Written by gatekeeper


Many years ago. In christchurch ,when I was an apprentice. I had the job each smoko to take the order from the guys on site and go to the local dairy to buy them. The girl serving in the dairy was about 28, 10years older than me at the time. She kept smiling at me. Was very talkative. I liked her ,she was hot! And I was a bit inexperienced lol. then! Well after a few days of this I got the nerve up to ask her out. She declined as I was too young for her. Well I thought fair enough, but the next day back in the dairy she told me she had been thinking about it and decided I could take her out once, had to be tonight as it was her birthday and she thought bugged it why not. I was keen . But people started to come into the shop so she said she was finishing at lunch time and we could talk better then. She said she would come down to the house we were doing and chat then. ok! I said... then next 2 hours I worked with a boner thinking about tonight's possibilities.Lunch time came and nearly went before she showed up. When she arrived we couldn't talk much because of all the other tradesmen around. So I thought right, I grabbed her hand and took her into the bathroom of this house partly to talk but also I decided I was going to kiss her, couldn't wait for her lips! grabbed her hand and said come with me. I shut the door and grabbed her in a passionate kiss. Next thing I know she took over! unzipping my pants , pulling out my hard as a rock cock, she smiled and said "I knew it" she was happy as I'm not small, anyway, lol it was on! We shagged like rabbits in the bathroom while the other trades went back to work, we could hear them hammering away as we were, trying to be quiet. After about a hour we snuck out and she left. Later that night when we were at it again , I said , the reason i asked her out was because she was always smiling at me in the shop. She told me something I hadn't realised. Apparently the shop counter was just at the perfect height and when I lent forward onto it my Dick rested on the counter she had been perving at my bulge. I never saw her doing it , Iol , i had no idea but she was loving it..mind you back then the guys were wearing skin tight stretch denim jeans.it was fashionable then.. good times.lol .this was the first time I had sex at work, I have quite a few shagging the customer stories..the others are cougar syndrome and I was happy to be their meal. Lol