Written by TaPleaser


The events that take place in this story happened not long after my first swinging encounter.

I was 18 years old, just a few months out of school. I was fit and in good shape from hitting the gym most days over summer. I only had a few weeks before heading off to uni and had been chatting online to a few great couples. This one profile caught my eye though, it was a single lady, she didn't have much info up but her photos showed off some incredible cleavage. So I sent her a message and crossed my fingers...

I soon got a positive reply and we hit it off. It turned out she was a teacher in my area who had left her job a few months ago to pursue another career.. oh man I have always fantasised about fucking a teacher "this could be my chance" I thought to myself. After a few messages she was a bit uncertain of a meet because of my age and how it might look if someone found out. So after a bit of reassurance we agreed to meet in a public park one morning..

I pulled into the car park to find only a people mover there, perfect some privacy. I pulled up next to it and got a txt immediately saying I should come sit in her passenger seat. So I enthusiastically jump in next to her and im greeted with a smile, kiss hello and a familiar face. One that I'd fantasised about being with many times during my school career. I'll call her Mrs A, she used to be a teacher at my school. She was tall with dark hair a huge pair of tits and a great ass I had spent many hours perving over. Mrs A was equally happy to see me and it wasn't long before we were kissing deeply letting our hands explore each other. By now my cock was raging under the strain of my jeans and Mrs A began to un buckle my belt and expose my throbbing manhood. We broke our kiss and she admired the young toy boy she had just found herself. After checking the park was empty she leant over and began to suck hard on my cock tasting the pre cum that had been building. It felt like heaven having her hot mouth running up and down my shaft and before long I was ready to explode and she could tell so she pulled away. "Not here she said".

As she had kids at home, she had arranged with a friend of hers for us to play at her house instead, if it came to that. So with a quick txt to find where the spare key was hidden and we were soon heading off. It was only 5 minutes down the road and we were both unbelievably horny, a quick scramble for the key and we made it to the spare room. We both tore our clothes off but it was her turn now. I pushed her down on her back and pulled her legs up exposing her wet pussy. She was so horny it was glistening in the light. I didn't waste much time and began to tease her clit with my tounge and lapping up her hot pussy juices. She began to moan with pleasure so I drove my tounge as deep into her pussy as I could. She tasted so sweet and hot, I was fucking her with my tounge as she thrust her hips forward begging for more. Before long she pulled me up and told me she wanted to be fucked hard. Not needing to be asked twice I slid my now throbbing cock deep into her slippery pussy. Making her take every inch of my hard cock, I could feel myself getting ready to explode "mmmm". She let out a moan as I let go of my load, pumping her full of my hot cum, it felt like it went on forever my entire body trembling as my cock pulsated filling her now soaking pussy with my load. I colapsed in a heap on top of her and she looked a bit dissapointed. So with out another word needed I told her to get on her hands and knees. I slid two of my fingers into her from behind, feeling our juices mixed together I began to finger fuck her. Harder and harder, she began to moan with pleasure which instantaneously brought my cock to full attention. So I brought it up to her pussy and slipped inside. Grabbing her hips and thrusting deep inside her we had a good rythym fucking her from behind. It felt amazing as she arched her back and began to cum I thrust deeper and harder. Her body tensed and her pussy clamped around my cock as a huge orgasm raced through her body, sending shivers from her hips outwards.

After a few minutes of catching our breathe we had a quick shower then had to leave in a hurry. Mrs A dropped me at my car and we said our goodbyes. What a great way to start the year before heading off to uni.