We like to play together as a couple, we are so committed to each other and our adventures just get better and better.

Yes I would say I am a cuckold and yes I do get immense pleasure from seeing my wife touch, kiss, caress and play with other men, women and together as a couple when we do adventure sexually, often this drives us to want to do more, and do it more often.

A week ago we organised through different media what we wanted which was a MMMMF event in Napier. As is typical in these events 90% of those who were selected and committed did not follow through. So on the night we were a bit annoyed as we had rented accommodation, wife was looking incredible and after several days of build up we were slightly dashed.

The saviour was Mr X. We honestly don’t recall his name but he arrived and was so well hung, so fit, muscled and buff and wanted to please......and delivered. We had one other man attend and he was a write off. All talk and no action.

Mr X spent time massaging my wife, caressing her, she loved his cock and spent some time licking and sucking him and trying to fit his balls into her mouth ......she was loving it. He donned a condom and fucked her more than once....I shed my clothes and joined in as we spit roasting this hot lady. She came while he licked her out and she sucked my own cock, and she never has cum with another man in all our time of swing adventures.

Mr X was about 6 foot, shaved head, trim dark beard, muscles galore and sported a girth 10 inch cock with lots of veins. He fucked her missionary, doggy and on the side. I came over her tits as he fucked her, and he pulled his condom off to also unload over her pert boobs.

When our gent had left my wife said “I loved his big cock, and his head in my pussy felt so good....can he fuck me without a condom next time and cum inside me....and when is our next event?”