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29 Mar 2015

Dogging in Selwyn Again March 28


3 minute read

Another true story as we are the "true thing" here on KWS So yes we have planned a MMMF for us, and yes we want an additional x3 men we can trust, who are clean, safe, fun and can perform. We had hoped for a couple too but alas none to date. So x3 guys had said 100% they would attend our dogging and as is typical on the night x1 was confirmed. No news there. But we arrived at our spot, our intended male was there strolling, we greeted and took him to our spot! There Foxy who was dressed in a super cute little jacket that revealed her arse cheeks and long legs and chest about to pounce out...... She invited herself and revealed her tight boobs and started by going down on her knees to take myself and our stranger contender into her mouth...sucking both cocks. This lead her to demand for her tits to be sucked and our stranger commented "you have such tight/firm boobs" in between sucking them. Well shortly after Foxy had her face slapped with our two cocks and took turns deep throating us and slurping on us too. She then shed her coat and went down on all 4 fours. We had decided our stranger would not be allowed to penetrate her as we have to be super safe these days and assess how respectful he would be of boundaries. So on all 4's I took a little lube and ensured I slapped my cock against her pussy which was near dripping wet while she slurped on the strangers cock which was a nice firm 6 inches. I fucked my incredibly beautiful wife with her bouncing red locks and her firm butt, pale skin and so tight a body. While doing this I had to break a boundary. "Darling your arse look so good I want to fuck your little ass" I said. "Do it" what she responded and so I did. Once our stranger knew this he wanted to face fuck her more. He tried to suck her tongue and kiss her but this is a no go for us on first date so she allowed him to suckle her neck and suck her tits. Then he asked if he could lick Foxy's pussy while being ass fucked as he was so horny and she said "Fuck yes". So he did. So while completely nude, all 3 of us, in public under the moonlight, Foxy had my near 8 inches and nice thick length pounding her ass quite hard but now...meanwhile our stranger was between her legs suck her pussy so well she was almost cumming which is vary rare for her in dogging. After a while I knew I was ready to blow but pulled out and let her suck me a little between our good strangers cock and I blew my load over her right cheek, lips and into her curls of redhair. It dripped down her right boob. I slapped my cock around her right boob and face and hair. Her stranger started to get himself so close so I fingered her and she was so wet it was like natural lube you cannot control. He then proceeded to come after pounding her little mouth and came over her left breast, corner of mouth and it dripped all over chest. We caught our breath and as she stood she grinded her cute butt into our strangers crotch and the look on her face was total SHOCK! "He is hard again...he is ready to fuck me".... and I think he was. But we called it then and there. A super dogging night, one of the best I think. Now just a further 2 men needed for next week! ASAP!

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