Written by Wantfwb


Thanks to Kiwiswingers website l made contact with a woman in Wanganui called Kathy ( not her real name ) we exchanged photos both erotic and facial, I was heading to Taupo but had to see a client in Wanganui.

Kathy and I arranged to meet at Castlecliff Beach by the pavilion. I have a MPV and arrived first so l set the back up folding the middle seats out of the way giving us plenty of room.Kathy arrives and gets in the back with me, we sit and talk for a little while drinking a coffee each, Kathy is wearing a mid length skirt and boots, while we are talking l start stroking the inside of her leg, she parts her legs slightly allowing me to go higher, l finally reach her briefs and find that they are wet from her juices, l pull them aside and slip a finger into her cunt, she is so wet it just slides in all the way, she is now moaning and spreading her legs wider. I take my finger out and tell her to get rid of the briefs, she pulls them off as well as the boots , while I strip off my jeans and briefs exposing a rock hard cock. Kathy reaches over and wipes the precum down the shaft of my cock and starts wanking me, meanwhile l am back with 2 fingers inside her cunt giving her a good finger fucking l attempt to put 3 fingers inside her but she asks me not to as she has only got a small cunt and it would hurt, I can feel that even though she is really wet she is tight, which is unusual for a 48yr old woman with 2 children who has had a active sex life. She told me that her last fuck had been 5 months prior to our meeting.

She started sucking my cock taking it deep inside her mouth and making it nice and hard and wet, all the while I have my fingers inside her stroking that special spot that is when I feel her getting close to cuming, then she clamps her legs together and cums flooding my hand with her juices,

As soon as she has relaxed , l tell her to get off the seat and kneel on the floor leaning forward onto the seat so that I can fuck her doggy style, Kathy does what l tell her l then spread her legs wide apart and reach up with my hand and slip my fingers back inside her cunt, then I put the head of my cock at her wet entrance and gently push my cock inside her cunt , even though she is really wet l can feel how tight she is so l have to take it slowly until I am completely inside her cunt.

Kathy is moaning with pleasure and asking me to fuck her faster but not to roughly as she is starting to hurt from having me so deep inside her, because she is both wet and tight it is not long before I shot my load of cum deep inside her cunt, when I pull out our juices run down her legs, so I grab a cloth and clean them away.

We both then get dressed and she then tellsme she is going back to work, she said she worksthe office of a business her and hrr husband own, she said it would be nice smelling our sex on her all afternoon and didn't care if her husband smelt it as well as they were splitting up because of various challenges and 1 of the challenges was that he was no longer interested in fucking her.

We will be meeting again, not at the beach this time but a motel with more space to play

Cheers Brian