Written by yummy


She was my big brothers neighbour, she had kids and a husband.

I was around 17, One day I pulled up at my bros, on my honda xr 250 dirt bike and this lady from next door was there. I said hi shook hands and gave her cheek a kiss.

She was ok looking, had black hair and medium size figure with nice tits, hehe... her dress showed off her cleverage well and her round grabable ass.

She asked me if I was staying for the BBQ and few drinks, I said yeah sure.

So later that night after she checked her hubby and kids were ok, she started chatting with me about girls. And she touched my hand.... ooooo that got my cock firing. I didnt know anything about older ladies in their forties being horny back then. And really did not expect anything to happen with her. Then she ran her fingers along my back, dowmwards.

It sent shivers up my neck, she looked at me and smiled. And then she innocently brushed her lovely breasts up against my chest like it was accidental... at this stage my logic was gone sister, cause my hormones were in turbo charge mode.

Being the quiet and shy person I am I didnt push my luck... she said lets get some air.

So we are out by the feijoa tree and the trampoline and its a warm summer night with the stars out. She said do you like looking at the stars... I wanted to say fuck the stars. I wana see your tits. We got close and kissed, wow we kissed, her tongue was like soft smooth, velvety and very ooooohhh farken nice with the twirling and searching. She pushed me onto the trampoline and slowly unzipped me while we kissed, and pulled out my well engorged skyrocket. Then she reached my nipples with her exploring tongue, then she ran her tongue along my shaft ever so slow and sucked my balls into her mouth. And back up again to the head of my cock... and then she took my hard cock into her mouth and sucked me real slow... she did this a few times untill I could not handle it anymore.

I rolled on top of her and gave her some pleasure back with my tongue and mouth all over her harden nipples. Her dress up and panties off, I wanted to bang jam this mama so bad.

But she grabbed my cock and rubbed it on her clit, circular motion and then ran the head along her very wet pussy lips. I pushed the head in and when I pulled out she would grab it and slide it along her lips again. I needed to cum so bad now, so I took her hand away and pushed my cock all the way into her. Balls deep I gave her a slow wet hard fuck.... She started shaking and saying omg omg omg. Her dress around her waist I quickened the pace and started really pounding her deep and hard, she arched her back and she let out this loud groan... and she wrapped her legs and arms around me squeezing me while she had her orgasm. I couldnt move she was squishing me, then she slowly released me and I started banging her wet hole real hard now, she looked into my eyes and arched her back again then I had a rush thru my body as I filled her pussy with the biggest load I had in my balls.

We kissed and cuddled on the trampoline then got dressed.

She said she better get back to her husband and kids, we were lovers for a few years.