I was about 35 at the time this happened, l was married to my current man and we had a great sex life. We had our own business and l worked there 3 days a week, we had a great house with a secluded back yard with a swimming pool and spa complex of a big deck from the house with the kitchen and family room over looking the whole area, through big windows and rangesliders

This particular day it was really hot and I was at home l had been in the pool at about 11.30 and then got out and tossed my bikini onto the deck chairs to dry and just put on a light summer dress with nothing underneath.

I was in the kitchen preparing a salad for lunch when hubby sneaks up behind me, he wraps is arms around me cupping my breasts and starts kissing my neck, l push back against him and feel that he is starting to get an erection, he slowly reaches down across my stomach moving his hand lower.

l quietly whisper that I am knickerless and would he like to fuck me as I am feeling horny, with that he leans me forward over the bench and pulls my dress right up exposing my tight little arse, l spread my legs apart and with that he slips 2 fingers inside my wet cunt and starts finger fucking me, while he has his fingers inside me he removes his pants, then I feel the head of his cock at my opening.

He then removes his fingers and pushes he cock deep inside me and starts pounding my cunt fucking me hard and fast as l scream for him to fill me with his cum, suddenly he stops moving inside me and I know that he is about the explode inside me so I clamp my cunt muscles around his cock just as he starts ejaculating.

He pulls out of me and I feel the juices running down my legs and ask him to wipe me clean with the handy towel off the bench, l then say to him, that was awesome however you got there before me and I really need an orgsam, with that he reached around me and picked up the cucumber that I had been preparing for lunch, he said do you think this will do the job

He pushed me back over the bench, pulled out the bottom draw and placed 1 of my feet on it which spread my legs wide open, then he slowly pushed the cucumber inside my cunt it was really cold and nice and big, he then started fucking me with the cucumber it felt fabulous nice and big and hard and hubby was really pounding me with it, l was moaning and screaming in ectasy, when I heard a sound outside, l looked sideways and there was the man who reads the gas meter at the window watching us.

Seeing him watching my hubby fucking me with a cucumber was just enough to send me into the most intense orgasm I had experienced for ages, he just stood there watching my orgasm before smiling and moving on.

Hubby and I then went to the bedroom where we rested for a while then l started sucking his cock until it was nice and hard again, l then asked him to fuck me doggy style as I like feeling him deep inside of me, after about 3 minutes l asked him if he would like to anal me, He pulled out his nice wet cock and gentlly slipped into my arsehole, gently fucking me anally for about 3/4 minutes before I felt he explode inside me, which triggered my second orgasm

Hubby never did know that we had been seen by the meter reader, and he never got to have lunch that day, also he didn't get back to work until about 2pm totally fucked.

That was just once that I was caught being fucked l will tell you later about the other times.

I hope you enjoyed