Written by Naughty


I'd heard about the beach but never had been. I knew it was a nudist place and knew that there sometimes "rude" goings on but I'd been on actual nudist holidays and to camps so I was not bothered. Plus me and the man like the ruder side of life.

But that first trip was simply to get an all over tan for the dress I wanted to wear to the party and my man came to keep me safe.

The beach was beautiful one of the best I'd seen and the best in Auckland it was amazing with great water, sand, scenery and sun.

There was also a lot of naked men.

I was not bothered nor was my man so we stripped off and spent the next hour sunning ourselves before having a swim and a cuddle in the sea.

Now iam not trying to brag but iam not blind. Iam thin but curvey in the right places with a good ass a great natural breasts. I get compliments and love showing off my body and not only did my man have a semi hard dick I could see a lot of the men about paying attention.

Some had moved their towels to be closer to get a better look and most of these occasionally rubbed their ever growing cocks when ever I glanced towards them. One guy walked past three times simply staring and playing with his pens.

We were even followed, harmlessly, by one guy when we left. He must have been praying for fun in the bushes on the way back.

Rather than being put off me and the man couldnt stop talking about it and later fucking while we made hot comments about the attention we'd got.

A week later I went back alone. The man was worried but had to work that day and I needed to fix the terrible sun tan line he'd done on my lower back because of his poor sunscreen application. As before I got naked and as before some of the men there gave me attention.

Within being there for just 30 mins all I'd managed was to strip off because four separate guys had come over and cheekily asked for help with sun lotion on their backs. I knew what was up but I love attention and loved watching them getting harder as they approached and asked.

When I had helped all four I went back to my sun tan and was on my back knees up and and legs apart for about twenty minutes. I thought nothing of it so when I went to roll over I was shocked but turned on to find my four sun tan lotion friends plus a fifth younger guy all standing by my feet staring at my body and shaved slightly open pussy whilst they touched themselves.

My sudden gasp worried them and one stopped and said sorry but I straight away said no it's ok and smiled.

Before I'd managed to put my head back down this go ahead from me had encouraged two of them, the young man and and older well built guy, to take up positions either side of my chest while the other three knelt down by my feet and shuffled forward.

I glanced around the beach and saw nearby an older couple watching and this made me feel a little safer and decided I love attention so let's have some fun.

With that I watched the guys a little while they wanked. I was still laying back propped up on my elbows. The older guy on my left started to stroke my breasts and with no complaints from me the younger guy on the right took it as a green light to suck on my already hard right nipple. So hot.

This went on for a while before I turned it up a little by sliding my hand down to my wet and open pussy and began to play with my throbbing clit and pussy lips. I could feel it was wet but the guys at the feet end could see it was wet and I know this by the looks on their faces. One guy down there, grey hair big guy, stood up backed off and muttered something about cuming. Then he did. A thick heavy load dropping out onto the beach as he grunted and put his head back. Glad you liked it I said with a smile and he said thanks and walked off. One of the other guys down there with a shaved head and tats shuffled forward and began to stroke the inside of my thighs as I carried on opening my pussy for them to see and rubbing my clit.

I was loving it and wanted more. I reached down and grabbed tat guys hand and guided it to my pussy. It was so wet his two fingers slipped inside easy.

We were all like this for a few mins. All four wanking hard while I played with my clit and tat guy slowly but deeply fingering me. The younger and older guys were taking care of my breasts which I love but then older guy stopped and asked if he could cum on me. I titled my head back and said sure but not on my face and with that he shuffled forward and grunted before shooting his load across my left breast. He didn't stop through. His cock stayed hard and while he wanked and rubbed his warm cum into my chest.

Younger guy looked like he was close as well so I stopped rubbing my pussy and reached out taking his big hard cock in my hand. "Oh my God please yes" he said arching back and let me tug his hard cock until it began to jerk and twitch in my hand and then he came all over my palm and wrist.

Within a few seconds of this tat guy pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed them all over his cock. He then shuffled back and picked up one of my feet and came all over my toes. Different I thought but still hot.

This left the silent guy. He's been down there all the time and said nothing just kneeling and watching and wanking. With tat guy stood up still playing with himself and young and old guy still touching my tits I asked silent guy if he wanted to cum.

"Just not on the face right" he asked. That's right I said leaning my head back expecting him to dash over and cum on my already sticky chest.

Instead he shuffled forward between my legs and before I said a word he muttered "your a hot dirty bitch". I sat up a little and watched as a thick hot stream of cum shot out of him and went across my inner thigh and pussy.

"You cheeky shit" I said....and added "but yes I am"

With that I washed in the sea. Said no to the young guy who asked for my number and tat guy who wanted to fuck in the bushes. I then rushed home to tell my man who was mad at first but fucked me senseless when I told him the story a second time.

I've been back since....had more fun....but that's another story.