I was interacting with a lady online and the conversation included classic cars,a passion of mine.

We interacted freely online and the conversation she spoke of was of her work and her boss owning a Bentley car.

Subsequently we arranged our first meeting which involved an element of kink in the form of me borrowing a Bentley and of us shagging naked together on the leather back seat.

The visualization of this playing out for real got her very excited!

The day arrived and I met her at the prearrange rural township on a winters day.

Upon seeing the immaculate gleaming Bentley she eagerly got into the front passenger side and we proceeded to drive out of the township down a private grassy rural lane that accessed a paddock an acquaintance of mine owned.

Finding a nice spot under the trees we stripped naked and screwed each other to orgasm her juices running down my chin

I took her doggy mounting her cum soaked buttocks

She was dripping wet covering my 8"+ cock and balls with her womanly juices....... time stood still & we seemed to last an eternity

When we went to leave the windows were well and truly steamed up as she lived out an obvious fantasy of fucking in a Bentley.