Written by luckylips


I rang the door bell. Eight o’clock in the morning, early for me but the time he’d chosen in his email. I saw his shape arriving on the other side of the frosted glass, a dark head above a vague white mass.


The white was a dressing gown, his hair was wet.

‘I’ve come for the chest-of-drawers. You emailed me.’

‘Oh,’ he said, ‘I thought you were coming tonight. Sorry, I’ve only just got up’

Nice smile, nice teeth.

I hesitated. ‘Shall I come back?’

‘No, you can have it now, I’ll have to empty the drawers, I was going to do it this afternoon. Come on in’

He turned and walked away. I followed him through to the bedroom. He apologised for the mess.

‘You’re selling everything?’

‘Yes, I’m off to the South Island, I’m selling it all here and buying again down there. Less expensive than shipping it across.

There were empty boxes all over the bedroom floor and his bed lay unmade.

‘Help me empty the chest-of-drawers, then I’ll give you a hand up the path with it.’

He pulled one drawer out and put it on the bed in front of me. It was full of socks, neatly rolled in pairs. His dressing gown gaped. His chest hair was very dark.

We began, sox and hankies into one box, underpants and his tee-shirt collection into the next. I picked a small packet from the back of the drawer. Viagra, three 50 mg tablets in plastic blisters. My first thought was to put them back, pretend I’d not seen them, but I decided that would be silly. They were bright blue. And him a young man, I’d thought they were for old guys. Perhaps this nice looking young man had problems. I looked at his back and without thinking a sort of half-laugh came out. He turned at the sound, and there was I, holding his packet of Viagra and making silly noises.

His eyes widened and I could almost see the cogs spinning in his mind.

‘They take half an hour to work.’

‘Half an hour? I said, ‘That’s quick.’

Trying to be rid of them I held the packet out to him.

He took it from me.

‘Before’ he said. I had no idea what he meant, then he undid the belt of his dressing gown and flicked it open! He was nude underneath it and his body was pink from the shower. So was his little limp penis in it’s hairy nest. He flung his robe shut again before I could react: I had no more than a glimpse. I laughed.

Then he snapped a pill from the pack, lifted it to his mouth and swallowed it.

‘‘After’ will be in half an hour.’ He said. ‘And I should drink a glass of water. Would you like coffee?’

It would have been impolite of me to to refuse, wouldn’t it? So I nodded. He grinned at me.

Back in the living room he dragged a box of books off a chair for me and switched the jug. He drank a glass of water at the sink.

I asked him where he was going, and he told me about his extended family in Christchurch, and I told him John and I had only been in our new home for two months and still had full boxes everywhere, and we talked about what a chore moving house is. He was easy to talk with, didn’t hog the conversation, and we were on our second cup of coffee when I remembered.

‘Is it half an hour?’ I said.


He asked me if I’d mind taking my coat off.

He had a wicked smile.

Why not see how things turned out? I stood up and unbuttoned my coat slowly, running the tune from that stripper song through my mind to get the rhythm right. I tucked my chin in and looked at him from under my eyelashes as I undid each button. I shrugged my coat off, letting it slide to the floor. I had my cardigan underneath, and jeans. I raised my hands to the top button of the cardigan and looked at him. I thought about running my tongue round my lips, but enough is enough.

‘Shall I take this off too?’

He stood up and undid the belt of his dressing gown. The sides fell apart. His cock was still pink, but a lot bigger than it had been half an hour ago.

‘And’, he announced, ‘After!’

I laughed out loud, I mean, it wasn’t exactly funny, but I laughed anyway.

I didn’t know what to do next, and I could see he didn’t either. My decision. Where to take this? His cock looked clean and young, almost new. It twitched and suddenly I wanted to feel the weight of it it in my hand.

‘Well, I’m convinced!’ I said.

Another pause.

‘It feels hot’ he said, ‘Hotter than normal’.

‘Oh’ I said. ‘ Must be the Viagra.’

This was the lamest conversation I’d ever had. This nice young man was standing in front of me with his cock throbbing. Should I leave now? He looked quite silly.

So I decided. I stepped to him and put my hand round it. He was right, it was hot. And very firm. And quite big enough. Then, sorry girls, I have to tell the truth, I dropped to my knees and kissed it. Honestly I wasn’t thinking, I just wanted to. The poor boy groaned quite loudly. He smelt of soap. Nice. I was just the right height. My lips were touching the tip of it and he thrust his hips a little so it pushed at my mouth. I looked up at him, his eyes were dark and wanting.

Very slowly I leaned forward. The knob of his cock slid over my tongue. He groaned again. The soap smell had gone and he just tasted clean and warm. I pulled back. His cock bumped my chin and I ducked my head to pick it up and pull it into my mouth again. He moved back and forward on me three times, each push slightly deeper than the last. His hands came up and wound themselves in my hair. Men are all the same. It was nice, I enjoyed the chunky feel of it, the power. But he was getting excited so I pulled away and stood up. You should have seen the look on his face! I could see him thinking ... was I going to take the chest-of-drawers and go, leaving him standing there horny as a totem pole? And he was like a totem pole, sticking out straight and firm, and longer now than when I’d first put him in my mouth.

‘How long does that Viagra last?’

‘About four hours.’

His cock looked so ... so, permanent, that I had another question.

‘What happens after you cum? stay up?’

Yes, it did for a while, but one of the best things about Viagra was that he could go for much longer before he had his climax, it somehow helped him to keep control.


I arched my eyebrow at him. It had taken me several weeks to learn to arch one at a time, but well worth the effort.

John had a secret desire, ( well, he thought it was a secret, but he’s a man, so he let me know quite often ) to ‘deep throat’, but the one time I’d seen a girl doing it you could tell she wasn’t enjoying it at all. So I never had. There’s quite a lot of cum, when you think of it going down your throat. Not my idea of fun.

‘So,’ I said, ‘ If I let you put it back in, you wouldn’t cum?’

Just a try, I thought, he’s a nice man and I would like to know how it feels.


‘Ok’, I said. He looked amazingly pleased, I could have sworn I saw his tail wag. I felt good being in control of such a nice guy, and such a nice cock too.

I saw his dining table, for sale like everything else and shiny clean. I climbed on it and lay down on my back, then I wriggled until my head was over the edge and I was looking at him upside down.

‘Ready?’ I said.

‘You wanna take your tee-shirt off?’ he said, ‘and maybe your jeans too?’

Cheeky boy!

‘Take what you can get, big boy.’

But all the same I reached down and undid the belt on my jeans, popped the dome and pushed the zipper down.

He moved to the table and held his cock out to me.

I reached and caught hold of his waist each side, pulled him to me and he slid his cock into my open mouth. I pulled him closer and the knob of his penis got to where I could feel it pushing against my throat. He made a funny noise. I pushed him back by pressing my thumbs into his waist, and he slid out. So far so good.

‘Now go a bit further’ I said, ‘but not hard. I’ll breathe in, and when I need to I’ll push you off. Ok?’

I didn’t expect he’d disagreet. He was making more little sounds.

I took a deep breathe and pulled him in again. I felt his cock against my throat again and pulled him in some more, so it filled me. I thought I’d gag, but I didn’t. It was awkward but not painful. I could do it. I dug my nails dug into his butt both sides and pulled him into me harder. Then suddenly I needed to breathe and I pushed him back. His cock slid away fast and popped right out of my mouth. Wow! As it slid out, leaving me with a tiny vacuum, I had my first orgasmic feeling of the day. Amazingly sexy, that retreat. I let out a hard breath. I could do that again, especially the last bit.

‘That was quite sexy, promise you won’t cum?’

He’d loved it. He nodded.


I took a deep breath and pulled him in again, my fingers hard into the flesh of his ass. When he was right inside my throat I pushed him back, slowly and sweetly, until his knob rested on my tongue again, then took a breath and pulled him in again. It was delicious. At full stretch he was so far inside me his balls were pressing against my nose. I pushed him slowly back, grabbed a good lungful of air, then took him deep again, once, twice, three, four times without a breath. It was too much. I ran out of air. I heaved him away from me and sat up, gasping.

‘You Ok?’ He said.

‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘I’ve always wanted to do that.’

I was feeling horny as hell after taking his cock in me, so I lay back and lifted the waistband of my jeans in invitation. He was quite quick, he straightway leaned over me and pushed his hands inside.

I lifted my bum and he slid both pants and jeans off me.

I caught his cock and wrapped my hair round it. I wanted him to be inside me again. His hands pushed my vulva apart and he leaned further and slid two fingers inside me. Yes please. He hooked them and rubbed against my inside, I think he was looking for my G-spot, not quite there, man, but good anyway. Don’t stop. you’re doing fine. This time it was me who groaned. I wished I was naked.

He moved round the table, his cock tugging as it fell out of my hair. He kept his fingers moving in me as he came round the table until he was standing between my legs.

He dropped to his knees.

‘Your turn’.


I lifted my legs up then crossed them on his back, pulling his head down and forward. He slid himself to me until his face was pressed between my thighs. His mouth opened against my curly hairs. I felt his hands on my bottom, one of his fingers rubbing round my tight anus, then his tongue came out and touched me. I opened my legs, pulling him in tight. His finger pushed into my arse at the same time as he moved his tongue between my vulva, and I shuddered. Slowly, slowly, he slid his tongue up my cleft, flicked his tongue-tip over my clitoris and slid back down until his lips arrived at the small stretch of skin between my vagina and anus. He licked there, and I wriggled, sinking his finger deeper. Then his tongue slid up again, gentle but firm all the way, lightly over my clitoris then slowly down again before ending my perineum, licking.

I loved it. His tongue moved deeper, pushing softly so it could slide directly over my clitoris with every long slow upward lick. The fingers of his other hand moved inside me and rubbed small hard patterns on my gee-spot.

I was very close to a climax, he carried on licking me. I couldn’t help making noises. Suddenly it all became too sensitive and I pushed his head away. He stood up. I looked at him. His penis was sticking out like a frying-pan handle.

I levered myself up til I was upright on the table’s edge, reached to him, wrapped my arms round him and gave him the warmest hug he’d ever had.

‘Good boy’ I said.

My legs went round his hips and I pulled him in so his cock nuzzled my pubic hair. But he was too tall to enter me like that: his cock pressed on my clitoris, but with no chance of getting inside. I grabbed it and rubbed it hard and slow against my clitoris.

I asked him if he had a pillow.

His brow creased. Poor boy was trying to think.

‘Yes’ I could tell he didn’t want to move away.

‘Thanks.’ I said, giving him a little shove, ‘Off you go.’ He scurried off and came back with a white pillow.

‘There, what do you want me to do with it?’

I laughed,

‘Stick it under my bum, make me high enough.’

He smiled broadly. I lifted and he pushed the pillow under.

I closed my eyes and waited for the feeling of him entering me, but nothing happened. I opened them again and he was on his knees, gazing raptly at my wide-open place, already wet from all his licking. Men!

I wriggled,

‘Come on, Man,’

He leapt up, grabbed his cock and plunged it into me so fast I gasped. He was bigger than I’d thought, or I was narrower, but either way his cock was a wonderful filling-up pressing pushing sliding tool for my pleasure. God bless Viagra.

Him firm and thick, me wet and wanting, he started to move, I was so glad he’d not cum in my mouth. He pushed into me harder, then out and back again. He began to thrust. Wonderful. His hands ran up my front, under my cardigan and gripped my breasts. God yes.

‘Can I cum?’

That brought me down to earth.

‘No’ I squeaked. ‘I thought Viagra stopped you cuming?’

‘I really really wanna cum in you.’ Of course you do, I knew that. The trouble was, I wanted him to. It would have been so awful to stop. I wanted to feel that spurt, his gasp, the whole thing, I was so near cumming myself, and I never do with intercourse, not with John. What the hell. Yes.

‘Ok, cum in me my little man,’

He leaned forward and his whole shaft rose inside me. He pulled it out almost to the tip and plunged back in again. I arched my back to get his entire length. Deeply inside me he stopped moving, I could feel every millimetre of his cock, filling me, pressing on me, spreading a hot feeling right through my body. I ached to climax. He pulled out and slid into me again, stopped, pulled back and pushed in again, grunting as he thrust. I do wish they wouldn’t do that. With each push his cock went into me as far as any man’s possibly could. On and on. The Viagra made him stay firm and thick without cumming, he filled my vagina fifty times with deep urgent strokes.

I felt myself spreading again, I’d already climaxed while he was licking me, and now another was arriving,

I held on as long as I could, but his strokes were just too arousing, too stimulating, just too damn wonderful. I was right on the edge.

Honestly, I’m not usually like this, but I yelled! Me, shy and retiring me, shouting to this man who’s name I didn’t even know.

‘Cum, Cum now, fill me up, Oh, man! O please!’

And he did. His sperm spurted deep inside me, I felt it in me, hotter than his erection, wetter than my own slippery wetness, and of course as he went I did too. I’ve never had such an full-out climax. It was wonderful.

He lay on me, panting. He was moaning. The Viagra kept his cock hard, even after he’d climaxed, and he began stirring me again, so gently yet so deeply. I sighed. What a lovely man.

I paid him the twenty dollars, over his protests, and he helped me put the old chest-of-drawers in my station wagon. Then I drove home.

Today when I go online for bargains I can’t help myself looking for his user-name. I’m a sensible married woman, but I think I’d be quite interested if he had another chest-of-drawers to sell.