Written by Kiwibanga


This true story happened from a a chat line in the late 90's when i was living out West Auckland.

I had been chatting to this girl on the phone for about 2 weeks , before she invited me to come stay a night at her place out South Auckland. I took her up on her invite and head out south on the friday night.

She told me to meet her at her nieces place as it was closer to the club where we were going to go for a few drinks.

When I got to her niece's place , her niece ( Donna ) answered the door and told me that her aunty was running late .

She invited me inside and we started talking. Donna was 20 years old , maori , long black hair , brown eyes , 16C breasted size , average build , about 5.6 in height, she was beautiful , well mannered , polite , easy to talk too and a good sense of humour.

Donna & I clicked right from meeting each other and we were getting on like a house on fire , laughing ,and joking , giving each other a little bit of banter. It was about 20 minutes after I had arrived that her aunty turned up. Debbie ( Aunty) walked in to find me & Donna laughing our heads off and being cheeky towards one another . Debbie looked mad when when she said Hello. She said oh I see you and my niece are getting on well. ( with a jealous voice ). I said she is just making me feel welcomed. With that Debbie just sighs and says what ever.

It was at this point I knew I had made the wrong decision to take her up on her invite , as she was clearly the jealous type and insecure. Debbie was 10 years older than me . I was 28 at the time .

Debbie looked like she had , had a tough life and it showed on her the outside. She was rugged with no worries in the work.

She wasn't very welcoming. and I wasn't attracted to her . This didn't sound or look like the person I had been talking to on the phone for two weeks. She had told me she was pretty with long black hair and 5,6 tall etc . All she had told me was a lie and she had described what her niece looked like to me , not what she looked like. Oh well I said to myself , I have come to far to go home now.

We all headed to the club where the bouncers told her she wasn't allowed in , due to looking to rugged.

Donna had already gone in and Debbie told me to go find her to tell her that she can't get in. I found Donna , she had just ordered 2 drinks. One for her and one for me. I told her about her Aunty not being able to get in and she laughed . I said whats so funny. That is when Donna told me that her Aunty had been kicked out the week before , for being to drunk and spitting at the bouncers. Donna then said that her Aunty loses the plot when drinking.

I thought to myself oh well fuck her . Me & Donna had our drink and we decided to have a dance before going out to her Aunty. Donna would move her body so eroticly on the dance floor , that i soon was doing the same thing back to her.

Our bodies were gliding against each others and we had forgotten about Debbie being outside waiting for us , until we heard a banging on the window near the dance floor. Debbie looked angry. I looked at Donna and she said we better get going , as soon as we got outside her aunty went crazy. Calling me names and lashing out at me for dancing with her niece well she was waiting. Debbie had hooked up with a guy the day before and was talking to him when we came outside .

She had asked him to met her there that night and had forgotten I was going to be there and made out that I was a player.

She took over home with this guy and left me there with her niece. Donna said don't worry you can crash at my place to the morning. We got back to Donna's and about 30 minutes later Debbie pulls up in her car , saying sorry. She tells me to get in and that she will take me to her place for the night. I turn her down and say thanks but i will stay here till the mornin.

She screams at me saying that i just want to screw her niece. That thought hadn't even entered my head at that stage , but after she said that i looked at Donna and felt so sorry for her. Donna was beautiful and I didn't even look at her like I wanted to fuck her until that moment , when her aunty made her feel small.

Debbie sped off in an angry , mad mood yelling and screaming at me.

Donna made a bed for me and we talked about what had happened that night. Donna told me that Debbie has moments like these when she has been drinking home brew. I said its ok I just didn't like how she treated you.

After about half an hour of talking we decided it was time for bed. Donna went to her room and i crashed in the spare room with a double bed. About 15 minutes later i heard my bedroom door open and some one jumped in beside me.

Donna was upset from her Aunties comments and asked me if i wouldn't mind if she joined me.

Well with in a few minutes we were all over each other. It was so hot and the tension between us was unreal . We both wanted it so bad. We fucked each other so good that we didn't go to sleep all night.

It was one of those fucks where you say , i'll get back at you , for the bullshit you caused.

Me & Donna didn't care about what her Aunty had said or what she had done anymore. We were lost in the passion of fucking each others brains out ,and making it a great night for us . The sex we had was mind blowing and the amount of cum that we had released would of properly full a bucket that night.

It felt like we were making love , even though it was just a spire of the moment fuck , brought on by her crazy aunty.

I told Donna that morning before leaving that her Aunty had described herself to me , as looking exactly like her. Donna laughed and told me that Debbie does that a lot . I said well she is a bush pig compared to you and we laughed.

Just as I was about to head off her aunty came over and apologized for what she had done the night before and asked if I was okay.

I replied yeah i am okay and then i thanked her niece for an awesome night . Debbie looked at me and said what do you mean for an awesome night.

I looked at Donna and said well we haven't been to bed yet and we are very tired from shagging all night . I could see Debbie's angier building and i said well you lied about who you were and your niece was the person who you said you were , so i fucked the person who I thought i was talking to on the phone.

Debbie said sorry for her lies and said but why fuck my niece. Why ?..