Written by Wantfwb


I was operating a business in Hamilton, l would spend 1 week every six weeks on the road selling, l had a good client in Tauranga, the buyer was a very attractive blonde about 5 yrs younger than me, we got along great often flirting during my visit, nothing was ever going to happen as her husband worked in the same factory.

On 1 of my trips l found that she had transferred to the Opotiki factory as the Manager however she still had control of the buying of my products, l had to visit her there.

l usually only went to Whakatane and stayed overnight there, this time l decided to overnight in Opotiki, so I rang Sandra and told her I would call in to see her, but I could be there about 4.30 , she said she would still be there.

When I arrived all the staff had left and she was in her office, we sat and talked, then she offered me a beer and told me that she transferred because her husband had split with her, we talked and then she said we had better sort out the order.

We went out to the stockroom to check the stock levels, the alleyway was very narrow, she went to push past me and ended up stopping facing me, that is when I leaned in and kissed her, expecting her to pull back, however suddenly she was kissing me back passionately and forcing herself against me, l reached up and took her beautiful breast in my hand and twecked the nipples, she started grinding against me, she could feel my erection, she moved back slightly and I pushed my hand down across her stomach towards her pussy, she grabbed my hand before I could get it between her legs, she whispered sorry wrong time of the month.

She then led me back to her office and sat me in her chair, she unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my briefs down around myankles , she knelt down and started sucking my hard cock taking it deep inside her mouth and licking the head, she sucked my stroked my cock for what seemed ages. I felt myself getting close to cuming so I told her and she took my cock out just long enough to say " I want you to cum inside my mouth " then she went back to sucking my cock, l started cuming shooting a huge load into her mouth, when I finished cuming I felt her swallow it all, She then smiled after taking my cock out of her mouth and said " that was just like swallowing a mouth full of raw oysters " .

Before I left with a big order Sandra said " its my turn next trip.

Six weeks later she got what she asked for, dinner and 2 hours of fucking, we started the moment we got inside my motel, clothes tossed everywhere, she had a great body nice tits and a neatly trimmed pussy, l started licking her tits while slipping my hand down between her legs which she spread apart slightly but not too far, l felt that she was getting wet so I just gently stroked her not entering her until she was begging me to, by now l was rock hard and she was stroking my cock,l then pushed her towards the bed making her lay on her back, l then spread her legs wide apart and moved slowly down to start licking and probing her wet cunt, by now she is approaching an orgsam, suddenly it hits her and my face gets covered with her juices, l let her get her breath back, l then push my cock deep inside her cunt and start fucking her, she reaches down and slips 2 fingers inside her cunt with my cock, l pound her hard and fast until I finally shot my cum deep inside her cunt, l can feel her orgasm again while lam cuming inside her.

This became a regular thing every 6 weeks we would fuck each other silly, we fucked every way possible including anal on a regular basis, this went on for over 12 months.

One day I arrived and Sandra told me the factory was closing down at the end of the week and that the staff were having a party that night and I was invited, she also told me that most of the staff knew about us fucking. The party ended up back at Sandra flat and I ended up in bed with her and 2 other women both a lot younger than me, we all ended up fucking until I left at about 4.30 am, buy which time mycock had been inside countless cunts, mouths and at lest 2 arseholes and l had watched endless wonan on woman fingers and tongue action

That was the last time I saw Sandra though we stayed in touch by phone for about 5 months and often talked about how awesome that last night was.

must go hope you enjoyed