Written by Lena


It was quite a few years ago when as a young married mother I became emersed in the Christchurch bi and lesbian scene. I was in my early 30's and had been bi since my teens with a few amazing experiences in my past but had developed a desire to be somewhat more adventurous . I new I was seen as attractive and desirable which gave me confidence to push my own boundaries to do things I never would have considered in the past. I was married and still am but at that time I think I became more interesting to other girls because of it.

This one day I went in to a women's leather fashion boutique , it was quite small but had lovely clothes, the shop assistant was lovely and showed a lot of interest me. She was saying all the right things to make me feel good about myself and decided to try on a leather waist coat. The fitting room had cartons of new stock in it so she directed me to the rear office area of the shop to try it on with a little privacy. After a short time she came back in to the room and suggested It would look really sexy on me without my bra on. With her just saying this and the warm smile on her face I could tell she liked me. She went out in to the shop while I took of the waist coat and then my bra and put it back on again. When she came back in she stood in front of me and lowered the zip a little so there was plent of my ample cleavidge showing when she told me how sexy I looked. I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself with her standing behind me, when she put her hand around to my front and lowered the zip even further to the point my boobs were almost out, I asked her if she liked that even better, which of course she did. I new it was my queue to take control and turned to her and jus gave a very quick kiss on her lips. She said to wait a moment and she went out to the fron of the shop and locked the door. Here I was leaning against a table with nothing on top other than a very open leather waist coat and my jeans. When she came in she stood directly in front of me unzipped me completely while we kissed. We continued to kiss while she undid my jeans and put her hand down inside my underwear. I was already wet so when she slid a finger inside me I was more than turned on. After a while of her working my clit I took her finger out of me and put it in to her mouth licking the wetness from her. Now it was my turn, I turned and asked her to sit on the edge of the table, she had on a once piece leather dress which I lifted up removing her underwear I firstly put one finger inside her and then in to my mouth just as she had. I knelt down in front of her, removed her underwear and then spread her legs. I licked her very wet clit from top to bottom , with my fingers I spread her open tasting her beautiful sweet juices when she came very quickly over my face. I then raised myself up letting her lick from my face her sweetness. I decided it was time for me to leave her wanting more. I purchased the waist coat, wearing it out of the shop without my bra which was still on her store room floor. As I left I said I will be back for my turn and of course my bra. From that day we became lovers meeting on numerous occasions, she was more lesbian than bi and as time went on over the months ahead we had some pretty wild times. All the time without my husband not knowing what a dirty girl his wife was.