I was working overseas about 10 years ago and I had a lay over night in Brisbane on the way back to New Zealand, with luck had it my flight into Auckland was an afternoon flight the next day, So I decided to have a night out on the town by myself as I couldn’t get hold of any friends that lived in Brisbane. Started out at a nice bar, drinks were flowing good when I was standing up the bar this beautiful blonde came up beside me to order some drinks we both exchanged hello’s and she noticed my accent oh your a kiwi I replied with a yes. That started up a conversation that lasted most of the night in between dancing. The end of the night was fast approaching so I asked her if she wanted to join me in my hotel room, which she declined and said that she had a friend staying but I could come back to hers I took her up on her offer. The blonde her friend which was beatiful as well and I walked back to her appartment. She opened the front door and I noticed it’s only a one bedroom apartment, a threesome was ticking over in my mind but before those words came out of my mouth she said don’t think we’re having a threesome my heart dropped the girls got their sleeping wear on and jumped in the bed ( all 3 ) at this stage I thought that I’d probably get a cuddle or maybe a kiss, lights go off the blondes and my hands start moving over each other’s body followed by some erotic kissing then some clothes started to disappear then the blowjobs started and then the handjobs started all with her friend right next to us. After that initial foreplay we started to fuck just softly and very quiet trying not to make the friend to uncomfortable after about 10 or so minutes I started to get a bit too excited and started to really fuck her hard her Moans were so loud I thought to my self I wonder what the brunette is thinking as she was a beautiful brunette anyway, I continued on with the blonde doing her every position possible then blew my load inside her. She rolled over as soon as she did that her friend was rubbing my inner thigh we touched each other for about 20 minutes thinking her friend might of fallen asleep. I started to undress her sleeping ware, kissing her all over her body, licking her pussy sucking her boobs. The foreplay finished I proceeded to start fucking her it was great better than the blonde so we were fucking away for 30 minutes and she could see that I was getting close to cumming so she jumped off and started deep thoating me never had any women do that to me before about 5 seconds later I let her take all my load in her mouth at this stage she got up and used the bathroom whilst she was in there the blonde had turned the lamp on and gave me a smirk as did back to her, got changed and caught a taxi back to my hotel never to be herd of again