Written by stranger66


We'd never met, but had been chatting online for a while. She'd enjoyed some stories I'd written for her and some of our conversations had been very explicit, she especially liked me to text her those kinds of things as she was out about her daily business or having coffee with friends and I was happy to oblige, but I had my doubts it would go any further than that.

On this occasion I knew she was in my area, checking out the local op-shops with a friend, sending me encouraging replies when she could while I teased her with increasingly outrageous suggestions. It made me smile to myself every time she complained about her frustration and how I was distracting her, while she shopped and tried on clothes while never once telling me to stop. But I had no expectations, it was just a harmless bit of fun, one we'd engaged in several times before. So when I received her response to my last idea I was more than just surprised. Those two words were the last thing I'd expected to read today, though of course they were exactly what I wanted to see. They read:

OK. Where?

Oh. Damn. That stopped me in my tracks. She can't be serious, I thought, it wouldn't be the first time she'd teased me. But a couple of messages later she had provided me with a deadline and I had less than an hour to arrange a location.

It took me thirty minutes. While I already had a place in mind she wouldn't be able to find it without help so 10 minutes after her last message I was getting out of my car at the entrance to a park with a piece of chalk and a pocket full of ribbons I'd managed to gather up, along with one other piece of equipment I'd be needing later. Fortunately the place was never very busy and poor weather recently had made it even less hospitable so I didn't have to worry about having to explain to some random dog-walker or jogger what I was doing and in less than twenty minutes I had a trail marked out for her to follow. I sent her the details and returned to the entrance to wait.

Despite the fact that she had replied to my directions with a quick 'OK' I was, of course, still pretty skeptical. It wouldn't be the first time I'd been stood up and this was a very impromptu arrangement, but I positioned myself in a spot off to the side of the entrance where I could keep watch over the carpark and settled in to see where this might lead. Twenty minutes later a car pulled in.

I couldn't see very clearly from where I was, I didn't even know if it was her car. But somebody was fumbling around in there for another 5 minutes before the door a woman stepped out and made for the entrance.

She passed quite close to where I waited but didn't turn her head. This was as we had planned though and I was fairly certain it was her. She disappeared along the path, a bag slung over her shoulder, and I gave her a couple of minutes then stood up and followed.

I wouldn't catch sight of her until I reached the end of my hastily marked out trail so of course I had my misgivings as I walked. What if she missed the markers? What if it wasn't even her? There was only one way to find out. And so I reached the tree I'd earlier decorated with a red ribbon and stepped off the path into the forest.

It was impossible to be completely silent as I walked through the undergrowth, but I tried to make as little noise as possible as I retraced my steps, still uncertain of what I would find when I approached the last ribbon, tied to a large tree.

I needn't have worried. There she was, standing with her back to me a few feet from the trunk between the two smaller saplings I'd chosen, exactly as instructed. If she heard me at this point, and she must have, she made no sign. She just stood, hands at her sides, head slightly lowered, waiting as I paused to take her in.

She was a skinny woman, with mousy brown hair that hung down her back. She wore sneakers and an ugly, shapeless green dress. Her bag rested against the tree near my feet. I watched a moment longer then stepped toward her.

She stirred then, her head lifted and twitched to the right as if she was going to turn but she caught herself in time and didn't. Her self-control was astonishing, she'd told me she'd never done anything like this before and I know she must have been nervous. I wrapped her in my arms and pressed my body against her.

She made a small noise then and put her hands on mine, shifting her head to one side as I nuzzled her shoulder, then her neck. The dress she wore smelled clean but slightly musty, as I would expect from a secondhand store. She brushed her hair to the side to allow me easier access and I kissed her, first on her neck then, tilting her face toward me, her mouth.

We stood like that for a while, kissing and touching. My hands roamed across her body, reaching up to grasp and squeeze her tiny breasts. I could feel something loose and heavy beneath the cheap fabric of her dress. She reached back for me, touching me where she could, pressing herself back into me. I slipped my hand between her thighs, rubbing her through the dress as our lips and tongues grappled more and more urgently. I felt her hand slide between us, squeezing my cock behind the denim of my jeans.

I put my hands on her shoulders and stepped back from her then, holding her firmly in place. I reached into my pocket for the small scissors I had brought with me.

The sharp blades snipped easily through the dresses neckline at the back, the front needed to be pulled tighter to get through, but that was all that was needed for now. Two small cuts, an inch or two long at most, and I put the scissors away. We were facing each other now for the first time and I kissed her again, softly this time, then took the shoulders of that dress and pulled.

It tore easily, with a loud ripping sound. Long, straight rents opened in the front and back, opening it to the waist, and she moaned as it fell from her shoulders to hang roughly from her arms. Another sharp tug and it was pooled around her feet amongst the dirt and leaves.

I looked down at her now, at her frail little body and chuckled softly. She looked a little embarrassed but laughed too.

"It was all I could find" she said."You said everything."

"It's perfect", I replied, reaching out to touch the oversized grey-coloured bra that sagged around her tiny, pointed breasts. The underwear she wore was equally ill-fitting, hanging from her hips. I took the scissors from my pocket once more.

The bra straps were hard to cut through, they seemed made of some kind of industrial-strength elastic, but the whole things practically fell to her hips when they were through. I leaned down then and took each one into my mouth in turn, her nipples were like bullets, hard and cold against my tongue. Then I knelt before her, snipped through the waistband of her underwear, and tore it from her.

It didn't come away as easily as the dress, one leg-hole stubbornly refused to give and the whole thing clung to her thigh. I pushed them down her leg and gazed up at her, skinny and naked in the cold air, one hand resting on my shoulder, then turned back to her and sunk my face into the mound of her natural, untrimmed pussy.

I licked and sucked at her, lapping at her clit as best I could, using my fingers to stroke that rough spot just inside her, but it's not easy to go down on a women from that position for long. I directed her to move a little, gripping a sapling tight in one hand, lifting one leg and propping it against the tree for better access, and she gripped my hair tight in her fist as I squeezed her skinny ass with my hands and worked her warm, wet pussy with my lips and tongue and fingers as long as I could.

She hadn't cum, not quite, when I pulled my face away and worked my way up her body, kissing and nibbling my way back to her mouth, my fingers still working inside her. I had my mouth on hers, my face wet with her, when the orgasm flooded through. She held me so tight then, pressing herself against my hand, pulling her face away from mine to bite down on my shoulder. She shook in my arms and I held her like that for a long time before it subsided.

Her hands went to my belt then, tugging it open and pulling my jeans to my knees. She got down before me and took me in her mouth, then used her hand on the shaft and taking the head between her lips. I knew she wanted to make me cum, but she was a little worn out. I let her play a little longer then pulled her to her feet.

I placed her hands around the two saplings I had picked this spot for and bent her over a little, spread her legs wide apart, and entered her. She gripped them tight and bucked back against me, driving me deeper inside her. I let go then, pounding my hard cock into her harder and harder, working only for my own pleasure now, every thrust bringing me closer.

I pulled it from her just before I came, and slid the slippery length between the cheeks of her skinny butt, my cum spurting over her back....

Once we'd recovered and cleaned ourselves up as best we could she dressed in her real clothes, the one she'd packed in her bag, and we walked out together. My knees were dirty and she'd kept her sneakers on the whole time. We kissed and parted in the carpark. We would meet again, a few times, but not exactly like that.