left us to it. She wanked for about 5 mins and I cum so I thought I'd return the favour and gave her a good fingering but she was like a few minutes and done , kissed me again then stood up and put her soaked purple knickers on. That was the last time they did that with us, our first and I still think about it even though was 12 years ago