Written by Test_the_waters


It had been many months since we had the time and inclination to plan a Kws night or event, and we had recently moved to Auckland and although we had met a couple of couples, we had not found the right couple to really explore more with. So we decided to go back to the very roots of being here on Kws and swinging and have some fun, and to re-kindle the excitement which all started in Palmerston North on a dogging meet/night a few years ago.

Out ad was met with a lot of male interest for a dogging and we worked out who was real and who was not. Come the night she dressed in just some sexy knickers and nothing else but a heavy overcoat and we headed to our spot which we had checked out much earlier in the week. She wore her hair down at my request, some make up and very red lipstick (dark or not she loves to look amazing). She looked very sexy, and the short drive there I had my hand on her thigh and I could feel her nerves, excitement and we talked about how many would turn up and the fun she would have.

We parked under a nearby street light and walked into the chosen location. She sucked my cock for a bit and then we laid her big jacket on the ground and she lay down spread eagle so I could lick and suck her pussy and I soon added my index finger to toy her ass with, letting it slip in and out as I licked her sweet pussy. Into our private place just a few meters off a track, we were waiting for our men to arrive. And as she got more into it we heard rustle sounds as 1 man came into the area and I felt her tense but I carried on with my back to the stranger and lickingher pussyand whispers to her to let him watch......she got sooooo wet having me play with her and knowing a complete stranger was watching......soon thereafter she got up and on her knees invited this stranger to come and feel her tits, feel her body and she sucked his cock too. Then she stood up and gyrated her ass against his solid cock and he got a great tease of her body and ass, even reaching forward to clamp his hands on her tits and push himself and his cock into her, making it slide between her ass, her cheeks and at one point she remarked "Ohhhh I can feel him with his cock against my ass....against my hole there darling nudging away". Soon after this she turned her attention to me and him alternating between the 2 cocks. Then we had another male join us and he brought out his cock and she my hot foxy wife started to suck it and she was loving it, and I mean really loving it. She turned around and let this stranger press his hard cock between her firm buttocks (she works out a lot and has a kill a physique) and she started to moan a little and really get into this stranger groping her tits and pulling himself firmly against her. 'Darling he has his cock nestled against my little asshole and he his pushing ohhhhh it feels good my husband" she said and did some sexy little moves again pushing against him and he himself said "fuck she is soo hot". Later she would tell me this was the biggest cock she had ever tasted and touched, or felt between her legs and she wanted more of it and if we ever did another MMF he would be fun......but no way in hell would it ever fuck her ass, because as much as she loved being ass fucked, if ever this this monster cock entered her ass she worried she might not walk properly for days.....he could happily pussy fuck her and she knew even that would be big and maybe push her limits.

But that was words spoken after the event, for now she was enjoying 3 men around her, touching her, gently massing her breasts, occasionally going down on the ground to finger her pussy lips and give them a little lick. She also loved them pulling themselves against her tight bod and letting them feel her as they wished.

And so this continued for a bit......she played with all 3 cocks right there in our private place, slapping against her tits and face, sometimes I was behind her teasing her pussy and ass with my cock which she sucked her 2 strangers.

Her well endowed stranger blew his load all over her tits moments after I myself had lacked any more self control and unloaded on her face, cheeks and tits. Our other stranger took some more sucking and he too unloaded on her face.

As we got ready to leave another fella arrived........but he was too late. He had a magnificent cock in his pics he had sent but alas we were finished and we exchanged some good words and he was disappointed of course.

When we got home and we relived our dogging she reminded me how she enjoyed reliving how sexual and desired she was by these men, already she was saying "honey I think we need to organise a gangbang where those guys can enjoy me more in a Hotel room and do as they wish with me....but also for me to get what I need. And you know what I need....I need men sucking my tits, sucking my pussy and licking my ass...I need many men wanting to fuck me and dp me and losing control and needing my body so bad....."

Then we fucked and I came again this time inside her and she came bouncing on my cock facing away from me masturbating as well. "This is how I want them to see me darling" she said to me and then "and this is how I want them to cum......on my tits and neck and face.....while being fucked by you!"

Watch this space readers......because we are planning a hotel get together soon to carry on the fun.