Written by Serendipity explorers


Carol and I are in our early fifties, we have been together over 30 years and have raised two great children, we are still very much in love and still enjoy an exciting sex life, enhanced through the aid of videos and magazines.

When our daughter left home 18 months ago we decided it is time to start enjoying the fruits of our labour and therefore planned an overseas excursion taking in a small part of Europe that we had missed out on seeing many years ago when we embarked on your typical kiwi OE that most of us tend to do when we are young.

After many months of planning we were finally on our way and it wasn't long before we were enjoying the beauty of a new landscape, combined with the intoxicating foods and wines that the Europeans take so very much for granted. We felt like a couple of new love birds enjoying the days and enjoying each other at night, without the need for magazines or videos, we felt like we were reborn.

Our experience happened upon us I considered by chance and certainly was not in the itinerary. We were in Nice and decided to join a tour that the hotel we were staying at had to offer, their was about 50 people on the tour, couples and singles. Tours are not our thing but this one we considered to be interesting and we had a spare few hours.

We had been with the group for about an hour and a chap came over to me and asked if I was as bored as he was and we laughed about how all tours are the same and we thought if Carol wanted we would break from the group and grab a vino, Carol was bored as well so we split away.

We found a wine bar and enjoyed a couple of hours in the company of this American who introduced as David, a divorcee filling in some blanks in his life.

We decided that the day was drawing to an end and we grabbed a cab back to our hotel but on the way we asked if rather that taking dinner on his own would he like to join us to which he replied to the affirmative.

When Carol and I returned to our room I was not any the wiser of what could possibly be going on in her mind because like a professional poker player she gave nothing away, she made no comments she simply continued life like every other day over the past 30years, she gave no clues in her style of dress, her time preparing to shower and dress, as far as I was concerned we were simply grabbing a bite to eat with an a chap we had met and then a normal night together.

We all met downstairs and walked around the city looking for a restaurant that caught our eye and finally selected one that had a guitarist playing in the corner. We ordered a wine at first and enjoyed buoyant conversation for a good hour before ordering our meals and our third bottle of wine.

David excused himself to go to the toilet and Carol dropped her bombshell; why don't we ask David to come back to our room after tea.

I guess at this point I was still off the radar because I remarked don't you think we have already had enough to drink and Carol replied that she wasn't considering anymore alcohol, my expression clearly said it all because she elaborated.

We often looked at movies including threesome's and teased each other over the years but I never dreamed that reality could present itself so my lack of situation awareness was quite easy to understand. We could see David at the counter now and Carol stood up from the table and leaned towards me and spoke quietly suggesting that if I wanted my fantasies to became a reality this is a one time offer, its only because we are strangers so far from home and I may never get the chance again !

David passed Carol as he returned and she went to the bathroom, I guess I could see her attraction in him although I guess while I had often thought of other guys banging my dear wife I had never really put a true human element to the thought.

David sat down and told me he had already fixed up the account and was grateful to us for inviting him to join us, now was my moment, I either seized this opportunity or it may well be forever lost so I asked him if he would like to come back to our room when we returned to the hotel. Like me he had read nothing into the evening and replied that he was fine and we were welcome to enjoy the rest of our evening alone. I could see Carol heading our way so rather than discussing further I thought I would wait till I got back to the hotel so when Carol returned there was nothing to indicate that I had spilt the full scenario to David, we both stood up and we all decided to head back to the hotel. Enroute David said he might head off on his own for a walk and I could sense that the evening was slipping from my grasp when Carol spoke up asking David to come back to our room, yet again like before he declined but this time we were both insistent and he agreed so long as it was what we wanted, I am sure little did he realise what we actually wanted.

Hotel rooms in Europe aren't so large, a double bed plonked in the middle of the room with a couple of chairs and a desk and an adjoining bathroom, upon arrival Carol asked David if he would excuse her as she wanted to go the bathroom and change into more comfortable attire, she asked me to look after our host.

I got David and I a couple of whiskies out of the mini bar and we exchanged some idle chit chat, I was aware of how thin the bathroom door was so Carol would have heard our conversation or should I say lack of it relating to why we had really invited David to our room so when the door opened and Carol returned wearing a hotel bathrobe I knew 100% that she was looking to fulfil not only mine but her fantasise.

Carol sat on the bed facing us both but she directed the conversation to David, no holes barred she asked him if he would like to fuck her. Well I am glad to say that he was as stunned as I had been. David must have pretty quickly weighed up the situation given that Carol was sitting on the bed in a dressing gown and he simply questioned weather we were both sure about this, I guess he was simply being polite, but a nudge was as good as a wink to an American and he said that he would surely like to fuck my wife.

Carol remarked that we had better get our clothes off, as we did she removed her bathrobe revealing her nakedness, I was stunned that she was so committed to this evening, David remarked at her figure and that I am a very lucky man. Carol was lying on the bed now, I could tell she was nervous but also committed, I watched David remove his underwear revealing a cock similar in length to mine but considerably thicker, I am 7 inches.

I watched the expression on Carols face and saw just a glimmer of a smile at what she saw. I decided that I would give David a free hand, to be fair I wanted to soak up the moment so I sat in the chair as I watched this stranger 6 hours ago start to make love to my wife.

We decided to jointly write this story so now Carol is going to continue with her account of how the rest to the evening transpired.

I don't know what really had brought me to this stage now where an almost total stranger was starting to make love to me, I guess Europe was offering fulfilment or closure to thoughts that Ian and I have had for a number of years now but I felt no guilt, just a warmth was flowing through my body.

David was not to dissimilar to Ian in his physique but when I sighted his cock I thought to myself yummy, I was afraid of seeing one too small and equally to big, this one looked just perfect.

David had moved from my breasts and had worked my pussy with his fingers, I was getting very wet and was in need for some cock, I could see Ian out of the corner of my eye and I could tell he was enjoying the view, I wanted to be fucked so I told David I wanted his cock now.

David climbed on top and positioned the head of his cock at my pussy entrance rubbing his knob up and down my slit, I raised my hips trying to drag his cock into me but I knew he was enjoying that moment when a man knows that a woman is hot for him. Finally I felt his cock ease into my hunger, my god it felt so good, I could feel his thickness as it stretched my pussy, David eased his cock back twice and then pushed deeper into me until he was fully entombed inside my body, I relished the moment as I felt the straining of my pussy to accommodate his girth, the smell of his body, the warmth of his breath and the fact that I could see my husband watched in awe of this male as he took control of my body. David remarked how tight my pussy felt and slowly he started to weave the magic on my pussy as he pulled back and started rhythmically fucking me, I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deeper as he thrust harder into me, my body was shaking as I felt orgasm funnel though the very heart of my womanhood and then I could feel the tensing of David's body as I was aware that he would soon be the second only man to fill my body since meeting Ian with his seed.

I had been well serviced, David released his seed and his body relaxed as he held me for those moments after having concurred a woman, there was an awkward moment in the room of silence where nobody quite knew what to say next but I suppose David sensed that maybe he should break the ice and he rolled off me, his cock was covered in my juice as it lay limp and my pussy started to drip come down over my arse onto the bed sheet.I asked Ian to get us a towel and like an obedient little boy he rushed to the bathroom bringing back a warm cloth , I had risen to go to the toilet and David and him spoke.

Ian's turn now to continue our story.

Unless I had seen it with my own eyes I probably would not have believed it, David fucked Carol liked I imagined any man could have in my fantasy, I watched as his thick cock stretched and pounded Carol's pussy, when I saw his body tense as he released his seed into Carol I watched the expression on her face, a glow came over her.

David said when Carol left the room he never dreamt the evening was going to end this way, I said it doesn't have to yet if he wanted to stay, I didn't have to ask twice. I told him this is our first time, he remarked that he also had never done this before and considered himself so lucky to enjoy this experience with us but also that Carol was so darn sexy, he was remarking how tight her pussy felt as Carol re-entered the room and we all broke out laughing, but I had a cock itching also to service my wife's pussy so wanted to get the second round on the go. Carol jumped back on the bed and stroked David's cock and given that it had been pussy starved for a considerable time quickly rose to full attention, Carol started sucking his cock, so I whipped off my pants and went behind and raised her arse in the air, I love oral and I wanted to taste her freshly fucked pussy so I quickly feasted on her, she was moaning with David's cock in her mouth and my tongue up her pussy, I was so darn horny so I stood up positioned my cock at the entance of Carols pussy, given it was so wet and already stretched I plunged my cock into her with one thrust, my god it felt so darn good i' knew I would blow my load quickly so I thrust a couple of times then pulled my twitching cock out, Carol moaned clearly wanting my cock so I said to David lets tag, Carol was clearly very keen and rolled onto her back spreading her legs waiting to David to again spear her pussy, David this time realising Carol's pussy was now stretched and wet, plunged his cock into her, Carol not normally audible during our sessions let out a squeal of delight and moaned how great David's cock felt. Like many older males once we have dumped our first load have much more staying power and therefore this time he really started to pound her pussy, as I decided to give her very erect nipples some well earned attention. David had pounded her for a solid five minutes and remarked that he better let me take over as he was coming close to coming again so without a moment wasted I decided to put her into doggy and give her a solid pounding, again I was desperate to unload so pulled out and David stepped up to the plate, I felt brave enough to offer my cock for a blowjob, usually Carol would never suck my cock with her juice on it but tonight was special and as she sucked my cock I watched as David rode my wife like his life depended on it, he wasn't there long before he said he was close to coming and I said just go for it and the moment caught up with me as my body wracked with the ever familiar feeling of unloading my seed, Carol, gagged but swallowed my load at the same time David had a firm grip on her hips pulled her close as he to unloaded into my wife for a second time.

Carol will now end this story.

I really can't describe how I felt, I wasn't sore or exhausted I simply felt fantastic. After my men had there satisfaction, and mine we grabbed a drink each and lay on the bed chatting catch our breath, laughing, simply enjoying the moment. We spent almost and hour all naked, touching each other, drinking our mini bar dry, simply at peace with this moment in time, it was about 11.30pm, both boys cocks were erect and I enjoyed just stroking them, David asked if we would like him to leave and I thought given that this could well be a one time thing I would like just once more to experience his cock so I asked Ian if he minded if David fucked me one more time, pure male my husband and he was very keen but he wanted to lie beside me as David fucked.

David like the first time started with oral attention and then slipped his beautiful cock into me, I savoured every stroke and welcomed the fact that this time he could fuck me through some of the most amazing orgasms that I have felt in ages. When he finally came I held him within until his limp cock plopped out of my pussy...my fantasy was now realised as well.

We bid our farewells, retiring into a deep satisfying sleep.

We both hope you enjoy our story as much as we have enjoyed recounting an experience that just may have changed us forever.