Written by Tata


I nervously walked around our family room fluffing and straightening pillows as I sipped rather quickly on a glass of wine. I felt my hubby's hands slip over my bare tanned shoulders and give them a little squeeze " he'll be here soon. " he murmured excitedly into my ear causing a thrill of apprehension and anticipation to run through my body.

Car lights down the driveway, a couple of gulps of wine, a knock on the door. The stranger had arrived.

I could feel his eyes roaming over my body, up the length of the long fitting black dress to the low scooped neckline that plunged below my cleavage. My breasts were heaving nervously as I could almost feel his stare touching me physically.

Small talk was made at the kitchen counter with few drinks as both men took delight in watching me move around, knowing that it was only a matter of time before I would be naked in front of them.

" okay boys " I said finally, " I am going to get into my bikini now" gives a seductive smile " meet you outside in the hot tub".

Once I had slipped my dress off my trembling body and fumbled to do up the fiddly ties on the small black string bikini ( the one in my profile photos), making sure that my breasts were covered but that my nipples were tantalizingly close to being seen, I went outside into the cold night air to where I could hear the men chatting in the hottub. My nipples were rock hard as I dropped my towel and slid one long brown tanned leg into the hot water, feeling the weight of the two mens stare as I slipped slowly down into the water, my breasts floating and bobbing in the dim light.

I was sitting between them both, and I was aware of their thighs touching mine under the water. It wasn't long before I felt the flutterings of fingers caressing the inside of my thigh as I rested my head back on the side of the spa and parted my legs wider, encouraging the fingers to roam further. The strangers fingers slid up higher, finding the edge of my bikini bottoms and softly stroking my pussy through the thin material, while my hubbys fingers found my hard nipples thru the top, flicking and teasing them into small marbles as I groaned softly.

I arched my hips up, as the stranger pulled the bottoms aside and slipped two fingers against the slippery neat folds of my smooth pussy. All this was being done underwater in the darkness, where neither man could see what was being done to me.

I was lifted up and placed on the strangers lap, facing my hubby, as I felt the rock hard cock pressed against my ass. The stranger reached up and untied my bikini top, letting it slip down off my breasts, to my hubbys eager waiting mouth, which quickly closed over a nipple, sucking and nibbling it. Hubby's hands moved underwater and pulled my bottoms down over my legs, leaving my pussy naked on the strangers lap, so close to his cock I could hardly breathe.

his fingers slipped inside me as I rocked and moaned naked. I was floated on top of the water with one man at my breasts and the other in between my parted thighs. Hubby buried his face in my hot wet pussy and licked and sucked me as the stranger worked on kissing my neck and playing with my breasts.

I was starting to feel desperate to have one of them inside me, the presence of both of their hard cocks was all consuming. So I quickly flipped over in the water much to their frustration, and disappeared inside the house. Both followed to find me standing naked under double streaming jets of water in our huge two person shower.

As they came in and closed the door I dropped to my knees and took a hard cock in each hand, stroking up and down the length, kissing each smooth head in turn, before taking the strangers one and slipping it inside my hot mouth. I was bent on my knees over it as my hubby came up behind me and slid his cock inside me. Thrusting deeply with wet sounds, as I sucked with relish on the stranger.

The men swopped places and I was fucked by the other as I sucked on a familiar cock.

I was lifted and almost carried dripping wet into our bedroom and placed on the bed. My hands were lifted above my head and wrists were tied securely to the bed with soft ties. I writhed in anticipation as the men took turns of going down on me, making me cry out with tounges and fingers. Making me slippery and wet with desire. "fuck me now" I cried when it became too much. My legs were raised above my head and my hubby moved up behind my head and pulled my legs back higher and held them wide apart for the stranger to position himself and his large hard cock between them...pressing the head against the wet lips. Then with a cry he plunged his cock in deeply, impaling me on his length as I was rendered helpless. Panting and crying out in pleasure both the stranger and I fucked while hubby held me open for him.

He came hard.

Then hubby slid my vibrator inside me and made me cum several times before it was his turn to fuck his wife.

It went on for a few more hours, sucking, licking and fucking.

Until with a big hug we said farewell to the stranger, and we collapsed exhausted onto our rumpled bed and dreamt of next time.