You are standing in the bath, your left foot up on the edge. Master is sitting in a chair, watching. The other Slut is kneeling in front of you. Her hands are on your hips. Master instructs, “Begin.” As you feel her wet, soft tongue make contact with your pussy you realise what your reward is; more oral sex. You are unsure what to do with your hands, you look over to Master and ask “May I touch myself Sir? Can Your Slut play with her own tits?” He gives a slight nod of His head and you watch as He strokes the shaft of His cock. You can see that it is growing slightly in His hand. You cup both your tits with your hands and rub your thumbs up and down over your nipples in rhythm with other Slut licking her tongue up and down over your clit. Without warning you feel two of her fingers slide inside you. Your legs tremble slightly. You wonder if Master will allow your reward to continue all the way to orgasm.

You are snapped out of your brief day-dream by Master saying “Look at me Slut!” He wants you to watch Him as He plays with Himself and He wants to watch you as you are being played with. The combination of her licking your clit, and fingering your pussy, plus you caressing and playing with your own tits, plus watching your Master stroking his ever-growing cock is building your orgasm within you. You know that you are expected to holdout as long as possible and that in the past Master has denied you your orgasms, when you have been right on the brink, making you wait till later. You can’t help but let a moan escape from your mouth. You look down at the girl who is eating your pussy and playing with you, your eyes make contact briefly. She seems to be enjoying it as much as you are. You hope to be able to play with her more and again on another occasion. Again, hearing Master’s voice brings you back to the present, “Do you think you deserve to be granted an orgasm Slut?" You pause for a moment, wondering just what answer he wants to hear. “Y-y-y-y-y-yesss I do Master” you manage to stutter out, as the feeling between your thighs begins to play havoc with your ability to talk.

“It will cost you,” he continues, “but so far today, you have been a very obedient and dutiful Slave, so I am happy to allow you to orgasm. But not yet however.”

“Thank you my Master, your Slut is appreciative” you reply back. Some order restored to your talking ability, now that you realise you will be allowed to cum. You continue playing with your tits and nipples and enjoying the sensation of being licked and sucked and fingered. The wave and surges are ever-increasing and building. You hope that Master is going to grant you your release soon. You know that He will want you to cum loud and hard when you do. Now He is fully erect again and still stroking slowly. It must be such a turn on you think, for Him to be watching you being licked by another female. Your orgasm is beginning to build faster now and you know it is imminent any second now. Almost as if He could read your mind, you hear Him shout “Slut, I want you to cum now and cum hard for me!!” Your legs tremble, and your knees quiver and you can tell the other Slave isn’t going to stop eating you while you cum, and then it hits, like a dam bursting its banks and wave after wave of contractions and spasms surge through you, “OHHHHHHHHHH, MASTER, YOURRRRR SLUUUUUUUUT IS COMMMMMMMMING FOR YOUUUUUUUU NOOOOWWW. THANNNNNK YOOOOOOOOU!” you moan at the top of your lungs. Your hands automatically leave your tits and 1 reaches above you for the curtain rail and the other braces against the wall, to stop you from collapsing. You look over at Master and show your appreciation by smiling at Him. You are enjoying the afterglow of your orgasm as you feel it subsiding and ebbing away. The other Slave has now stood up and picking up the end of the leash you are still wearing attached to your collar, leads you out of the bath and walks you over to Master, handing over the leash to Him.

He asks you, “Do you need to pee Slave?” and you reply “Yes Master I do.” He leads you to the toilet and instructs you to sit down on it, He stands in front of you, leash in hand. Without needing to be told, you take His cock in your mouth as you pee. This has happened previously, so you know to suck on him until you have finished peeing. When you’re done, you stay sitting there, as He leans over you and flushes the toilet as you remain on it. He pulls Himself away from you and you obediently stand and follow behind him. All three of you return to the bedroom.

He leads you over to the chair that the other girl had been tied to earlier and pushes down on your shoulders to make you sit. You have no idea as to what is going on. “Hands behind you” he orders. You do as instructed, realising what might be happening. He soon has your hands tied to the back of the chair and your ankles to the legs. The other girl is on the bed. He looks at you and says, “I’ve cum, you’ve cum, however my assistant Slave has not yet. Now is her turn, and you are to observe.” You are going to have to sit there as you watch Master fucking another girl. It dawns on you, your reward was two-fold, both rewarding you, and getting Master hard again for more sex. You watch as He begins to play with her, sucking on her nipples and stroking her pussy lips and clit. She is moaning in delight. You see him slide the butt plug from earlier, into her. This causes her to moan even louder. He makes His way down her body and soon has His face between her thighs. You can’t see clearly, but you know He will be sucking her clit and licking her pussy. She squirms and wriggles in delight. He stops giving her oral before she gets too carried away and He lays on His back on the bed. She climbs on top of Him and slowly sinks down onto His cock. He holds her by the hips, and she begins rocking back and forth, bouncing up and down, and her hips moving in a figure-8 shape. You can see them both enjoying it, and surges shoot through your pussy. It is turning you on watching them, but you are helpless to do anything about it. His hands have moved to her tits, gripping them tightly, squeezing them. They’re both breathing heavily and moaning loudly. She shouts, “Ohhhh, fuuuuck yes!!!” and you hear Master say “Cum with me Slut…” and she begins bouncing harder on top of Him until you hear Master groaning “Slut, I ammmmmm cumming in you!!” at the same time she screams “Yessssss Master, I am cumming with You!!!” She collapses on top of him, both spent from their energetic fucking. Eventually she moves off of Him and lays on the bed. After a few moments He stands up. You can see His semi erect cock glistening in a mixture of their juices. He approaches you and asks if you enjoyed watching Him fucking His other Slave. You nod and say “Yes Master I did enjoy watching you fuck her.” Again He presents His cock to you and you take it in your mouth, tasting them both on it. When He pulls away He thanks you for cleaning His cummed-on cock. “My pleasure” you murmur, as you did actually enjoy tasting the juices on Him. He tells you that you are to remain tied to the chair, for the moment, and while He relaxes on the bed, the other Slave is going to go to your kitchen and make everyone something to eat and get drinks.

She walks out of the bedroom, as Master lays Himself down on your bed. You sit obediently in your chair. You have no idea of the time or when this session is going to end, or what else is in store for you. You love the feeling of helplessness and being at the mercy of someone else. You look over to see that Master is quietly dozing on the bed, but you know better than to allow yourself to fall asleep. If you do and He was to find you like that, you know you would be punished. A while later the other girl returns with a tray carrying food and drinks. She takes it over to Master and announces that His lunch has arrived. She takes her food as well and then yours is bought over to you. Sir tells his other Slave that once she has finished eating that she is to feed you, due to you still being tied to the chair. Once they begin eating you suddenly are aware just how hungry you are, but you know you will be fed shortly. After that however, you have no idea what is going to be happening, but you can only hope that it is going to be gratifying for you all.