I want to share my first experience at a male bathhouse in Auckland - especially for those interested in what this is like or who have always wanted to go but are too nervous.

About three years' ago this was me - incredibly nervous to the point where I could hardly control my hands. I worked up the courage, showered and prepared, jumped in my car, and headed to The Wingate Club.

When I got there I could not believe the rush I felt. Stripping down in the locker room, clutching my free condom and sachet of lube, and in I went.

The excitement (and shyness) really hit me once my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I didn't know what to do with myself but walk up and down the corridor. Sounds of groaning from the rooms plus many half (and fully) naked guys quickly got me in the mood.

Some of the guys were a bit old for me, but there were enough younger guys about the place. My first encounter was when I poked my head in to a room that did not have a solid door. Quite a good looking guy in his 30s was sitting on the bed leaning against the wall. He grinned and gestured for me to come in. I immediately obliged.

He pulled his towel off revealing a good size, nice hard cock :) Without hesitation I grabbed it and started giving him head. After a couple of minutes he started to return the favour but I wanted to fuck. Under my voice I told him to "fuck me". He put a condom and lube on, put me on my back and slowly eased his cock in to my ass.

Now I was groaning - it felt so good! Within a few minutes he shuttered and let out a loud groan as he came.

I went back in to the corridor and found a spot to stand, hoping to catch another guy. I wanted to go again!

Another guy in his 30s (maybe) came and stood right next to me. He had his towel over his shoulder and started stroking his cock. I watched him. His cock was BIG. Like proper big! I have not come across a cock this big. My first thought was "ah shit, how is this going to work". But I had just been fucked 10mins earlier so I figured if I'm ever going to be able to take a big cock, now is the time.

He (gently) grabbed my shoulder and started walking toward a room - I followed. He shut the door, got on his knees and started to give me a blow job. He muttered over and over again "mmm such a nice cock"... which was a bit weird considering his was much bigger!

He put a condom and lube on (deja vu), bent me over and used his fingers to warm me up. After a bit of time he slowly eased his cock in. It didn't hurt, which was amazing, it felt really good.

He was fucking me from behind at first but then went on his back so I could ride him. He put me in several positions until finally I was on my back. Jeez he was fucking me hard at this point.

After a very good amount of time I started cumming. At the same time he pulled his cock out, ripped his condom off, and began cumming all up my chest with even a bit reaching my face. I swear that watching his massive cock cumming on me made me cum even harder. I just lay there as he put his towel on and left the room.

I walked back out in to the corridor towards the shower, attracting a bit of attention given how much cum was on me.

It was such a great experience and encourage anyone who has thought about it to try. I grinned all the way home.