Written by KiwiBanga


This happened two years after breaking up with an Ex

It was a hot summers night and it was full moon.

I had gone out to a local night club with a few friends when I ran into my ex and her new boyfriend. She introduced me to him and I shook his hand. I asked how long they had been together and it was about 9 months he said. Oh cool i say .

Me & ex had been together for a year before we broke up , but we were still friends. But he didn't know that. LOL

Well her boyfriend had gone to the toilet , Erana came over and asked me what I thought of her new man in her life.

I told her that he seems a nice enough guy for her. She then tells me that he proposed to her and she said yes.

I congratulate her and give her a big hug , to say good on you. Well hugging her she whispers in my ear and says to me that she wants to fuck me one last time before they tie the knot.

I look at her and say your fucken kidding me aren't you. Erana replies nope i am not.

I saw that look in her eyes when she wants something so bad that you give into her. Okay then when and where do you want this to happen i ask. She says tonight. Aye , tonight and how are you going to make this work i say. You just watch me she implies and walks back to there table before he gets back.

My friend turns to me and asks what was that all about. I just say fucked if I know.

40 minutes later I see Erana and her boyfriend leaving the club.

About an hour later ,when me and my friends were heading to our car, I see Erana parked up in her car a few metres away with the car lights off. I walk over to see if she is okay and she tells me that she sneaked back out after her boyfriend crashed out. Apparently when they got home they had a drink and she spiked his drink with sleeping pills.

I yell out to the boys that I have a ride home and I will catch up with them tomorrow. Before they could see who was in the car we were gone.

We parked up at a beach & began to strip off to go skinny dipping in the ocean. The water was nice not cold , but not warm either just right. We started splashing each other , laughing and having fun in the water. This turned me on and i knew that this was the right time to make my move . I grabbed her hips and lifted her up to guide her legs around my waist , so I could lower her down onto my now throbbing cock.

We fucked in the water for about an hour , trying all the different positions we could before our bodies began to feel weak from the non stop motion we were doing with the water helping us.

Back on the beach we lay a blanket down , She lay on her back as I buried my head between her thighs and drove my tongue right into her pussy as I rubbed her clit. I could feel her body tighten with every deep penetration of my tongue.

As i sucked & licked her clit , I fingered her with 2 fingers off and then working my way in with 4 fingers.

Erana began to lose control and her orgasms were getting closer to each other. You can imagination how I was feeling by this time.

My spare hand reached for her tits and it was no more than 3 minutes after playing her nice big breasts that I felt a gushing feeling against my fingers , a loud scream and a massive body spasm from her.

I then moved into position and slide my cock deep into her wet juicy pussy . I fucked Erana so hard , I could feel myself building up pressure and as I did I would then slow the pace to ease the pressure of exploding inside her to soon , as I want to make it last.

I decided to pull out and make her suck my cock for a few minutes so I could see her taste herself from my rock hard cock for the last time. Erana began sucking my cock so hard I thought she was going to swallow it balls and all.

I couldn't take anymore and got her to lay face down as I inserted myself into her tight arsehole. Damn babe your tight I say and she replies I haven't had anal since you. The thought of her nt having anal for 2 years was a turn on and seemed to make me even hornier to stretch her open. As I pushed deeper into her she moaned louder with pleasure.

I get as deep as I could and grab her hips pulling them towards me , as pound her harder & faster. After about 15 minutes of this I just wanted to full her ass with my hot creamy load. I pushed so hard into her ass I felt myself having an orgasm and squirting my sperm so hard in her ass. After I unloaded in her ass , I pulled out and went straight back into her pussy to release the rest of my cream.

We lay there for another 30 minutes before we packed up and head back to town. She dropped me off and told me that that was one hell of a night to remember. I just say your welcome and congrats on getting engaged.