Bex woke up and rolled over. She didn’t want to wake though. She had been enjoying her sleep too much. She lay there for a few minutes, allowing her body to adjust to being awake after 8 hours of deep sleep, feeling the sheets against her warm, soft, naked skin. It sent a shiver up her spine. Her toes curled at the sensation. Her pretty, perfect little toes, with painted pink nails.

The sheets had been brushing against her nipples, sending little shockwaves through them and causing them to become very erect. Bex tried to ignore them, ignore their sensitivity. She even started to think of her mundane day to dull the feelings. Nothing helped.

She reached down with her left hand and let it lightly graze the outside of her left thigh. As soon as her fingertips touched her own skin she felt her pussy instantly moisten and begin to slowly throb. Without any control whatsoever, her left hand moved over her thigh and toward her waxed smooth pussy. Her fingertips searched out, and found, her clit. It sprang to life under the deft touch of her delicate fingers. Her other hand had made its way to her breast, cupping it, her thumb rubbing over the erect nipple. Her legs quivered and her left hand fingers delved lower, past her clit, towards her glistening pink lips. They parted easily and she sighed deeply as she slipped a satisfying finger into her pussy. Her whole body tingled with excitement. She rubbed her thumb over her nipple slightly firmer now and a bolt of electricity surged straight from it directly to her clit. Bex’s back arched at the intensity of the sensation. She bit her bottom lip as she felt little ripples of pleasure surging through her entire body. She could feel it shooting up her legs, spreading over her pussy and through her stomach, past her tits and into her neck and that little sensitive spot at the back of her head, at the top of her spine.

It was about now, with one finger slipping in and out of her pussy and the other one cupping her breast that she started wanting there to be a second person in the room. As she was lying there imagining a throbbing, hard cock was sliding in and out of her pussy instead of her finger her cellphone beeped. Reluctantly removing her hand from her tit she reached for her phone to see who the message was from. She soon did not regret removing her hand from her breast and erect nipple. It was just what she wanted to read; “Hi Bex, how r u? I’m horny as hell. Can I visit you?” As quickly as she could she typed her message back, “Hell yes! My finger is already in my cunt. I’m wet…hurry!” The text had been from her lover Ben. He was a great fuck. She knew that he would come and totally satisfy her. Another message came through, “Be there in 10mins.” Her text back told him to come straight to her room, the backdoor was unlocked.

Her hand returned to her breast. This time she cupped it a bit firmer and squeezed her nipple a little bit harder. Her finger in her pussy slid out and she started rubbing it in a slow circular motion over her clitoris. Her legs parted subconsciously, waiting for the arrival of the imminent cock. Bex then slipped 2 fingers back into her pussy, imagining it being filled with that hot, hard and throbbing male cock. She contemplated about bringing herself to her first orgasm before he arrived, but she decided against being selfish and thought that she would much rather climax around a cock than her own finger anyway. She heard a noise downstairs. It was the back door opening, then closing and footsteps. Those 10 minutes had passed very quickly. Just hearing and knowing Ben was downstairs made Bex’s pussy throb more and become even wetter. It wouldn’t be long now till she was feeling him inside her. Every step that he took closer toward her, the anticipation grew. Her nipples were by now painfully erect. They needed a soothing mouth to ease the pain. Her pussy was very wet and her two fingers slipped in and out with ease. Her breathing had become shallow and she was starting to turn red around her neck from being so turned on. She was worried she might come before he reached the top of the stairs. He was taking his time though. He was making her wait for it for as long as possible. Wanting her to be gagging for it by the time he made it to her room. She knew that he knew that she liked to be teased. It made her cum so much harder in the end.

And then there he was, in the doorway. Already half naked, his shirt just dropped casually on the floor. Bex stared at him hungrily. She wanted him, and wanted him now. She could see the bulge in his jeans and that just made her wetter and hornier – thinking about sucking it and then fucking it. As he walked toward the bed, she moved off the bed and stood to meet him halfway. She could feel her juices trickling down the inside of her thigh. When they reached each other they immediately embraced and he pulled her head towards his, kissing her passionately. Bex almost orgasmed then and there on the spot. Her knees definitely went weak. His skin felt good against hers. It wasn’t long before her hands started attacking his belt, loosening it, allowing his jeans to fall to the floor. His white cotton jockeys were not far behind. Bex took a step back and admired Ben’s naked body with his erect, pulsating cock drawing her attention. She stepped back toward him and in the same motion, fell to her knees, her open and eager mouth level with his cock. She took the entire 6 inches in, in one go. Tasting it, feeling it with her tongue, licking it, sucking it, feeling the hardness inside her mouth, she didn’t want to stop. Ben meanwhile was grasping the back of her head, moaning “Ohhhhhhhhhh, aghhhhhh, mmmmmm, oh I love you sucking my hot hard cock.” As she sucked, Bex allowed a hand to slide back to her pussy. She vigorously rubbed her fingers in circles over her clit, before slipping one into her and began to finger-fuck her cunt. This aided Ben as she began moaning onto his length, turning him on more and making him start fucking her mouth harder.

She could have sucked him like that forever. Dancing her tongue over his cock. However, there was so much more she wanted to do with him, so she slowly started kissing her way back up to his mouth, over his stomach and chest. She reached his mouth and kissed him deeply. Ben’s hands moved to her hips and he pulled her close to him, letting her feel his erection press against her stomach. Bex, walking backward, guided them both toward the bed. They fell down onto it together. Bex couldn’t wait to have her hands all over his body and his all over hers. As they kissed Ben slid a hand to her tits, teasing her achingly sensitive nipples by not quite touching them. His other hand slipped down her stomach, coming to rest just above her waxed smooth pussy. It was by now on fire and ready for a good hard fucking. Bex moved her mouth to Ben’s erect nipple and darted her tongue over it, drawing a loud sigh from Ben as she did so. Her hand went, automatically, down his waist and after teasingly stroking his abdomen and thighs; she took a firm hold of his cock and began to stroke her hand up and down it. Ben couldn’t resist any longer and his fingers began dancing over her nipples, as his other hand slipped down even further and began to caress her clit. “MMMMMMMM, ooooooooohhhhhh, aghhhhhhhhhhhh” moaned Bex as bolts of electricity flowed through her body from his magic touch. Again, she could have orgasmed then and there but was determined to wait for him. Her hand began wanking his cock harder and faster and he started rocking his hips in rhythm with her hand, almost as if he was fucking her hand. Bex hoped he wouldn’t blow in her hand and would save it for her sopping wet cunt. She wanted to feel him pumping hard and deep inside her.

Bex was enjoying feeling Ben’s fingers working over her clit and rubbing her pussy lips, spreading them slightly. Her juices were flowing freely by now and his fingers were definitely wet by now. She darted her tongue over his erect nipple once more before pulling her mouth away from it. This was his chance. He shifted his warm, wet mouth and enveloped her erect nipple, easing the painfulness with several soft, slow licks of his tongue. Her whole body quivered from the sensation of feeling her nipple being licked as her clit was being so expertly fingered at the same time. This in turn made her tug on his cock harder. This then made Ben groan forcefully onto her nipple, setting the circle of feelings off again. Suddenly, when she was least expecting it, Ben slipped two fingers into her pussy, sending a spine-tingling shockwave throughout her entire stomach and chest area. Bex screamed out “MMMMMM, ahhhhhhhh, oooooooooohhhh, that feels good…finger fuck me!” He began to slide his fingers in and out of her pussy, grazing them against her clit as he did so, making her legs tremble and toes curl up again. She pressed herself against his fingers as he slid them inward. She maintained her grip on his hard shaft and still enjoyed feeling her nipples being sucking and licked by his mouth and tongue.

Her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed but she could still sense what was happening. His mouth was moving away from her nipples. It snaked down her body toward her stomach. Ben was still fucking her pussy with his fingers and she was still writhing in pleasure from this. Now her tits were no longer covered by his mouth, Bex reached for them with her own hands and held them, cupped them, pinching her still very sensitive nipples. She could feel his warm breath against her skin. It was making her hotter and hotter, more than she realized she could ever get….

Then it happened! “It” being the moment his tongue made contact with her clit while his fingers were inside her pussy resulting in her whole body being rocked by a super-sized orgasm. There was no way of stopping it, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCK YESSSSSSSSS, OHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEA, MMMM, I’M COMMMMMMMING OHMYGOD!!!!”

Bex could feel her juices gushing out of her pussy and felt herself clamping tightly around Ben’s fingers as his tongue flicked her clit. One hand left her tit and grabbed his head, holding it there against her. She bucked her hips and pressed her pelvis toward his face. She definitely did not want this orgasm to end. After a few minutes she couldn’t take it any longer and she was feeling far too sensitive and had to stop Ben from his licking and fingering for a while. Ben kissed her on her mouth and she tasted herself slightly. She lowered her mouth to his neck – it was her turn to give him attention again. She kissed her way down his throat, making him squirm at the ticklish feeling of it and then moved to his nipples, darting her tongue and licking each one fast then slow then fast again. Ben moaned in pleasure, stroking his hands through her hair. Bex carried on kissing. She trailed her lips over his stomach as her fingers flicked his nipples. When she reached his cock she took it all in her mouth in one quick motion, until her lips reached his trimmed pubic hair. Ben let out a long and loud grunt as she sucked on his hot hard cock, her tongue dancing over the sensitive head. “Ohhhhhh, suck me, that’s it. Mmmmmmm, I love fucking your mouth Bex!” By now she had wrapped one hand around his shaft and slid it up and down as she sucked on him, nice and hard and fast. She could feel him pulsating in her mouth and that made her pussy ache for his cock to be in it, giving her a good fucking.

By now her pussy had calmed down a bit and Bex thought that it could be almost ready to be pounded by Ben’s throbbing cock. She definitely wanted him coming in her cunt and not her mouth. As she continued to suck on his cock and his hands caressed the back of her head he muttered “mmmmmmm, I wana fuck you soooo bad!” Bex reached her spare hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit and slipped a finger inside of her. She moaned with delight at this double act – sucking a cock and fingering her own pussy. She moaned directly onto Ben’s dick, making it throb and pulse even more. Pulling her mouth off him, she looked at him square in the eye and said in a very sultry tone, “Ben, I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard….”

He didn’t need told more than once. Kneeling up behind her, with her on her hands and knees, he grabbed her arse cheeks and spread them apart, revealing her wet, warm, glistening pussy. He couldn’t wait to push his cock into it, but wanted to tease her one last time. He slid his cock head in and as Bex moaned in ecstasy, he pulled it out again. “Dammit Ben, I want you to fuck me. Don’t tease me!” This time he did what she wanted and thrust his whole hard cock into her waiting pussy. She clamped around it immediately and sighed in pleasure at feeling her pussy filled with dick. He had begun sliding it in and out; just the way she enjoyed it - alternating fast, slow, fast, slow strokes. Supporting herself on one hand she reached under herself and cupped her breast. Her thumb rubbed back and forth over her nipple, matching the back and forth of his cock in her pussy. His hands were holding her hips, pulling her closer and pushing her away as he pounded his cock in and out in and out of her. Every now and then he gave her arse a slap on the cheek, sending more waves of pleasure through her whole body. He then moved his hand under her and was rubbing his fingers in circles around her clit. She knew she wouldn’t be last long before she came again. “Ohhhhhh yessss, mmmm, ughhhhhhhh, fuck me Ben, harder, faster. I wanna feel you come in me. Pound me, Give me your cock!!!” Ben was equally engrossed in what was happening, grunting through his clenched teeth “Ohhhhh, Bex, mmm, I love fucking your pussy. Does that feel good? I’m gonna come so hard in you. Fill your pussy with my load!”

“MMMMMM, yeeeeeeeeah, please do Ben. I want you to. I want you to come in me. Let me feel you spurt in me babe!”

Ben started fucking Bex doggy style harder and faster. He wanted to feel her pussy spasm in orgasm around his cock, before he pumped his load deep into her. He glanced down and watched himself sliding in and out of her wet hole, making him thrust harder and faster. Bex was still cupping her breast and pinching her nipple. It seemed so long ago when she was doing it just by herself this morning. Suddenly she could feel it building inside her. She was gonna be coming very shortly “Oh….my….god Ben. I think I’m gonna, I’m….gonna….yes, fuck, OHHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAH. I’M OHMYGOD I’M COMMMMMMMMMMMING UGGHHHHHHHHHH!” Her orgasm was so powerful she had to put both hands back down on the bed as she felt her juices gushing out of her pussy, smothering Ben’s cock, as she clamped tightly around it. Ben couldn’t hold off any longer either. With a loud groan he shouted “Oh, fuck, yeah, oh shit. Mmmmm, here it…here it comes. I’m going to…shit yeah, I’m gonna blow in you, UHHHHHHHHHHH!” and with that grunt Bex felt him shooting stream after stream of warm cum into her pussy that was still contracting, milking his cock for all it was worth.

Eventually their orgasm subsided, and exhausted they both collapsed on top of the bed, holding each other, basking in the afterglow of their love making session, drifting off to a very happy and contented sleep, looking forward to a repeat performance in a couple of hours.