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So on the way back from auckland kevin? phones my wife and tells her it is done ..So i say what is done ..He says nothing .So i explain i still love her and are very worried they will take her off me now .When i get home after a weekend away . She is still lying in bed with nothing on and i see love bites on her tits and down her body and the sheets have big streeks of cum on the water bed....She looks radiant and we fuck she asks me how i liked the girls and i say there skin was so smooth so young ...prefer older models ..So we fuck and i watch her tits swaying back and forward with every thrust ..She is fine sexy lady and always up 4 it. So next week is the grand final sex for her we both bath i have a bonner try to hide it with a flannel she sees the knob hang out .gay has bathsoapy suds everywhere i walk in she is fucking herself with bottle eyes closed thinking of her lover.I break her gaze she pretends its me .we get back on waterbed and her size 10 body fits under mine well and i am fucking the arse off her i look into her eyes the windows of her sole and i see black in her eyes and lies and she does not love me anymore in her eyes ...its like i am fucking the devil .I jump off her and she left with shortest denium skirt braless

and flat shoes bare midrift .icould see her nipples ..gay had changed .She was now a fuck toy ...Next party braless she walks in with skirt on only kevin wisks her away with a dance ...gives me a beer some chick with a bra on greets me ...I see kevin winking at the guys lined up in the kitchen a good half dozen of them while his hands are under the skirt no nickers .Then my vision goes blurry ..my drink is spiked ..so many hours i wake up and my wife is slapping me to

wake up .in my drouzey state i see streams of dried cum through her hair and she does walk of shame .get home shes straight in shower nothing said .At that point i should of got her to be a paid escort but it was too late .She is not on the pill and i am cut ...So her favourite love language is fucking...She says this is too hard and she is leaving me ...6 months later i call in unexpected and she is a bout 9 months pregnant. trying to hide it ...dont know what happened to the kid because she doesnt have it ..suspect a dear friend brings it up in another family...So thats why she left...i am now remarried ...my wife is straight as

compared to her but life is back ho hum ...boring. I still comunicate with her but very rearly..... though our kids mostly ....true story ...just talk to each other

straightup. and you will get through anything.