First, thanks to all the story-writers, I enjoy these the most on KS as I find the imagination a very sexual place.

This happened to me yesterday afternoon and the situation contained many things that turn me on: voyeurism, bisexuality, threesomes and sex in public for starters. So I’m still processing the various alternative outcomes ;) maybe you will too.

I was due to pick my wife up a few blocks away and took a short cut through a local school. As I turned a corner I saw them there, a young couple, let’s say 19 or 20, sitting in a corner by a classroom door. Either they hadn’t scoped the place out properly or they really wanted to be seen as they were very close to two separate off-street entrances. It was muggy, late on a Sunday afternoon and maybe they thought no-one was around. But I was.

Once I turned the corner, there was no hiding for either of us. He was sitting down on the concrete with his legs outstretched and she was sitting in his lap, facing him, top on and knees up, with her black G-string still on and panting very loudly. Not really feeling like it was real, I approached them with a smile and heard myself saying, “That looks like fun, do you mind if I watch?” and I meant it but we all laughed a little nervously. I think it may have been a new experience for us all. I carried on walking around the classroom corner and told them I would be back this way in five minutes. (At this point, I’ll say that the reason I don’t post very much around here is because my wife and I are quite well-known in our community and there was no way I could risk being caught.)

Anyway, the size and shape of the boy’s erection was absolutely marvellous and he was good-looking. It looked about the size of an energy-drink can and was very dark, engorged with blood. It was all I could do to stop myself from walking over there and showing her how to suck cock. I think they were at the wanking stage but maybe that’s all they were up for.

As I kept walking round the corner I heard her panting start again so stopped and turned around, knowing they wouldn’t hear my approaching footsteps. I sat on a bench as close as I could and listened with my heart beating almost as loudly. He seemed to be guiding her but quite directly. “keep going, no, don’t stop now. Move over here a little.” She answered between panting and asked him a question. Talk about being in the moment!

I started gradually looking around the corner until I saw his shoes, then knees and her back – she seemed to be back in his lap dry-humping him, even though she would have been as wet as wet can be. And of course, both us boys were as hard as hard can be. I listened a bit longer then they were talking a bit more. I still couldn’t make it out but maybe they were quitting while they were ahead.

I went on my way and arrived at my wife’s office. She was waiting inside, so I waved at her, let her lock up and went back towards the lovers.

When I turned their corner he was pissing in a flowerbed and she was dressed. They were surprised again but I told them to hide around the corner I was pointing at, as my wife would be here very quickly – they couldn’t hear her footsteps but I could.

Looking around them, they saw where I meant and I went back to my wife and walked her past the spot but diverted her attention in the opposite direction at the crucial moment. As she was starting her motorcycle I said, “hold on, I’ve dropped a glove” and went back to look for the couple but they were gone.

If I meet them again, I wonder might happen?