Written by rfn35


well we had put an advert on here and had all but given up hope of meeting with a local person or couple when or phone rang. It was a local girl who we had sent a message to so we arranged to meet her there and then. We both got out of bed and got dressed and jumped in the car telling the children we were going to the pub. We arrived at our destination to find this young good looking women waiting for us. She jumped into the car with us and we took of to a very secluded spot in the hills while we were travelling there we chatted.

On arrival at our little secluded spot we all got out of the car had a smoke and chatted for a while then the fun began with our new found friend. She started by kissing my sexy wife's hand and playing with her face then slowly moved in and kissed her neck while i exposed my wife's breasts then we removed my wife's top to give her full access to her breasts. From there the two women started passionately kissing each other and me from there our friend removed her top and invite my wife to touch and play with her breasts. We then all got naked and our friend dropped to her knees and tasted my wife's shaved pussy my wife was nervous at first but she loosen up and we moved her to the bonnet of our car this proved rather difficult. We moved to the backseats and that's when the fun really began the two women got stuck into each other. Our new friend first dove into my wife's pussy with wanton abandonment while she played with my cock. After a while the women swapped places and my wife then started to eat her pussy for the very first time she had our new friend coming within minutes.

After a while we pulled out the double dong and the girls then put an end in each other this resulted in both of them going hard for a good 20 minutes at which time the both came. we then had a 5-10 minute break the girls had me jump in the middle so they could take turns playing with me. We all kissed and play this resulted in round 2 taking place

they sucked and ate each other. I just let them play together and then while i fucked my wife she was busy playing with our new friend eating and fingering her pussy. this result in each of us having an exhausting time. We finished off everything with a smoke and headed back into town to drop off our now new Girlfriend.

Once home we had the best sex session we have had in a long while we were so pleased with our first meet with a women.

We Hope you like our first post on here