Written by Alex


My girlfriend (Carolyn) and I would occasionally watch a porno to get in the mood and see what other positions etc we could maybe try. usual experimenting. I loved playing with her pussy and sliding things in there, toys and fruit, sometimes she would sit on the couch legs wide apart and shove things in her pussy and let me watch, yum

we were watching one porno one night and this so called amateur couple invited a friend over and she seduced him in front of hubby and proceeded to have sex with him while her partner watched.

Gf and I getting horny and ended up in our bed fucking. I was quite horny from watching the porno. while I am fucking my gf I mention to her that the porno was quite horny to watch, to which she says it was horny indeed. I next mention that if we ever have a 3some I would love to watch first for a while. with that I feel her getting hornier under me and we end up both cumming hard.

couple of nights later we are in bed fucking and I bring up again that I would love to watch her tease another guy and watch him touch her and see how far she would let him go. we both end up horny as and cumming hard again. this happened a few times as it turned us both on.

over the next few weeks we would have some great horny sex while talking about another guy cumming over and gf letting him touch her, we brought up a few names of friends and fantasised over the friend while we were fucking.

this was quite horny for both of us. I asked her if we found someone what she would do or let him do, to which she said anything he wanted or I wanted to see. made us both horny as. next Friday evening we are at home getting a bit horny and I say to her, shame we haven't found someone yet, as I am horny as and would love to watch you with someone and have a slow wank while he turns you on. we had a few drinks and gf says she is horny as well and mentions the name of a friend of a friend who we sometimes see around. this gets us both hornier and she says that she will screw whoever we invite around but if I want to watch she tells me I have to ring the guy we choose and invite him over. with this I am getting hornier by the second. at this stage I am fingering her pussy which is soaking wet. I mention friends name again (Mark) and say, if I ring him now and invite him over you will let him touch you, undress you and let him fuck you and have him cum in your pussy.

gf says yes, I grab the phone and ring Mark and chat abit and then blurt out that we have always wanted to try a 3some and seeing he is single , if he wanted to cum round. he was at our door within 15 minutes. gf had gone to bathroom to freshen up and she cums out wearing a very short black dress no bra. we end up sitting on the couch with gf in the middle. Mark asks Carolyn if she ok with this to which she put her hand on his leg, he starts also with his hand on her naked leg. I get up from the couch and sit in the chair opposite and watch them slowly and nervously touching each other. they kiss slightly and he starts working his hand further up her dress and she parts her legs for him. Mark then stands up and removes his trousers and gets on his knees in front of her, slowly pushes her dress up pulls her knickers down and fondles her pussy and slips a few fingers in. I get up take my pants off and slowly start wanking to this while she sits on the couch. he pulls her slightly forward and unzips the back of her dress and slides it down over her tits, now fully on display. I look at gf and I can see that horny look on her face. he then sticks his dick in my gf`s pussy and starts fucking her and after about 3 - 4 minutes cums in her pussy. we have a drink giggle and relax a bit, he goes home. Carolyn asks me if I enjoyed watching them both to which I said yes. she asks me if I want to feel his cum in her pussy. she tells me I have to finger her first which I do and then I slide my dick into her wet sloppy pussy which was soooo horny that I came within seconds in her.

for the next few weeks we fucked like bunnies while talking about that experience.

we did not end up fucking Mark again, but we did find another guy that she made me tell him that she fancied him and wanted to fuck him while I watched.

I might tell that experience some other time.