Written by 64horny


Part 1

This happened quite a few years ago, my wife passed away from cancer after a 9 month battle which I nursed her through, I was in my late 40s at this stage, running my own business. About 6 months after she passed away I decided to take a break up in Fiji, I had 3 clients there so thought it would be an idea to spend 5 days rest & recreation and a couple on business, it was close to 12 months since I having my last sexual intercourse, I was getting tired of Mrs palmer and her 5 daughters, [ wanking] and thought that I might get lucky in Fiji.

What I didn't expect was to run into 2 Aussie woman who where also going to Fiji looking to get lucky, I met them while snorkelling in the lagoon by the hotel, Jennifer was about 28 and had been widowed 18 months due to a car accident, Vicky was 30ish and divorced from a wife beater 9 months earlier, they had meet each other at Yoga classes and had become very very good friends if you get my drift, both had been on the odd 1 night stand and where looking to have a naughty Fiji week.

As I said we met while snorkelling, Jennifer managed to get her foot caught between 2 rocks and was in some trouble with the waves washing over her, I managed to release her foot and help her to the beach, she had a couple of small cuts but nothing serious, we all got talking and she wanted to shout me a drink later that evening to say thank you, I agreed to meet after dinner.

We caught up in the bar after dinner, I was with a group of other Aussies that I had meet the previous day, one of them was a wealthy business man from Melbourne, has was also a big gambler and that day had won $ 4000 on the Sydney race meeting so was buying everyone drinks, Vicky & Jennifer joined me and we all started drinking and talking, after about 2 hours I realised that there was a good chance that I might get to fuck either of them, I left to go to the toilet and while away shot back to my room and took a Viagra just in case I got lucky.

Its a good thing that I did as within another hour and a half everyone was really quite drunk and I ended up with both Vicky & Jennifer in my room, we were all very horny and well lubricated with alcohol.

Vicky was the first to strip off what little clothing she had and I was 2nd dropping my shorts and throwing way my vest, standing naked in front of them both, Vicky then knelt down and started to stroke my cock, which immediately stood to attention, she then started to suck it, I looked over at Jennifer, she was slowly taking off her dress o expose a beautiful pair of firm tits with nice big nipples that were already hard, I reached out and stroked her tits and pinched her nipples between my thumb and finger, she then stepped forward and leaned down and started stroking Vicky's tits while Vicky was sucking my cock, that is when I realised that they were not just friends but also lovers.

I reached between Jennifer's legs and slipped my finger inside her cunt which was nice and wet and juicy, she spread her legs apart to allow me better access and started to grind down on my hand as I played with her cunt driving my fingers deep inside her, Vicky was gagging on my huge hard cock as she sucked it deep down her throat.

I then suggested that maybe we would be more comfortable on the bed, so I laid down and Jennifer now took over sucking my cock, Vicky positioned herself over my face so that she could lower her cunt down onto my face so that I could lick her cunt while she watched Jennifer consume my cock, shortly Jennifer changed positions and straddled me so that she could take my cock deep inside her cunt, I felt her position my cock at the entrance of her cunt, she then took in a gasp of air as she impaled herself on my hard cock taking the full 8 inches inside her cunt in one single movement, Vicky let out a moan as she watched my cock enter her friend, she then leant forward and started kissing Jennifer as Jennifer started riding up and down on my cock. all the while that this is happening I am lapping up the juices flowing out of Vicky's cunt as she becomes excited at Jennifer fucking me, she even reaches down and starts to stimulate Jennifer's clit, this starts Jennifer to cum and I can feel her cunt muscle's contracting around my cock as she cums and cums, her juices are flowing out of her cunt running down over my balls as she keeps riding and grinding down on my cock, then suddenly she lets out a small scream as I feel her starting to have a squirting orgasm, squirting all over me and over Vickys hand. Jennifer starts gasping for air as she is shaking from her orgasm, Vicky holds her and then Jennifer managers to recover and slowly lifts herself off my hard cock and collapse on the bred next to us, she cant stop sobbing and shaking from her orgasm.

Vicky gets off me and lays down with Jennifer cuddling her and reassuring her that everything is okay, meanwhile I have reached between Vicky's legs and slipped my fingers inside her cunt where my tongue had been previously, it was while I was finger fucking her that I had the thought that if she had been with a wife beater he had most probably also been aggressive in the bedroom and possibly raped her or at least they would have had anal sex as that would be how he would dominated her sexually.

I continued to finger fuck her while she comforted Jennifer, I then gently probed her arsehole with my thumb, she eased back against me when I did that as if she was happy for me to be touching her there, I then very gently pushed my thumb inside her arsehole while keeping 2 fingers inside her cunt, she spread her legs apart and pushed ack against my hand, I then started finger fucking both of her holes at the same time.

Guess you will have to wait for part 2.