Written by Tony_bigweapon


After a quick look around to verify that no one was nearby, we ducked into the small conference room and closed the door. With the toe of my shoe, I jammed the rubber wedge meant to hold the door open under the back of the closed door to thwart any potential interruptions. There was never anyone in this corner of the office on a Friday afternoon anyway, so I wasn't too concerned, but better safe than sorry.

We slipped into each other's arms and pressed our lips together, our tongues quickly snaking into each other's mouths. My hands slid down to grip her jean-clad ass, kneading it while pulling her against the bulge in my own jeans. I couldn't resist for long, though, and was soon unbuttoning her jeans. I slid the zipper down and slipped my hand inside, cupping her pussy through her damp panties. I moved my hand up and down against the soft moistness of her pussy while she humped my hand as we continued to make out. Once I had her good and worked up, I dropped to my knees before her and took her jeans down with me. Her panties were white bikinis, the material made practically transparent by her flowing juices. Before I took them down, I again gripped her ass while pushing my tongue against the front of her panties, tasting the nectar that was seeping through.

Finally, I gripped the elastic of her panties and slowly slid them down, gradually exposing her neatly trimmed brown bush glistening with dew. Leaning back against the conference table with her jeans and panties cast aside, she spread her legs wider and I leaned in to lick up her slit. She moaned and grabbed onto my head, forcing her pelvis at my face while I slurped up her juices. Slipping first one, then two fingers up into her, I focused my licking on her clit while she humped my face. She had gotten pretty good at restraining herself from making too much noise, but, glancing up at her face, I could tell that it was taking some effort. This made me smile, as I knew that she was feeling an incredible amount of pleasure. We never had the luxury of time when we fooled around at the office, so I knew what it took to get her off quickly but without missing out on anything.

My tongue flicked over her clit as my fingers slid in and out of her juicy pussy, getting it warmed up for my already-stiff cock. As she moved her hips faster and her breathing rate got more rapid, I could tell that she was on the verge of cumming. The juices were flowing in her pussy which made my cock even harder just thinking about how good it was going to feel slipping into her. Finally, she pulled me against her pussy while I continued to lick and finger her, convulsing slightly as she came.

She let out a sigh and relaxed against the table while I stood up and started to open my jeans. While I pushed my jeans and underwear down far enough to release my rigid tool, she hopped up onto the table, positioned herself at the edge and leaned back. Grabbing her legs behind her knees, she pulled them up and apart and I stepped between them. I guided my cockhead between her slippery lips and, giving an easy push, slipped right into her. I loved the look of pleasure on her face when I did that. I took her legs and hooked them over my lower arms, my hands holding her by the upper thighs so she wouldn't slip away across the table.

I started fucking her, not too fast, but not as slow as I would have liked since we were at work. She pulled her shirt up and unclasped the front of her bra, revealing her perky tits and hard nipples. Her hands went right to her tits, gently massaging them and toying with her nipples. I was able to slip one of my hands down to her clit and stroke it as I pumped my hard cock in and out of her. She always practically sucked all of the air out of the room when I did this while fucking her. I watched the various expressions of ecstasy passing over her face while enjoying the feel of her hot pussy. I knew that once she'd had her first orgasm, the next ones always came so much more easily. Her pussy always got hotter and juicier right before she came, so I could tell just by how much more incredible she was starting to feel that it wouldn't be too much longer.

I continued stimulating her clit and was pumping my cock faster and faster, trying to use as long strokes as I possibly could. Her pussy just felt fantastic on the full length of my shaft, as it always did, which was one of the reasons I loved fucking her so much and was willing to take a risk like this in our office. The color was rising in her cheeks and her breath was coming in gasps, so I kept at it until she let out a long moan as she came. I slowed down my pace as I watched her recover and when she opened her eyes, I let her legs down and reached out for her. I pulled her up to sitting, still embedded in her sweet pussy, then lifted her and dropped into one of the chairs surrounding the table.

Since she was half-naked already, anyway, I went ahead and pulled her shirt up over her head, leaving her bra on and hanging open. Sitting on my lap on the chair, she held the back of the chair, placing her perky tits right in my face, while I held her by the ass and raised and lowered her on my cock. With her legs over the arms of the chair, she was able to use the leverage to help control the pace that she went up and down on me as I licked and sucked her hard nipples. Her ass cheeks were like two handfuls, so I squeezed and massaged them while lifting and dropping her. Ever conscious of the fact that the more time we spent, the riskier it was, I was fucking her sweet pussy faster and feeling my own orgasm finally approaching. As always, the pleasure I felt when fucking her seemed almost unreal. Her pussy was so snug and slick that it amazed me each time I slipped back into her. She rode my tool sitting on that chair until I was right on the verge of cumming.

When I let her know that I was just about there, she practically jumped off of my lap and onto her knees on the floor. Quickly grasping the base of my cock, she held it while lowering her mouth over it. Wrapping her lips around just above her hand, she slid them up to the head then back down again. She got a good rhythm going sucking my rigid tool and I soon felt my orgasm welling up again. Her head bounced up and down in my lap while I ran my fingers through her hair and just tried to relax and let her soft lips and warm, wet mouth do all of the work. She was very skillful at the slow pleasure build, which I appreciated every second of. My cock began to swell as my orgasm loomed but she just focused on her efforts, enjoying giving as much as I was enjoying receiving. Finally, with a soft grunt, I started cumming, filling her mouth with gobs of cream, which she swallowed down.

She nursed my cock until it went limp, then stood and picked up her shirt. I stood and got my pants back up and my shrinking cock tucked away as she refastened her bra and pulled on her shirt. I helped her step into her panties and pulled them up, then helped her get her jeans back on. We double-checked each other to make sure we were both presentable, paused for one more passionate kiss, then kicked the rubber wedge away and opened the door. There still wasn't anyone around, so we casually returned to our desks and went back to work.