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8 Nov 2011

biggest risk i ever took


3 minute read

this was with sarah from my last story as well - if you havnt read it go to ----- and read that first-------- she had said to me once a long time before that she had a fantasy and would love for someone to surprise her in the middle of the night so i put my plan together without telling her. so the biggest risk i ever took was i went to her house one night as i new they didn’t lock the back door and I knew her husband was a very deep sleeper. I snuck in very quietly crept through to the hall and was hoping to catch them fucking. i listened outside their bedroom door and peeked through the gap where it was very slightly open. my heart was almost pounding out of my chest and i was shaking like a leaf. i could see in the room quite well as the streetlight outside shone through the curtains and i could see they were both fast asleep, so i took my cock out and went into the room and started wanking off looking at them. I then knelt down beside the bed and very very slowly slid my hand under the blankets and let it warm up a little before ever so slowly sliding it onto her body rubbing up her arm then down over her tits then across her stomach and down to her legs then back up to her pussy. i then started to very gently stimulate her pussy lips and clit and when i felt her juices start to flow i began to finger her pussy and get her wetter. i started just inserting 1 finger at first then a few more and rubbed her clit with my thumb. When she stirred slightly she thought it was him at first and spread her legs a little to allow better access. she started rubbing her nipples and pulling them gently and let out a soft moan of pleasure, (that almost made me cum right there and then) she slowly moved one of her own hands down and started to rub herself along with me and inserted some of her fingers beside mine. after a little while she finally started to open her eyes with the most sexy look of lust in her eyes then rolled her head over to look at her husband. it took her a few seconds to realize he was still fast asleep and her hand went back up my arm and then realized. She shot a look in my direction with such pure lust knowing it was someone else doing it to her and she almost cum strait away. i felt her pussy get very very wet with the knowledge of what was happening and that it was me (her lover) doing it to her all while she lay right next to her sleeping husband. She looked at me so intensely with lust in her eyes and almost crying in joy at the feelings she had going through her. i very slowly pulled back the blankets and went underneath and she let me lick her pussy and clit and suck her yummy hard nipples all while he was sleeping. After she cum (which she had to pull a pillow over her face) i sucked her juices off my fingers while i stood up and wanked over her until i cum across both of them i told her how yummy she looked then turned and left. the next day when i went around she waiting for me in my favorite teddy she new i loved and she wrapped her arms around me and cried in delight and told me how much she had loved the surprise. i told her she new me well enough to know that i would do anything to make her pussy feel good. she replied by saying that i most certainly did that to her last night.

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