So a few years ago a friend of my girlfriends at the time needed a place to crash for awhile & we offered her to crash at ours till she got back on her feet, my girlfriend at the time was a beautiful curvy girl whos hair changed colour regularly with big DD boobs, we had been togther about 3 years at that point, i'll refer to her as "alana", her friend was another beautiful curvy girl with DD boobs as well with shoulder length black hair i'll refer to her as "bex" so one night alana & bex were drinking i had a friend over at the time we were talking & my friend was talking about a thing he got in a suprise bag at a show he went to once, which i think was like a mini vibrator which caused a tipsy bex to bust out her vibrators & proceded to chase my friend around the house with them in hand, not long afterwords he went home, sometime later after bex & alana had both had a few more drinks, alana aproached me & proposed a mff threesome with bex now alana was bi but had never experienced doing a woman before, bex was also bi & i think she had experience with other women, me & alana had talked about the possiblity of swinging to explore that & the swinging lifestyle but didn't go much further than that, i was stunned i thought this was some sort of test to see if i loved her or not so i stuttered "are...are you serious??" To which she replied "yeah me & bex were talking about it before & shes on board" i couldn't believe my luck i never thought i'd get to experience this at all in my life, a little while afterwords we all getting ready to call it a night bex was staying on the couch in the lounge which was in the very next room to ours, i was a little sad as bex went to go to the lounge to bed & alana got into bed with me i thought my one chance at a threesome was gone then alana without saying a word got out of bed & went into the lounge before i had time to process what she was doing both bex & alana were passionatly making out & feeling each other up & stripping items of clothing off one another while walking towards the bed, i was absolutely blowen away i could not believe this was actually happening my hands were shaking while watching them explore each others bodies, my cock was harder than diamond, they both looked at me & smiled alana asked me "so how was that?" I replied "holy fuck that was hot i thought you were kidding when you proposed this idea" she smiled, alana was the jelous type i wasn't expecting to be able to fuck both of them or get involved with bex, which i was alright with i didn't want to make her jelous, insecure or ruin our relationship, she wanted this to explore her bi side & i had absolutly no complaints, i understood & was perfectly fine with just watching, they continued to make out some more, while i removed my boxers, slowly starting to jerk my hard cock as their hands explored each others bodies some more bex laid alana down & climbed on top of her they started kissing passionatly, moaning as their bodies rubbed up aganst one another, bex then started to kiss down alanas hot sexy body towards her boobs & started to lick one of her nipples while massaging the other alternating between both boobs, alana moaned loudly while her hand rested on the back of bex's head i shuffled over & started kissing alana while stroking my cock, bex started kissing down alana's body towards alana's towards her tight, shaved, wet pussy alana moaned as bex got closer.....and.....closer to alana's pussy, alana shuddered as bex's head got closer bex teased alana by kissing her inner thighs & rubbing around her labia, alana was loving every second of it she enjoyed being teased as was i watching this take place i whispered in alanas ear "does that feel good baby?" "YES!!" Alana moaned as bex slid her fingers inside of her alana gasped loudly as bex slowly started to finger her, alana was the wettest shes ever been in awhile, alana put her hand on the back of bex's head "OH BEX YESSSSS!" She screamed, bex then moved in to start licking alana's clit "AWW BEX YESSS THAT FEELS SO GOOD" alana kept screming as she wriggled about in extacy i continued to jerk my hard cock watching bex going down on alana & watching alana enjoy as she was being played with by another woman, it was unbelievably hot, bex continued to to finger alana harder & faster while licking her clit with more intesity, alana was enjoying this alot "OH BEX YESS KEEP GOING I'M GONNA CUM!!" alana screamed bex continued fingering & licking "OH YES YES YES YES YEEEEESSSSSSS" she moaned loudly as she began to cum her whole body shuddered in orgasim meanwhile bex slowly got up & smiled at alana "how was your first time having a woman eat & finger you??" "That was amazing felt sooooo good" alana moaned as she tried to catch her breath, "good to hear" bex said smiling "now it's my turn to get off" without hesitation alana shot up & started furiously making out with bex, as she pulled her down next to her, never had i seen this side of alana before but i wasn't complaining , they lay next to each other fingering each other moaning as they played with each others dripping wet, shaved pussies alana got up, climbed on top of bex & made her way down to bex's wet throbbing pussy "it might be a bit difficult to get me off" bex said before alana started to finger her alana smiled coyly taking that as a challenge, alana then dove stright in & started to lick bex''s clit while fingering her furiously, it must have caught bex off guard but must have really enjoyed it as her head reared back & moaned really loudly while squeezing her boobs, i was amazed that since was this alana's first time playing with another woman & she managed to do really well judging by bex's reaction, alana continued to finger & eat bex's pussy, bex continued to squeeze her boobs & nipples while moan loudly, alana was really into her first time eating pussy as she was really going to town on it fingering fast, licking furiously occasionally stopping to catch her breath "thats it baby play with that pussy" i say to alana while still playing with myself, alana breifly looked at me & said "you like watching me playing with another woman", "ohh fuck yes baby it's so sexy" she smiled & looked at me stroking my cock "it'll be your turn next" she said while she grinned & then went back to pleasure bex who was still moaning from her squeezing her boobs & nipples, alana must have been hitting the right spots as out of nowhere bex screamed "KEEP DOING THAT" alana knew she was going to make bex cum dispite her having said it was a difficult thing to do "YES ALANA YES YESSSSSS OH I'M GONNA CUUUMMMM OOOOOHHHH!" She screamed as she began to shudder in orgasim, alana got up & smiled in triumph both breathing heavily after having spent alot of time pleasing each other, when bex composed herself she looked at alana & said "holy fuck you know what your doing you made me cum 3 times over the course of when you went down on me" alana was beaming with pride upon hearing about it "first time eating pussy & i made you cum 3 times damn i'm good" we sat down & talked for a bit alana apologised to me for not letting me get involved i said it was fine i understood the reason why & this was more for her than it was for me i was just happy to watch & she could finish me off later, after some time bex then asked alana was ready to go again she laid alana down & bex wasted no time in just going stright to the prize that was alanas ready & waiting pussy, while i was content with just watching i was ready to burst having watched this take place while jerking off i really wanted/needed to cum i shuffle over to alanas side i kneel beside her & placed her hand on my hard throbbing cock she starting to jerk me off with one hand while resting the other on bex's head which was buried in alanas shaved wet pussy " are you enjoying tonight?" "mmmmm oh yeah i never thought i'd ever get involved in something like this" moaning while her hand slides up & down my cock, she smiles & said "glad you enjoyed watching, now it's your turn to cum" she said to me & then puts my cock in her mouth & began to suck me off i moan loudly as this happens i then begin to play with alanas boobs & watch as bex was eating alanas pussy, while alana helds the base of my cock with one hand while sucking me off & the other resting on the back of bex's head moaning with my cock in her mouth, after while off having my hard cock sucked, playing with alanas boobs & watching bex have her way with alana i begin to get close to blowing my load "OH YES BABY YOUR GANNA MAKE ME CUM!!!" i moan while alana continues sucking faster "OH YES BABY JUST LIKE THAT AHHHHHHH!!!" i scream as i shoot my load in her mouth my cock throbbing with each load shot into her mouth, she continues sucking getting every last drop of my load & swollowing it i flop next to her fully satified not long afterwords bex makes alana cum again, we then all sit down on the bed trying to catch our breath & sweating from the intense action that had taken place after a small conversation alana gives bex a goodnight kiss as she leaves to go to bed for the night not long afterwords me & alana go to sleep, we never had another experience with bex again we still talked afterwords & was never awkword, while i never expected to ever experience that in my life little did i know that, i would experience something like this again in the near future, stay tuned for another story involving the only other mff experience i've been involved in with alana i hope you enjoyed this story of mine & alanas 1st threesome experience will write the next story in the near future