Written by hardon


I had had fun with guys at school but had put that behind me but one day I caught up with an old friend Tom, we had been out drinking and ended up at my place fucking a couple of hookers.

When we had finished and the girls were gone, Tom and I were hanging out comparing notes. He commented that his girl had been no good and that he hadn't cum and was still horny. I was still hard too and said I didn't mind if he wanted to jerk off. He asked if I wanted to as well and I said yes. He said well ok, if you do too and said go on and start. I thought why not and pulled my pants down and I knew he was looking at my hard cock and I started to stroke it and rub my balls - I said are you going to jerk off too? He said shit yeah and pulled his pants down. He had a really big cock - bigger than mine. I said shit Tom you got a really big cock. He said he hadn't seen another guys cock before so he didn't know. The he said, Im not gay but I would like to kiss a guy.

I said ok and we stood up and started to kiss while rubbing our cocks against each other.

I said Im not gay but I really want to suck your cock. He said ok and sat down on the couch and I kneeled between his legs and started to stroke his big cock and then I licked the tip of his cock and ran my tongue down his shaft and licked his balls. He moaned and stretched out and said it felt really good so i wrapped my lips around his cock and started to suck it and stroke it, I kept trying to take more of his cock in my mouth and as I got more into it eventually managed to deep throat him, Toms cock seemed to get harder and he stopped me and said he was nearly ready to cum. I said its ok and started to suck him harder and deep throated him again. He grabbed my head and started to groan and then his cum was pumping out of his cock into my throat. It tasted it great and I swallowed it all and licked him clean. He said it was the best blowjob he had ever had - I knew I wanted to suck more cock after that.