This happened a couple of weeks ago I was coming back from whangarei and called in to the ratea camp ground to use the toilets as I was walking across the camp and noticed this hot blond with a skimpy bikini on heading up the same way as I was using the loo the door opened and she came in and goes no paper in the other one and peered around my shoulder and goes nice once I finished I went to leave and she goes I've seen yours now I'll show you mine and took off her bikini bottom to show her shaved pussy once she had finished she asked me if I wanted to go to the river with her and she left her bottom off as we got to the river bank I could hear sexual moaning and could see a couple going for it they stopped as we got there and then she goes that is my boyfriend and her best friend and introduced themselves as Amy, Tom and Isla then Tom and Isla started again Amy turned around and dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down and proceeded to give me a blow job when I was fully hard I stood her up and bent her over and started fucking her from behind it wasn't long until Tom blew his load in Isla as he pulled out she came over and squatted down and started to lick my balls and suck on Amy clit it didn't take long to push us over the edge as I pulled out of Amy, Isla started to suck my cum out of her once she had cleaned her up she came over and started to give me a blow job it didn't take long to get back to full mastwith her sexy green eyes and red hair then she pulled me on top of her asking me to fuck her hard I looked over to our right and seen Amy riding Tom, I put islas legs over my shoulders and started pounding her hard it was amazing watching her tits bounce and her nice red pudes on my cock I could feel her clench her pussy as she came which pushed me over the edge as well once we had finished we headed back to their camp and they asked me to stay the night I said that I couldn't but could be back early in the morning, that's another story