Written by vjjman


if there was any doubt in your collective minds about this site and what can come from it, let me put you all at rest.

I have met the most amazing woman through here and we wanted to share our story with you.

it didnt exactly start with a kiss but after trawling through other sites we had both reached a stage in our quest to find the perfect lover/friend/soul mate, we had become more adventurous and more picky in what we were seeking. Because the search engine in KS allowed a specific geographic, ethnic and education selection she hit all the buttons and i was the only answer! it was perfect.

My message to you all is to be specific about what you want, don't settle for mediocre and have the courage to be selective. Trust to your instincts and the right person will arrive in your in box, like it did for me. Thank you KS

I brazenly put up some cock pics and the first message i received was along the lines of 'i can't believe i have seen all of you but we have not yet shared a short black'! I knew we had a chance