Written by scotsmitch2001


We agreed to meet for the first time at the Botanic gardens. She walked towards me as i waited at the entrance, she was wearing a mid-length, red dress, it billowed slighlty in the light breeze. She looked as sexy as hell, and she knew it, walking towards me with a half smile on her face.

I kissed her cheek and told her we could go for a coffee in the Botanical gardens..she agrred and we made her way to the coffee house.

We had our coffee.

I asked if she wanted to go for a walk by the river...She nodded yes.

I took her to a secluded part of the river..knowing that not many people walked that section.

We sat on a bench looking at the river as we talked...sounding each other out.

I moved off the bench and kneeled on the ground in front of her..I slid my hands under the hem of her skirt..she looked a little scared, a little excited, alittle unsure...I told her to lift her hips which she did...i removed her panties , placing them in her handbag....

I moved up wards, my hands moving around her waist, pulling her to the edge of the bench as i grinded against her.....

Now and then i could hear voices, people walking by..but that just excited me..and her.

her looking over my shoulder as i let my fingertips cares her nakedness....me looking over hers as my finger stroked the wet slit of her pussy....I whispered in her ear what I wanted to do

what we were going to do

and we did it.....

I am 53

she is 19....

is this wrong?