Written by test_the_waters


My wife was being incredibly generous allowing each cock she sucked to be fully inserted into her mouth and lavishing the tips with licks, strokes and even letting them ease off and slip out of her mouth and stroking them more than once before gobbling them back into her mouth. She moved from one cock to another cock to another cock to another cock. The men all sighed their appreciation and enjoyment. One of them just came...yes just like that no announcement just wanked his cock over her tits barely missing her face. As she was bent over sucking one cock another man would take advantage of her spread pussy and finger it a little and then naturally she had to up the x-factor. “Finger my arse darling” so what could I do but oblige..... after a couple of minutes for some fun I asked if another one of them could do the same and she said yes; so between us we fingered her pussy and arse. After several minutes of this and with these strangers cocks having been fully sucked right to their hilt, licked well, tips of cocks held in her sweet fingers and squeezed she was ready. I knew at this point I could pretty much have asked her to do anything but I decided to let her and I tell these strangers about what we planned to do at the end of the week. “Let’s tell them babe about what we have planned at the end of this week when we go to Wellington. Let us make their minds race as we tell them the filth and fun we are going to get into.” “Well my husband I can imagine we will have two men we have only just met in our hotel room and you are going to want to see them pleasured and for them to pleasure me. I imagine also you want to see me lap-dance each of them and maybe even suck their cocks and if I know you I bet you want to see me fucked by more than one cock.” I could not deny it. “So if you had these cocks in front of you all hard, so firm and ready to want to have you look after them tell us all a little more about what could happen?” “Well husband after I have sucked each one and not just a little peck but a really well deep throated effort I want them each to put a rubber on and fuck my pussy if you will let them....and if you do let them I want you to fuck my ass”. “What if they want your ass too?” I ask. “Then they can have it if you will let them...but I cannot wait to have my pussy licked by these men and hands all over my tits and down between my legs....and where will they come?” “I know sweetheart they cannot come in you nor can they come on your face...at least not yet I am not quite ready for that but I think they should come on your tits because it looks incredible seeing so much sperm simply saturating your lovely tits”. All 3 strangers then came...just like that... cumming over her tits one of them for the 2nd time and her tits were absolutely juiced. Each of them savoured the moment by slapping their cocks against her tits and thanking her, thanking me, thanking us I suppose for allowing this to take place. “Sweetheart I have not cum but I want to take you home now and handcuff your hands above your head, tie your feet together and then turn you on your stomach and lick your back and shoulders and ass before I take your cute little behind and fuck you so deep in your ass” I said and I meant it. “Ok but you might want to let me shower first because I am cum covered and it is starting to get sticky but did I do a good job?” she said. “No doubt I reckon yu could have handled even more men and cocks because shit you had them so turned on” I said. And so we did just that our strangers disappeared into the night, we gave them a small head-start and folded up our blanket and headed home where my beloved showered and then came to me in the bedroom naked where I proceeded to do just as above and I pulled out to cum and spray over her ass cheeks. Dogging session #2 a massive cum success – now time to move on to a MMMF event and some penetration!