I've always had this deep fantasy about being the girl in the middle of a couple of hot guys but have always been strait, this 1 weekend I had been online and been talking to a guy in the city that cross dressed, so I told him my dark fantasy and he loved it and wanted to make it happen for me yay , so I brought a hot little outfit and wig n organized to go down there for a nite, I was nervous but xcited , I arrived at his place and he was all dressed up wow he said go and get on wat u want to wear and he was going to do my make up as he had a dress up party for us to go to , I had rite little see thru black Cami with garters stockings etc it looked really hot and with makeup I was looking like the sexy little pornstar , we headed off to this and said to relax it was a gay and bi party and to have fun, so we get there and there was an underground bar just full of guys having a ball so we got a table and met a couple of people and started dancing, wile in boogey mode a felt a hand grab my ass so I jus kept dancing then he put his hands on my hips and started grinding up behind me wow I felt so sexy i started rubbing my ass bak into his crotch area I felt his big cock get harder and harder he said to me how hot I was and wanted to go bak to his table and introduce me to his friend so I was like yea he took me over and I met his friend and got us a drink, they both loved my outfit and as we were talking they both started rubbing my legs up above my stockings slowly getting higher up as we talked ,by this stage I was really turned on and wen they said they wanted me to go back to there apartment we all left in a taxi and I started rubbing there crutch in the taxi by the time we got to the apartment they were rock hard again, we went in and I sat down on the couch they both went to the room for a minute and then came back out with nothing on at all I was like wow huge cocks all shaven they came over and I stood up they went front and back of me rubbing licking me I went down and started kissing around his cock as his friend was licking my ass out and rubbing me, then they dragged me to the bedroom and put my on the bed in doggy style and put a cock in my mouth was that big I was wide open getting it down my throat and I felt my ass getting wetter and wetter as his friend started pushing himself inside me I moaned with pleasure he got it in and started pumping away slowly I was in extasy getting pumped from both ends , as they got going I loosened up and they started going harder putting me in all positions they put me on my back with my nees rite up and 1straddled over top of my head just pumping his cock in my mouth hard wile his friend started really going hard in my ass this was it the big end he hammered into me hard and came hard up inside me my god then the other guy got off me so he could come up inside me to they hammered me full of cum I had been tottaly thrashed hard for my 1st time I could hardly walk it was amazing