Written by HotWeety1


Let me tell you about 1 fantasy come true. It is a bit long and my grammar, spelling and punctuation aren’t the best but bear with me and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

I had had a relationship with Sarah (name changed of course) for years even though she was married. I was only about 18 when we started playing around and she is about 5 years older than me. She has separated from her husband and moved away now but I still think about her as she was the best sexual partner I had ever had.

She didn’t have a perfect body but that was fine as she was a goddess to me and I loved every inch of her body. She had a really great set of tits that absolutely loved to be sucked and played with and nipples that would stand proud and felt yummy in your mouth to. She also had a pussy to die for and she really knew how to use it. She had nice full pussy lips and a clit that was nice for sucking just like her nipples and when she was nicely hard and wet would stick out just as far.

I boarded with them for quite a while and we had done many things over the years. I used to be jealous sometimes knowing she was inside in bed with her husband and I was in the sleep out knowing he could be fucking her instead of me.

Over time though I started thinking about wanting to see them fucking and wondered what they did when they were together. (I even listened out their window a few times to see to see if I could hear them fucking) They ended up moving into her father’s house for a while as he was very ill (he died not long after) and I stayed on house sitting for them at the old house.

The down side was I didn’t get to have as much fun with her any more, the plus side was his niece and a girlfriend of hers moved in with me for a while and man both of them were slim and stacked in the tits department (but that’s another story all together) let’s just say try waking up to answer the phone your still half asleep and a young very slim girl with rather larger firm breasts is standing with the phone for you wearing just a g string and you can’t just jump on them but would really love to and your trying to hold back the boner from hell.

Anyway getting back to the story at hand – when I did get a chance to get together with Sarah it was fantastic and loved eating her nice and deep, one morning she wouldn’t let me go down on her and told me I couldn’t eat her as she had fucked her husband just before he left for work (which was about 5 minutes before I got there) and he had just blown a big load in her and she hadn’t had a chance to shower yet, well I surprised the hell out of her and at the time in a little way myself as I dived under the blankets and stuck my tongue as deep into her as possible and went to town licking as much as I could, I was like a madman trying to get as much of my face into her pussy as possible. Needless to say she went crazy and cum real hard as I don’t think she ever expected me to do that.

After that I told her if she had sex with her husband she had to tell me as I really wanted to know he had given her one and she had to stay in bed and keep it in her, sometimes I would even tell her I wanted her to fuck him in the morning so I could eat out her freshly fucked pussy. She knew more and more I was getting turned on by the fact that he had fucked her.

This brings me to my fantasy fulfilled.

She asked me one day if I would like to see him fucking her.

Of course I said hell yes but she said he could never know so i suggested she leave the curtains opened so I could see in and I could watch through the window.

They had a caravan parked out beside the house so there was a place I could stand and be completely unseen by anyone from the neighboring properties and if need be I could hop in the caravan if anyone came outside (like her husband).

I had rigged the gate on that side of the house earlier in the day so it was tied closed with string so I didn’t have to undo the noisy latch and bolt lock. She knew I would get there at around 8.30 as their kids would be nice and dark then and I wouldn’t be seen. Just as I got there and getting into position I heard her turning on the shower and saw she had left the curtains open a bit at the side (where he wouldn’t notice from inside) the window I was viewing from looked into a room that was a lounge and kitchen area all in one with the bathroom off the side of the kitchen, so I could see the whole area from my window.

They were just heading into the bathroom as I looked in and she had left the door open, I watched as they striped each other off and got into the shower. She was such a sweaty she had even got some stuff for the shower glass so it wouldn’t fog up and I was able to watch them soap each other up and I could see him rubbing the soap over her tits and rubbing between her legs, which she was obviously enjoying as she pushed in against his hand and after a while I could tell by the way she was standing that she was cumming. (MMMMMMMM what a yummy site and I was at full mast)

I saw her getting out of the shower first and he stayed in (she told me she had said she was going to put something special on for him, but she was doing it for me) she came out closing the door and came straight to the window to see if I was there. She had such a big smile come across her face when she saw I was and new I had seen her cum in the shower, she blew me a kiss and re adjusted the curtains so I could see the rest of the lounge area a bit better then when to the room and came back out with a yummy see through white lace and satin robe with a snap crutch teddy she knew I loved but her hubby had never seen her in before. She had put some cushions on the floor and told him she was ready as she lay down on them.

When he came out he was just wearing a towel which he dropped as he stood between her legs then he knelt down between them. Then he crawled up and started to suck on those yummy nipples of hers (I so wanted to run in and suck the other one) he was rubbing over her body at the same time and then worked his way to her pussy, he rubbed around je mound then went back and forth between her tits and pussy then as he pussy lips started to swell he started to play with them and pull on them (I so much wanted to run in and suck on those to) I always loved the size of her pussy lips and watched was he went down and sucked them into his mouth. Just then she brought out a few toys that she had stashed under the cushions, 1 she told him she had just brought but I had taken her to buy it several weeks before and had real fun fucking her with it in both holes pretending we were having a threesome (she even surprised me one day and stuck it in me without warning when she was giving me a blowjob) so needless to say I was really enjoying watching him use it on her thinking about the things we had done already with it, she even told him to suck it after it had been in her, every once and a while she would roll her hear to the side like she was in pleasure and shoot me a look to say “I know your there watching me” and also by the look on her face I could tell she also wished I was in there giving her one at the same time as her husband.

Every time she got him to do something to her or she did something to him she would do it so she knew I had the best view possible, she also started to moan so I could hear her and after watching them on the floor licking and sucking each other she finally got up and went doggy position over then end of the couch with 1 leg on the floor so she knew I could see his cock going in her (the 1 thing I told her I really wanted to see was him sliding into her pussy and especially that first slide in)

I don’t have to tell you what I was doing at the time and I was amazed that I had already cum twice all over the wall and when I saw him slide into her and she let out a moan of please as she also opened her eyes and looked my way with a look that melted right through me I was building towards another round. I was in heaven finally getting to not just see someone actually fucking (instead of on a video) but it was the woman I was in lust with and my lover was fucking her husband. She got him to sit on the couch and mounted him reverse cowgirl style facing me and rubbing her tits with one hand and the other hand was rubbing her pussy lips and pulling the hood back off her clit so I could see it sticking out. She was starting to pound on his cock and I could see it going in and out of that yummy pussy and she would go fast then slow and come almost all the off then back down deep most of the time looking straight at me, I even saw her mouth the words “I love you” and “I want to fuck you” to me.

After that I could hear her start to let out a deep growl as she was getting closer to cumming again and urged him to cum as well (which she also was meaning me) she was getting loud and saying “I’m almost cumming baby cum for me good and strong” then she let out a deep growl as she cum at the same time I could hear him tell her he was cumming and needless to say I was blowing another load all over their wall.

She leaned back onto him with his cock still in her and she was closing her eyes in bliss knowing I had watched it all and when she opened them she was looking at me and said “MMM that was yummy honey I really enjoyed that”

After they had cuddled there for a little bit they got up and went to go to the bedroom, she motioned quickly for me to stay and about a minute later she came back out of the room and motioned for me to go to the back door. She knew she couldn’t open it without him hearing so she squatted next to the door and I was able to reach in through the cat door and stuck my fingers strait in and as deep into her pussy as I could. I brought my fingers out and sucked them then stuck them back in again until she had another small orgasm on my fingers. (If the cat door was higher I would have stuck my cock through it) she looked out the cat door and saw me sucking my fingers again and said “goodnight lover I’ll see you in the morning” then she went off to bed with her husband.

I was awake most of the night repeatedly playing with my cock just thinking about what I had watched and was up early the next morning. As soon as her husband was leaving for work the next morning I was going in the back door as he went out the front and I came up behind her bent her over the bedroom windowsill sticking my cock strait in her pussy from behind and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of her only pausing every little while to have a lick of that wonderful pussy that I worshiped with her telling me how much she wanted me to be able to come in and fuck her last night. We spent half the day naked and playing with each other and of course me licking her yet again and again.

She knew after that I would do anything for her and to show her much I appreciated her doing that I jacked up her first surprise 3some for her birthday a month later. I even once went to a hotel room and shaved her pussy for her and got her dressed and ready so she could have sex with a stranger she had met online then left before he arrived.

The other thing that happened after all this is she made me like to watch and I had even snuck around one other night without her knowing until the next day to see if they were fucking. I also like meeting up with couples and have been lucky enough to have met a few that have let me watch them fucking (I do love to sit as close as they will let me without touching and watch the guys cock sliding into her pussy) and I have even got to stick my tongue strait into a pussy just after it was being fucked seconds before.

I may have to edit some of her pics and post a few online so you can see how yummy her pussy is. Bugger I lost all the best ones of my cock deep in her when I had a hard drive die on me.

Anyway I hope you liked this story and I may post another soon telling of the most daring thing I ever did sexually and yes it was with her as well.