Written by Santi


We’ll this gonna be one of the many stories I have from my cafe.

I’ll start with the last one.

3 days ago I was in a quite night at my cafe, alone, when my messenger sounded. It was a Chilean friend I haven’t seen in a while, she was asking what I was doing so I said that I was alone in the shop and if she want to come and help me with the closing I will share a coffee with her.

So she did. 8:30pm se was in my shop, make up on, a tight jean and a lose shirt that let me see easily her boobs. She’s a curvy girl with the cutest face I’ve seen. We had a nice chat an in one moment I pass too close to her and cock rubbed her butt and she make a comment about my size.... that was the moment when I realised that she was there for more than a coffee... after I finish closing I turned off the lights and we stayed in the kitchen, was quite dark and take the step and kissed her. She not only reply my kiss, she also pushed me to the toilet and start rubbing my cock with her hand. I said I’m so sorry I not have condoms and she reply “don’t worry I will suck that cute cock until you came” omg I wasn’t expecting that. We kissed, we fucked a little bit and wen I was too hard she went on her knees and start sucking my cock sooooooooo nicely, slowly and using her hand to make me feel even more. 5 minutes later she go all my cum in her mouth and swallow til the last drop..... we laugh... we cleaned the mess and finally we shared a cofee.