Written by zorba


We are a happily married couple of 30 years, meeting when my wife was 17 years old and I just 20.We have raised three wonderful kids and have been lucky enough to enjoy successful careers that have enabled us to enjoy all the trappings of modern day life.We are now at a stage where we only have one child left at home so we are able to get out and about socially more often these days.

Like all marriages of this time span there are highs and lows, we have always enjoyed an active sex life, these later years adding porno and magazines to help the fires burn.Our movies always seem to take on a familiar theme of swinging and swaps and while we have never really openly discussed each movie we quietly know what each other is probably thinking.

My wife turns 50 in two years time and has stated that she would like to embark on an overseas cruise. A couple of months back we were watching a porno about an island holiday where the couples were swapping and have a great old time and i jokingly said that we should look for that island when we head off on our cruise, i got the standard reply of never giving up trying, to which i prodded a bit further.I reminded her that there has only ever been me and that she clearly enjoys our movies, is she not curious to know what another man would be like fucking her.

There is an old saying, "throw enough mad at a wall and eventually it will stick", well a portion took hold this night.

She remarked asking did i really want another man to fuck her, i was a bit gob smacked but the door had been left ajar so i thought i would see how far it would open.I replied that we both love each other and that sex in that capacity would have no emotional connection whatsoever simply fucking.She became a bit braver and said that if she was ever going to embark on that sort of scenario there would be a strict criteria that would have to be adhered to or it would just never happen.At this point my heart was pounding and my cock was like granite, i said go on tell me what you are thinking.

She stated that there is no way going to take this path without it totally on her terms, understandable i was thinking, so what would the deal be i asked to which she replied the following.She stated that she wanted to go to Fiji for a weekend, stay at the Hilton, we have been there before, she said that she wanted an executive suite to stay in.She then stated that she would point out a young Fijian man that she would be interested in and that i would have to arrange for him to join us and no other would do, furthermore she would select a European woman to join me and i had to accept both her conditions or else it was a no go.Now i remember on our past visit her cheeky remarks about the pool boy's ; my mind was now going at 360 deg's.I bleated that i was not interested in fucking some really undesirable lady to which she replied that she was not really interested in fucking another man full stop but if i ever wanted it to happen it would be her party and i either played by her rules or not at all, i was dammed if i did or dammed if i didn't, we looked a porno and fucked, suffice to say i was still extremely excited and was a mere shadow of a man when it came to performance.

Nothing was further spoken for a few days, till we were watching TV one night and the programme we were watching presented the opportunity for me to beg the question; was she for real the other night, to which she replied there would only be one way i would find out.

The next couple of weeks i watched the newspapers and searched the Internet for specials on Fiji, i found one offer that i thought she would jump at but she stated "Hilton" nothing less, so back to the drawing board.Eventually i found a combination that worked and presented her with the itinerary.She looked it over and ked if this was really what i wanted to which i replied, was this what she wanted and she replied no, but if it would put an end to my puppy dog whining then she would follow through.I was having concerns at the back of my mind that she would not follow through on her part of the deal but thought what the heck, we needed a break and if she poked out i was sure we would have a healthy weekend of sex anyway.

The weeks that followed seemed to drag but eventually we were heading to the airport on a Thursday morning to catch a red eye to Fiji.We had a pretty uneventful flight thank goodness because my wife hates flying so upon arrival she was in pretty good spirits rather than stressed due to turbulence.We were picked up by Shuttle and at our suite by midday, executive of course quickly changed and decided to hit the pool to swim and catch some rays.

I had been reminded on the flight of her conditions and further reminded not to question or discuss any men as i saw as perspective prospects.It was a rather cruisy day by the pool plenty of men and woman enjoying the lovely Fijian sun, i was trying to get a gauge on her line of vision but to no avail.

We spent till the late afternoon baking in the sun, swimming and the occasional drinks,by the time we were ready to head back to our room i was exhausted, my wife took a shower while i took a lie down, when she entered the room i admired her beautiful form, still full breasts, tiny waist superb arse, and of course a lovely pussy freshly shaved, to date the recipient of only ever one cock, i was starting to have doubts about how far i wanted this weekend to go, the fact that there has only ever been is a matter of pride, she is totally my woman, old fashion rubbish today maybe.I watched as she dressed and finally asked what did she wanted to do, she suggested that i take a nap as i would be good for nothing later and she was going for a coffee and a walk.

It must have been 2 minutes after she bid me farewell and i was out to it.The phone was ringing and as i answered i checked the time and realised i had been asleep for 2 hours, Laura was on the other end asking if i was cool with her grabbing a bite and drink with a group of ladies she had met up with, well i was a bit miffed but thought if it makes her happy, i asked what time would she be back, she asked if 10.00pm would be OK, i reluctantly agreed thinking i might go for a drink myself , we decided to take our mobile phones.

My evening was pretty uneventful and when 10.30pm rolled on i try-ed calling Laura i got no reply and i thought i would take a walk to find her, an hour later still no sign and i was really quite pissed off but thought better of growling when she turned up just in case i blew the weekend.

I headed back to our suite grabbed a wine lay back on the couch and flicked on the TV, i must have nodded off coz i suddenly wake to the amazing sensation of Laura sucking on my now fully erect cock, what better way to wake up, she was stark naked and i slide my fingers towards her pussy that was soaping wet, i slid 2 fingers in as she audibly moaned acknowledgement.I continued to work my fingers in her pussy for a good five minutes then she stepped away only to back her pussy on to my eager tongue, the musky smell of her pussy was intoxicating and the taste of her juices were like the nectar of the gods.My cock was now throbbing and i knew that i was going to blow my load at any moment, Laura does not like my come and insists that i pull out of her mouth before i blow, i moaned to her that i was about to come to which she replied by sucking so much harder, christ i had waited years for her to suck my cock like this and i blew my load with such gusto, simply fucking unbelievable, but i sort felt that i had let the team down.Laura said she was pretty tired anyway and i deserved my treat for letting her have such a good night, so what had she done?.Apparently she did have a coffee and wandered the shops then decided since she was so far from our hotel she would have a quick drink at the bar, enjoying the sunset and would then set back, alas while at the bar a group of 5 Australian ladies joined nearby and asked where she was from and what was she up to, she quickly established that they were 3 single and 2 married, all in there late forties early fifties.

They got on the reasons for there break ups/ failures in there relationships and all the time knocking back the wines, it became apparent these ladies were on the prowl.I think i under estimated how cunning Laura could be but she hatched a story that she had her suspicions that i had been playing around and that she was spending some time away wondering how she was ever going to prove that i am a cheater, i was gob smacked when she revealed the whole story, the ladies, the single ones were really keen to help her catch me out so they hatched there plan, over far too many glasses of wine, Laura picked the lady that she felt would grab my attention and they all agreed on a plan and would make contact to make sure all was a goer, the idea was for me to be lured into there web during the afternoon when i would most likely be away from Laura and could get myself up to no good.

After telling me of her devious plan i was numb, i never considered she could be so deviant, then as i lay there considering all that i heard she revealed that she had spotted the young man that she wanted.Now this was tricky i have not seen the lady she has lined up for me, equally i am expecting this total stranger to fuck a woman he has maybe never laid eyes on, i was speechless as Laura grabbed my deflated cock and asked if i wanted to cancel this whole crazy event, i think i was the one getting screwed at this point.

We awoke the next and ordered breakfast out on our balcony, Laura came out of the shower naked and while she pranced around our suite i was seriously having second thoughts.We had a nice breakfast enjoying the beauty of Fiji, our peace was shattered as Laura's mobile rang she walked to get it and just before she answered she looked me dead in the eyes and asked "are we a go", i strutted yes.

I listened as she con cocked this plan, leading the lady on the other end of the phone to believe i had gone for a run.I was to go to a bar at one of the hotels down the lane at midday at which time this lady was going to join me thereafter for a drink leading me to think that she fancied me and a story of how she had separated from her hubby and was lonely ..all target rich offerings to a perceived cheater like me.Now the tricky part is that i have to fuck her regardless of whatever thoughts i had of her otherwise the whole deal was off, again i was feeling screwed.Once i had my day laid out for me then Laura served her second course of requirements that really were going to test my resolve.She asked me to come for a walk with her, we headed down to a hotel 15 minutes away and grabbed a coffee, we had been there 30 minutes when suddenly Laura exclaimed quietly that the man working in the garden on the other side of the pool was the man she wanted to fuck her, i said you are fucking joking aren't you she smiled like an assassin and said no.

He looked to be in his late 20's early thirties and was built like a brick shit house at over 6 foot.Laura stood up and started to head back to our hotel, i try ed to catch her stating that he should see what she looked like, as bait, again part of her plan was for me to convince a complete stranger to fuck my wife whom he had never laid eyes on...it all seemed to difficult.

We sat again by the pool having a couple of drinks from 10.00am, about 11.30 Laura remarked that i better shake a leg, today was d day i was to fuck a stranger set up by Laura and arrange for a stranger to fuck her tonight, and it could only happen this day coz she wanted the Saturday night for us.It was explained to me that if i didn't fuck Jackie all bets were off,apparently part of there plan was to report back to Laura.

I showered and kissed Laura goodbye feeling like a school boy heading to the headmaster, i went to the agreed bar and it wasn't long before the seat next to me was filled by the clearly overweight Jackie, fucking Laura was teaching me a lesson, if i piked out all bets were off, i tried lamely to be interested in Jackie but she did nothing for me, overweight, loud laughter, and a hint of B.O, she was flirting like crazy then finally suggested we go back to her room, i lamely protested but said we would have to be quick, Jackie dragged me into the room and pulled my cock out of my shorts quickly wrapping her lips around my limp member, as they say a cock has no conscience, soon i was hard and ready to give this old mere a good ride, Jackie was a bitch in heat and stripped our clothes off in seconds, clearly she was loving doing this favour for Laura , she flopped back onto the bed,spreading her legs revealing a hairy pussy, this was all to much, but whether i wanted to or not Jackie was going to fuck me, she pulled at my cock and directed is straight to the entrance of her pussy, i didn't muck around, i slid my cock into her gapping hole with one powerful stroke, she wallowed like a pig that had had it throat cut, i fucked her with gusto till i grunted the every last drop of my come into this old mere.i quickly rolled off Jackie leaving her with a glow of a woman that was well serviced till the next time a gent would dock in her port of call.On arrival back to our Suite Laura was on the phone clearly talking to Jackie, she hung up and simply said smiled at me and remarked that stage one was complete and i was now to arrange stage two.I had turned from doubt to now excitement but the challenge now was finding this chap again and explaining my story.I went back to the hotel and looked everywhere but he was nowhere to be seen, i was starting to panic till i spotted him chatting with a group of guys.What the fuck was i going to say to him, i decided on the direct approach so strutted over to him, i introduced myself and shook his hand, he was one giant motherfucker, and again i thought this is crazy but something pushed me on.His name was Malcolm, i asked if i could have a word with him, we headed towards the beach and i decided that honesty was my best approach, Malcolm listen intently until i finished and i waited for his reaction, he smile at me a said that sure he would love to give my wife a right good screwing, this was sort of not the response i hope for, a little humility would have been nice.Malcolm said that he would give her a fucking she would never forget, i could feel my cock straining in my shorts.We agreed on 7.00pm and given that was only two hours away hurriedly headed back to the hotel only to find Laura had gone out.She arrived back at 6.15 and i was anxious stating i had met Malcolm and he was going to be here at 7.00pm.Laura casually remarked that she better get ready then and to open a bottle of bubbles.She was in the shower for what seemed like ages finally coming out naked to grab a second glass of bubbles, how do i look as she revealed a freshly shaved pussy with just a wisp of a landing strip at the top.

Fantastic honey !!, Now for the rules, more bloody rules i thought: you can stay and watch sitting in the chair by the corner, you say nothing, and only move when i ask you to get me something, if i break any rules the night finishes.Ok honey you are the boss, my excitement was overwhelming.Back to the bathroom she went, on her third glass of bubbles to door bell rang right on 7.00pm Malcolm was standing there, christ he looked huge, i called to Laura that Malcolm was here, she said be there in 5 , Malcolm took the beer i offered and plonked himself on the couch, i told him i would be staying to which he replied that he hoped i could handle watching him fucking my wife, he was grinning like the cat about to get the cheese.

The bathroom door opened and Laura stepped out, she had been shopping, new half cup bra, g string, stockings suspenders all in a pale yellow that looked sensational against the glow of her skin, i glanced at Malcolm and i saw his mouth open in appreciation, there was one of those moments where time stood still. Malcolm stood up and introduced himself extending his large paw,Laura took his hand and asked if she was to his liking. Malcolm turned to me and asked if i really wanted this coz if she was his wife there is no way he would let anyone else fuck her,I looked at Laura and she looked at me, not a word was uttered for a few seconds till Laura asked for her 4th glass of bubbles.

Laura told Malcolm i was staying and she asked me to sit down so i dutifully took my seat and began to watch my fantasy become a reality.

Malcolm took Laura's hand and lead her towards the bed, he sat on the edge and grabbed both her breasts in his large hands then reached around and unhooked her bra, Laura's full breasts sat proud on her chest, her nipples pointing high, Malcolm remarked that he loved silicone boobs and quickly moved his mouth from one breast to another.

Next he ran his hands over her body reaching for the string of her panties and pulling them down over her stockings and suspenders.Laura had had 4 bubbles and was now like a puppet in Malcolm's hands.I watched as he inserted his fingers into her pussy and he grinned at me remarking that she was nice and tight but also very wet.Laura turned to me and smiled, are you enjoying yourself honey, i smiled back.Malcolm said it was time for her to give him some attention so he rose from the bed discarding his shirt revealing a fully muscled hard torso, Malcolm told Laura to get on her knees, she knelt down then he told her to pull his pants off she did as she was asked and Malcolm had underpants on that were clearly concealing a monster cock.Malcolm exclaimed that he knew Laura had only ever had me but after tonight she will never be satisfied again. Laura tugged at his briefs revealing what can only be described as a porn star like monster cock, i was aghast and i think i could tell Laura was as well,Malcolm took hold of his cock and steered it towards Laura's mouth, she trying taking as much as she could but this cock was simply to big for my wife's mouth Malcolm pulled to her feet and in one swift action lifted her in the air wrapping her leg's around his waist, He looked at me and grinned as he stated that he was about to split Laura's pussy apart.I watched as he guided the head of his cock over the soft folds of Laura's pussy finally stopping at the entrance, Laura was breathing loud and Malcolm remarked that again her pussy felt oh so tight , i watch as the head of his penis slipped into the pussy that had been mine for 30 years, Laura was now moaning as Malcolm slowly inch his massive cock into her, until he was finally buried to the hilt, he held Laura gently lifting and her and sliding her on his massive pole he spun he round and lay he on the bed remaking then he was now going to give her a real fucking.She lay down legs spread further than she had ever been for me as Malcolm drew long strokes of his cock pis-toning her pussy, all the time remarking how tight she feels, he started slowly then gradually picked the pace and now i was watching him draw what was probably 10 inches of thick black cock out to the hilt and slamming back into my wife's pussy he had picked up his pace now and was really fucking her hard and she was loving it screaming joy like i had never heard before.It hadn't even crossed my mind till i thought he was about to come that he was riding my wife bare back, Laura and i never even thought of this and as i considered this i heard Malcolm moan and watched as he squeezed his arse cheeks clearly dumping a load of his seed in my beautiful wife's pussy.He grunted and groaned thrusting deeply ever drop of come he had till he finally came to a stop, they lay together holding each other till Malcolm started to withdraw his cock and rolled off Laura, she lay there breathing heavy, clearly well fucked her legs were spread her pussy was red and stretched as come started to run down past her arse hole, she had been well and truly fucked, i was speechless.

The silence of the moment was broken as Malcolm sat up with a huge grin on his face looking straight at me, he remarked how much he enjoyed fucking Laura and that he was extremely happy to be part of our fun, at that moment the shrill sound of his mobile phone pierced the mood of the room, Laura also sat up and headed to the bathroom, Malcolm was chatting to a friend who was clearly enquiring as too his whereabouts', Malcolm looked to me and asked if his friend could come over to pick him up to which i replied sure why not, so Malcolm revealed our whereabouts.Laura put her head around the door stating she was going to take a fresh shower and i poured Malcolm another beer and he started to enquire what were Laura and I all about, we chatted for maybe 5 min's then our door bell rang, and Malcolm let his friend in.

I assumed Laura would remain in the bathroom till they were gone, so never gave her much thought.

Malcolm's friend was darker than him about 40 years old and clearly had stopped looking after himself years ago, suffice to say he was a really happy go lucky bloke.I would have offered a beer but i was ready for them to leave.Not a moment later the bathroom door open and Laura walks into the room bold as brass still with stockings and Suspenders on wearing her heels as well,Malcolm had a look of surprize like me and Jimmy, Malcolm's friend stood there like a stunned mallet,"is anybody going to get a lady a drink"Laura remarked, i was somewhat dazed but asked don't you think you have had enough, Laura replied that is was her party and she wanted a drink.She walk over to Jimmy extending her hand asking for an introduction, Jimmy was still gobsmacked so Laura remarked to me that Jimmy clearly does not find her attractive.Well that was red rag to a Bull and Jimmy was over to her like a bee to a honey pot, Malcolm as well.

Laura was clearly under the influence of drink but not silly enough to not realise what she was doing , this was her party and i was not going to be a pooper.

Laura sat on the bed pulling Jimmy along with her and he needed no further encouragement his mouth was on her nipples darting from one to the other.Malcolm sat on the other side sliding his hand up her inner thigh and pushing his fingers into her pussy.Malcolm remarked to Jimmy to come feel how hot Laura's pussy is so without a second wink Jimmy replaced Malcolm's Fingers, all the time Laura is moaning encouragement.Jimmy remarked that he wanted a taste of Laura so pushed her onto her back spreading her legs then went straight for her honey pot.He tongues and fingered her for a good few minutes then stood up a exclaimed that he was going to fuck her, i said nothing this was to much.Jimmy dropped his pants to reveal a shorter but somewhat thicker cock and a set of balls as big as coconuts completely covered in thick black hair.he had a pot stomach and his back was heavenly tattooed, clearly not what Laura had set out to find but she was now a bitch in heat.Jimmy positioned himself and guided his thick cock towards the opening of her pussy, he inch the head in looking to Malcolm, joking that his cock must be pretty small coz the opening was pretty tight, he pushed a bit more, half his cock was in Laura was loving it and then he pushed for home, she let out a scream of delight.Jimmy slowly began to shaft Laura's Pussy the Malcolm dropped his pants exposing his monster cock fully erect again and told Jimmy to give him another go, Jimmy obliged pulling out and Malcolm put the head of his cock at Laura's entrance and slid home with one powerful stroke causing her again to squeal with delight.Since Malcolm had come earlier he really gave her hammering this time.He rolled onto his back and Laura rode his cock, then Jimmy remarked lets see if this old cougar can take two

cocks at once.Jimmy moved into position and Malcolm retained his cock buried to the hilt, Jimmy steered his cock at the entrance of Laura's pussy but there was to much meat stuffed in there already so Jimmy grabbed Malcolm's cock pulling it till just the head was buried and then he stuffed the head of his cock in, i had never seen Laura so hot, together they slowly eased both cocks in till they we at the hilt and Laura was now panting how stretched she was feeling,Malcolm remained buried as Jimmy slowly eased his cock in rhythm in Laura's pussy till he had a smooth pace then he remarked he ease getting close to coming with that Malcolm popped his cock out and Jimmy banged his cock hard into Laura till again his arse cheeks squeezed and he clearly was unloading a huge dump into my wife.

Jimmy pulled his cock out and a river of come flowed from Laura's Pussy.I wanted so bad to fuck her now.

They all lay their for a few minutes catching there breath, then Laura asked if they wanted to stay the night, i was again gob smacked, they didn't need asking twice, at this point Laura said that she was finished with me and that i can now go to the spare room, my protests went on deaf ears, and given the evening she had more than honoured her part of the deal so off i went.The room was next door and i can't remember when i went to sleep but they fucked for what seemed like ages and when i awoke they were still fucking.

They left about 8.30 to go to work, Laura showered and crawled into bed, i wanted to fuck her but she said she was too tired and that she has a big night coming up tonight, what did she mean, she replied she would tell me later.

I went for a run and a swim, then lay by the pool for a coulee of hours returning to the room some 3 hours later.Laura slept for 5 hours when she awoke she advised me that Malcolm and Jimmy wanted her to join them at a party later that night, how about our night together i exclaimed but my exclamations were met with disdain, after all she said that i wanted this whole scenario.

Laura contacted Malcolm at 5 asking if i could join the party and it was clear that i would attend at my own peril.

Laura hung up the phone an obviously detected my look of despair, what had i created, she reflected on my past insistence to experiment sexually and said that this weekend was to be a once only in our married life time and i either out up or shut up, given my options i decided on the later.

Laura retreated to the bathroom returning some 50 minutes later looking sensational in a mini skirt and transparent blouse clearly revealing her new bra acquisition with her high heels.

We headed back in the direction that we met Malcolm on the previous day and sure enough he was there with a smile wider than Australia.He gave Laura a hug and kiss on the kiss then shook my hand asking if i was sure that i wanted to come along tonight, i replied of course “no worries” .We jumped into a Taxi and headed out of the hotel complex to a house some 5 minutes away.On arrival, Jimmy greeted us at the door and we were further greeted by 2 more men, both drinking Bourbon, they were both very happy laughing and joking.Malcolm turned to Laura and asked if she bought her surprize, somewhat bemused i watched as Laura twirled around and bent over revealing a lack of panties, therefore encouraging much cheering and clapping.

Laura turned to Malcolm and asked the same of him and he instructed the two strangers who became introduced as Danny and Timbo to reveal there cocks, both duly obliged revealing two monster cocks, Danny’s was exceptionally fat and Timbo was large but not quite as fat.Malcolm poured drinks for us and put on some music insisting that Laura did a dance, she didn’t have to be asked twice, i could see where the night was heading.

Danny was the bolder of the pair and was at Laura after a few moments, dirty dancing quickly unbuttoning her blouse, her tits looked fantastic, his shorts where around his ankles but soon kicked off and her knelt in front of her lifting her skirt to quickly feast on her pussy, immediately she was aroused, so without further ado Danny pulled her over to a ready made sofa bed lifting her skirt to her waist and spreading her legs, this man was on a mission.I watched as Danny guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and he pushed the head in with his first thrust, Laura gasped catching her breath and relaxing her muscles but she was not quite wet enough for all his meat so Malcolm handed some lube that he rubbed on his exposed shaft then he pushed again, half his cock was in then a breath later one more thrust and Danny was buried to the hilt, his giant balls slapping against Laura's arse cheeks.They paused for a moment then Danny started to piston his cock inside Laura's pussy, really hammering home until his arse cheeks clenched and he dumped his load into my sweet wife’s cunt.Timbo stepped up to the plate and replaced Danny in one mighty stroke, there was no mucking around with him and it was not long before he dumped a load as well.When Timbo pulled out, come dipped heavily from her pussy.

Laura's pussy was red and swollen but she was drinking and was in great spirit, Malcolm plopped his cock into her mouth as Jimmy decided to feast on her pussy, Danny and Timbo came sit next to remarking what an amazing wife i had and that she was one of the best white pussy they had fucked, i bet.Jimmy stood up dropping his pants and proceeded to guide his cock into Laura's now well worked gapping hole.Jimmy rode her like a well seasoned jockey until he to came in her pussy.Laura was now remarking that she was getting tired, Malcolm insisted that he got the final fuck so she duly obliged one last time and he lay on the bed pulling her on top so she could ride his monster cock, the three men sat with me and cheered, finally Malcolm finished and when Laura raised herself off his cock what seemed like gallons of come dripped from her pussy.

She was spent and said that for her the evening was at an end, her pussy was sore and she wanted to spend some time with me, the guys were all great kissing and hugging bidding us farewell.

We headed back to our suite, Laura showered and we ordered room service, not discussing the night at all, retiring to bed early, Laura was asleep within moments.

The next morning we headed to the airport and after we sat on the plane before take off she looked at me and said, there was your fantasy, don’t ever ask her to do it ever again....... “never say never”