Written by test_the_waters


True story - and took place last Sunday 1 March 2015!

After a long time away from KWS activities we are back! What better way than to start with some dogging, outside, warm night with a young man we had been in contact with and met once before to be sure. We spent some time choosing our location and we wanted to be close to home, secluded at night and very easy to access and we found the perfect spot.

On the night it was warm, a full moon and we took a blanket with us and some lube. She wore a cute little coat that barely covered her cute behind and black stockings and shoes (nothing else). We arrived laid down our blanket and it was about 9:15pm and dark but moonlight gave us some good visibility, we could not help but begin to play with each other and after she sucked my cock and licked my balls and I in turn licked her glistening wet pussy she demanded I lie down and placed my hard cock inside her. She began to ride me and opened her coat so her tits were bouncing and it looked fabulous.

Our fella arrived soon after and was invited to whip his dark skinned cock and be sucked while Mrs TTW continued to ride and fuck me. She then changed position and was on her knees so she could suck us both and throat us a little and lick as much as she could fit around her tongue before she stood up and each man took a breast and gave it some needed sucking and licking.

She turned around and bent over and asked for me to fuck her from behind so she could give our dark stranger some more oral attention. He stripped naked and was hard as a rock as he enjoyed the attention. Mrs TTW then stood up and took off her little coat now just in stockings and invited our fella to fuck her....or as she put it "would you like to fuck my pussy?" So we traded positions and he began to bang her slowly as I got the turn of her tongue. Both us men were very turned on and we briefly thought of a DP.....but knew we would not last. Mrs TTW was certainly open to it. So she knelt back down and we slapped our cocks against her perky tits and beautiful face....she cupped our balls and took turns sucking us and asked that we "cum over my tits....and face...and let me lick you both when you cum..." I blasted shortly after that and got her right breast and cheek and quite a bit in her red hair. Dark skinned stranger then got her full attention and it took not long till he unloaded on her left breast, across her eyes and face and also managed a little in her hair.

She was satisfied and let us slap our cum covered cocks across her face and she took turns licking us both clean. We thanked out man, re-dressed and collected our blanket and headed home.

Once home she cleaned herself up and lay on the bed and I licked her till she came with 2 fingers playing deep inside her ass which she loves when being eaten out. She shuddered a great orgasm and sighed. We cleaned up, talked about what a great night and our hopes to be more back into our enjoyment of sexy adventures.