Written by Guavahunter


Well it happened a few years ago now. My mate we will call Mike and his girlfriend Tania and me and my girlfriend Melissa went up to Tolaga Bay to go camping. My partners family were already staying there. You had to get in early to get a good campsite as it gets packed out early in the summer.

Well there wasnt a lot of room but Melissa's brother John had already made camp with their new tent. It was partitioned with 2 sleeping quarters. Well it was a beautiful day and we all went swimming and enjoyed Melissa's Mum's lunch and afternoon teas, She always spoiled us with great home baking. Evening came around and we all got by the camp fire drinking and singing with the family.

I was sitting by Tania and I happened to notice how pretty she was by the campfire light. She caught me looking and smiled, I thought what a pretty smile. I was sitting beside her and our hands touched. I felt little tingly sensations go through my body with the taboo thought of touching my mates girlfriend. We had a blanket near so she grabbed it, she said she felt cold and covered us all with it. Next thing I know shes running her hand up my thigh. My cock began to harden with anticipation. She massaged it, gently caressing the head. No one new. Melissa was laughing and talking to Mike about this and that. My cock was aching I just wanted to take her to the tent and explore and fuck her.

The night eventually came to an end and everyone retired. Melissa and I made camp next to Mike and Tania. We eventually got our sleeping bags organised and I doubled mine with Melissa and Mike and Tania did the same. I was still horny and I touched Melissa she was already very wet. I was already hard from the thought of Tania rubbing my cock that I needed to fuck Melissa. We tried to be quiet as her brother was next door and it was a small tent. I was slowly fucking her missionary and she was trying to be quiet but our breathing had become rapid and our pleasure could not be concealed.

I heard Mike and Tania getting turned on and letting out muffled moans of pleasure. Then out of the blue Tania started touching and holding my hand while she was being fucked by Mike.

My girlfriend wasnt that happy. She got up and said Im off to run around outside. Mike said Im coming. She was starkers and drunk he was in his undies. I said I didnt want too as some campers might see us streaking, Tania made the excuse she was tired and would stay. So out they went running in the moonlight.

Next thing I noticed Tania mouth was on mine. She was such a hot kisser, deep throating me with her tongue. I reached for her wetness. We had to be quiet because of Melissa's brother. She was so wet and slippery when my hand reached her pussy. She told me she was always like that. My cock went instantly hard at the thought of it and fucking her. with us embraced her toungue deep in my mouth and her rubbing my cock. I pulled her onto me and tried to put my cock in her. She pulled away from my cock. I did this twice and she said no as she would moan to loud. So we kissed and played some more. My cock was so hard and I was so fired up.

We decided that we would see what the others were up to as they hadnt returned. We sneaked out in our undies and could just see them on a park bench. Melissa was lying with her legs spread on the table. Mikes face was buried deep in her cunt. Strangely instead of being jealous this aroused me. To be continued.......