Written by Beasty


Met this vision of a woman dressed as an avatar at a fancy dress party. Rules were no underwear of any kind to be worn.

Started talking to this georgous lady on the dance floor. Next minute she is complaining its hot & unzips the front of her avatar costume revealing nice petite breasts.

Then she notices a bit of bulge developing under my loin cloth.

Next minutes shes kneeling on the floor with my cock in her mouth. Dang nice warm mouth.

Couple of minutes go by & she stands up & kisses me. So I promptly slide my hand down the front of her suit into her very moist pussy. Within 10 seconds she is holding onto me unable to stand. She said that she had never orgasmed like that in her life. Her juices are pouring out all over my hand MMMMMMM.

I take her outside for some fresh air. She whispers in my ear that if I can lift her up I can fuck her against the wall.

Within a couple of minutes we are naked & my cock is sliding into her wet pussy.

I turn her around so that Im behind her. She is struggling to stand as I pound her cute ass.

Just as Im about to cum she turns around & opens her mouth. Swallows every last drop.

Must say best party sex ever.

I would definitely like to meet this lady again.