Written by Anonymous


I hadn't planned to write this but I've had a surprising number of requests for a follow-up to last weeks story. So, for those who wanted to know, this is what happened next:

It had been nearly a week since our last encounter, I hadn't expected to be back here so soon but here I was, sitting in my van in yet another carpark with my phone in my hand, texting a woman despite the fact that I could see her in her own car not 20 metres away doing the same.

We'd met a few times now, each time in a different carpark. The first time had been pretty straightforward and quick, we'd been texting throughout the day, trying to make plans but things kept coming up and I'd pretty much accepted that nothing was going to happen by the evening, I had other engagements and she was either busy or making excuses. So when she messaged me to say she was waiting nearby in her car I was surprised. I told her I wasn't going to be able to make it but she'd had a bad day and was adamant that I should meet and in the end I couldn't say no, although I wouldn't have more than 15 minutes to spare. So I raced down to where she was parked in the dark, got into her car and we kissed a while before she went down on me. She didn't want to be touched at all, so it was very one-sided, but she insisted that was what she needed and was ridiculously grateful to me for allowing it.

We were a little more adventurous next time. It would have been a month or so later, I'd tried to convince her of a repeat performance but she had shied away every time. and the next occasion would be almost as spontaneous as the last. Once again we were texting, she was waiting in her car for something, touching herself as I teased her when she told me what she wanted. I had my keys in my hand by the time she told me where.

And so there I was, 20 minutes later, , leaning on the roof of her little hatchback in a muddy carpark next to a sportsground as she did her best to suck and stroke my cock through her open window. It was hot, of course it was, but....awkward. She had used her hand at first before leaning out and taking me in her mouth but she was clearly struggling with the angle. She opened her door and that made it easier, but eventually I just got in with her. This time she welcomed my hands on her, and she came with my fingers in her pussy and my cock in her mouth.

There was another quick meeting after that, in the back seat of her car, this time I explored her body with my hands and lips a lot more before it ended the same way as all the others...

This time though, less than a week after I had brought her to a loud and uncontrollable orgasm at midday in a public carpark, where she had been watched by a random stranger as she rode my fingers, we had a different plan. She'd been embarrassed afterwards but obviously aroused and we had talked about it a lot. In fact we were talking about it now, texting each other from our respective vehicles, watching each other across the asphalt. I was asking her, again, if she'd enjoyed it. I knew the answer, there were no fresh insights here, this was just part of the game we were playing.

'yes', came the reply.

It turned you on didn't it? I asked.


Is it turning you on now?

'yes lol'

What if he'd stopped?


What if he'd wanted to join?

'lol idk'

'What if he'd got his cock out?

'lol suck it maybe'

You want to suck his cock?


Does that turn you on?


Are you turned on now?


Are you playing?


You want me to fuck you?

'mmm yes'



Ask nicely.


Please what?

'please fuck me'

Good girl.

I stepped out of the van and approached her car, walking a little uncomfortably due to the erection that was cramped inside my jeans. We were in the parking area of a small park, about 10pm and there didn't seem to be anyone around. She opened her door and climbed out to meet me as I arrived. We kissed.

I've written before about her passion for kissing, it had surprised me every time. She kissed the same way she gave blowjobs, with a hungry intensity, throwing everything of herself into it and drinking her fill. This time was no different, we stood there in each others arms and kissed and nibbled and teased for a long while before I lead her around to the front of her car and sat her down on the edge of the bonnet.

The mouth-play continued there, just spread over a wider range. We pulled each others shirts up and licked and sucked each others nipples, I pulled her skirt up over her hips and began to move my head down her body, but she pulled me up before I descended past her navel. I returned my attention to her breasts as she tugged at my belt.

I was lapping and sucking at her big hard nipples as she opened my jeans, pushing them down over my ass and freeing my cock, she took it in her hand as I lifted my head, resting my weight on my hands to either side of her and looking down into her eyes, taking the scene in, imagining how we must look.

A woman, short and plump, no supermodel but not unattractive, lays back on the bonnet of an old silver hatchback. Her blouse is pushed up over very large breasts, her skirt is above her hips. She wears no underwear and her bare ass rests on the cold metal, her feet propped up on the bumper and her knees are bent and raised.

Her legs are spread and a man a few years her junior stands between them, looking down at her. He is mostly dressed but his jeans are open and she has his erect penis in her hand. His hands knead her breasts as they stare at each other.

A bystander, if one were watching, might see his lips move if they had very good eyesight in the dark. They might see hers move in reply. If they could read lips they might see she answered "yes".

Then 'please'.

Then 'please fuck me'.

Then 'yes'



And then I was inside her. I drove my cock up into her as she answered my question and she gasped. I took my hands from her breasts, replacing them with her own before gripping her thighs tightly and pulling her harder against my hips. I withdrew, almost all the way, leaving only the tip resting between the full lips of her pussy, teasing her before filling her with another deep stroke that made her writhe and smile.

I continued that way for a while, not fast but with long, steady strokes, pausing now and then to kiss and caress her, my cock inside her but almost still then, grinding my hips against her hot wet pussy.

But she wanted more, her movements grew more and more vigorous, her hands roamed across my body and her own. I went for one more kiss then pulled out and turned her over on her belly.

Her feet were braced against the ground now, legs spread wide before me. I put my hand on her back and pushed her down, pressing her skin against the car as I entered her again.

This time there was no teasing, no sexy interludes. This time there was just me, my hands squeezing and slapping her ass as my cock drove into her again and again. She bucked and heaved beneath me, getting louder and louder, as I fucked her hard, without care now, taking my pleasure from her. Whispering platitudes and encouragement she could no longer hear as she pursued her own crescendo. We came.

Afterwards we actually talked a little, cuddled up in here car. We played a little more but nothing really went anywhere. And then we parted, and for whatever reason, drifted apart. We only met once more, it wasn't as exciting. I guess we had both gotten enough from each other and I think I had seen a side of her that she was a little ashamed of....